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An Alarming New Age Conversation. A guest post by JEM.

The Romance of the Astral can be tricky

The Romance of the Astral can be tricky

Recently we shared an aura reading of the New Age teacher Teal Swan. It was in response to a contest prize for Isabelle. My original aura reading is here. And then Isabelle’s luscious follow-up guest post is here.

Additional feedback has come from Blog-Buddy JEM. Of course, this is not meant as a pile-on. Usually I avoid doing aura reading research at this blog about spiritual teachers, healers, etc. On the other hand, it is important to bring discernment.

You, Smart New Age Consumer, have the self-authority to decide for yourself what rings true. You may know I wrote a whole book to alert spiritual seekers to a dead end, the Romance of the Astral. And another book for protecting yourself also brings a very post-New Age perspective to The Romance of the Astral.

No previous guest post at this blog has gone into such vivid detail about that, The Romance of the Astral: Illusions, confusions, distractions for a sincere seeker of God.

Get ready for a passionate essay, folks, heartfelt and (to me) powerfully true.

As usual with guest posts, I add headings and links and minor edits. The voice below belongs 100% to perceptive JEM.

Deeper perception about the appeal of Teal Swan

When I saw Teal Swan’s photo, in the thread where Rose was reading Teal, I saw a massively bright, beautiful-looking realm of energy, HUUUUUGE, coming out of her upper body.

It was astral but high-vibe in astral terms and looked heavenly.

That energy would subconsciously trick a lot of energetically illiterate people, they would think Teal was really evolved and connected.

However, I also saw and registered quite a few things that seriously gave me the heebie-jeebies. I felt my aura begin to shrink back from her and I saw awful little bits and bobs begin to make their way toward me from her fields, so I got away and did what I knew how to do energetically to protect myself.

Note: I have not been trained to do any Rosetree readings of auras. I just see things for some reason, always have. Since studying with her, I have learned about energy hygiene and Technique Time. I can turn it ON and OFF now.

I don’t think this is part of gaining skills with the system of Empath Empowerment(R). I think that having more control over when I read auras or not is something different.

So with the kind of energetic literacy I do have available now, I turned aura reading ON for the photo of Teal in that blog post to see if what I saw matched Rose’s evaluation. For fun. (Blog-Buddies, I am not reading all of your photos here at the blog.)

Spiritual addiction? I choose to avoid that, thank you.

I don’t know how to be frank without sounding mean, but I wouldn’t go near Teal’s work with a 50-foot stick. Teal sure is a beautiful being but something has gone askew for now.

Meanwhile, I’ve just had the most bothersome conversation with someone who is spiritually addicted.

After telling me at length about all the signs the Universe has sent him lately in the form of:

  • Losing jobs
  • People smiling at him
  • Or not smiling at him (He feels this is not about them and their moods but all about him personally)
  • His car continually breaking down
  • The Universe showing him numbers like 11:11 etc.

Getting freaky yet?

Next my friend casually advised me that he’s started smoking dope “for spiritual reasons.”

As we continued talking he let me know that

  1. He was outside
  2. In his underwear
  3. Performing chi exercises
  4. And connecting with plant spirits.

Can’t the guy have a human conversation without playing with energy? You couldn’t write better comedy. I have the right to laugh because I’ve been like that and worse.

Blog-Buddies, let’s continue with Part Two of this Guest Post tomorrow. Already there’s a lot of controversial commenting here. Any reactions so far?


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  1. 1

    Responding to a couple of technical points in JEM’s guest post today…

    After saying a big “Thank you”…

    JEM is referring to energy hygiene, the choice any sane person has about whether to do Technique Time or not.

    We have had many blog posts so far (and expect more in the future) about positioning consciousness towards being human, rather than towards astral, subconscious energies.

  2. 2

    Based on JEM’s description, I would assess the current degree of energetic literacy at Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

    Learning Stage Three is very feasible, for her and for any of you reading this screen.

    The simplest, least expensive resource is “Read People Deeper.”

  3. 3
    David FB says:

    Happily, I don’t have friends who get quite so out there. But I sure have seen it. I do have friends that have more subtle and less obvious forms of addiction. Ones I’m familiar with having been there myself.

    Subtle ideas about self-authority or lack thereof and what is “good” or “bad”. Often a resistance to life as it is, seeking solutions like a “better story”.

  4. 4
    David FB says:

    Rose’s section on Psychic Coercion in her book “Use Your Power of Command” helped make it clear to me what the appropriate boundaries of helping are.

    You can offer better but pushing it doesn’t help.

  5. 5
    Christine says:

    I’m a follower of Teal but I don’t know what to think now based on these two totally different aura readings.

  6. 6
    Elaine says:

    No disrespect to Jem, but Jem is reading this from a stage two energetic literacy viewpoint as noted by Rose. When Jem becomes more skilled, Jem will then move on to stage 3, I would assume and have a different view of this person.

    Having worked with Rose for quite a few years, I respectfully disagree with anyone’s aura shrinking away and also bits coming at anyone from another person’s “field” as Jem phrased it.

    Also, for myself, I would never term anything astral as “heavenly.”

  7. 7

    ELAINE, I think your feedback is excellent, and respectfully delivered.

    Ordinarily I would not elevate to guest post status an article that contains a reading done with Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

    However, I have had occasion to facilitate cutting cords of attachment between clients and Teal Swan. We were dealing with the virus I call “Advanced spiritual addiction.”

    Seems to me, Teal Swan’s aura has changed since the time of the photograph I read in the earlier blog post, changed in the direction of advanced spiritual addiction. So I didn’t seek or use a more current photograph.

    In this context, I found the overall message of JEM’s guest post to be helpful. Of course, it is up to each of you to run this article — and every other choice of significance that you make in life — by your spiritual self-authority.

  8. 8

    CHRISTINE, regarding your Comment 5, perhaps you might take another look at the aura reading that I did in the earlier post.

    If you drop your “follower” status and read the article with fresh eyes, that may make the distance between these two blog posts shorter than it appeared before.

    Of course, it is always up to you and your self-authority whom you follow at any stage on your spiritual journey.

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