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Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Benedict Cumberbatch in "The Imitation Game"

Aura reading movie review with Benedict Cumberbatch

Aura reading movie review with Benedict Cumberbatch

Blog-Buddies, I’m really looking forward to this last Aura Reading Movie Review before the Academy Awards in 2015. Benedict Cumberbatch has played many a brainy role, but this has to be the brainiest one yet.

Alan Turing, designer of The Turing Test, which I had known about and admired as a mind-boggling achievement. And now, I learn, Turing was also a huge war hero. Wow!

Get Ready for Today’s Aura Reading Movie Review

The Film: “The Imitation Game

The Movie Trailer: Here’s the trailer.

Plot Summary from the Academy’s Official Website

Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician working on a top secret project to crack the Nazis’ encryption code.

Here are the photos we’ll use

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Aura reading photo of Benedict Cumberbatch as himself.

Aura reading photo of Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as himself

18 feet. Quite full of himself, but in the nicest possible way. A rather genteel way, because he is a man of refinement, of intellect, a benevolent aristocrat.

So, at the time of this photograph, Benedict Cumberbatch’s way of connecting to people and things is a sort of doing them a favour.

(I’m laughing. Are you, yet? Partly my laughter involves surprise. In this incarnation, I can’t imagine personally having ever felt this way. Finally, finally I understand what it could be like to live the concept of “noblesse oblige.”)

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as Alan Turing

15 feet. Inflamed with anger and a righteous frustration. Can scarcely contain the intense emotions going through him; it’s hard for him to notice anything at all about objective reality around him. Not at the time of this photo still from the movie.

Chakra Databank CHANGE Points: 1

Benedict Cumberbatch’s is not having a time of comfortable noblesse oblige, nor is he responding in the manner of someone who feels as though, basically, he has it made.

Well done, dude!

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra for Sex Appeal

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as himself

20 miles. His masterful, super-duper sex appeal is particularly effective on gay men and older women.

In addition to the sex appeal, charisma is readily available for Benedict Cumberbatch to switch on and off.

He purposely  makes heads turn, or plays at going sexually incognito. Apparently this has become a game for him. And already he has become a bit jaded and cynical about this.

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as Alan

40 feet. At the time of this photo, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character feels tormented about every aspect of his sexuality. It’s a long-term upset state, replete with worry and confusion, often hidden and stuck in denial.

Yet at the time of this scene, the torment is raw and screaming. Evidently in this scene Alan Turing in that trauma zone that humans recognize as such, and his sexual circuits feel like part of what is going so terribly wrong in his life.

Note: Not having seen the movie, I don’t know what the context is for this screen shot. Maybe some of you Blog-Buddies can see it and, thus, can supply context. I’d appreciate that. I’m curious.

Chakra Databank CHANGE Points: 1

A profound alteration has been achieved. I’m beginning to find the Alan Turing character a whole lot more likeable than Benedict Cumberbatch.

Now there’s a mixed blessing for an actor. 😉

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Sharing Power in Relationships

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as himself

40 miles. The polite yet vainglorious ego walks in the door long before the rest of Benedict Cumberbatch’s personality, I suspect.

And with his current degree of stardom, the man may already have become quite insufferable. Particularly if someone doesn’t leap to anticipate his desires or obsequiously give him his way, down to the tiniest detail.

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as Alan

80 feet. Ordinarily this character has a very collaborative style around sharing power. “The Team” means a great deal to him.

At the time of this photo, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character feels bewildered, torn in his loyalties, and craving support from his Team.

Chakra Databank CHANGE Points: 1

A brilliant creation, complex and (evidently) profoundly fictional.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Emotional Self-Awareness

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as himself

40 feet. Personal emotions are very important to Benedict Cumberbatch. Mostly they are very important because they belong to HIM.

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as Alan

18 feet. A passionate cry of the heart is related to the drama in this particular scene. Seems to me, what’s happening here is not typical of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character but more a response during a crisis, and that response is passionate rage at injustice.

Undertones include frustration (perhaps at his not being able to finish his work?) and fear, physical fear.

Hey, even without having seen the movie, looking at this photograph one can figure out that he is being manhandled by two-against-one.

Chakra Databank CHANGE Points: 1

Another sophisticated choice for a role, executed superbly.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as himself

5 inches. The man can make anyone believe anything. He knows it, too.

At the time of this photo, this dependable persuasiveness results in a general disinclination for Benedict Cumberbatch to inconvenience himself…  with having to tell simple truths the way other people must do.

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as Alan

5 inches. Rage is what he would express right now, if he could speak, and right then his integrity might be just fine.

However, layered into Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is a long-term habit of holding back.

Also it feels to me that, although at the time of this photo he is experiencing a passionate response to his situation, ordinarily his communicatio is quite different: A much more in-the-intellect experience of living, then speaking. In this scene, he is being jolted into stronger emotional connection to life than usual.

Chakra Databank CHANGE Points: 1

Once more, the transformation is magnificent. The actor himself, maybe not so much. At least at the time of the photo used for today’s aura reading research.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Chakra for Soul Thrill

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as himself

3 inches. Could it be? At this time in his life, Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t feel fully alive unless he is acting.

Aw, having big, big talent like this isn’t easy to integrate into a human life. Especially when the big talent goes with A-list fame.

I do hope he blooms. Often majorly talented people do become well adjusted late bloomers. Doing so can be harder for them, that’s all.

Reading Benedict Cumberbatch’s aura as Alan

14 miles. Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch, you are such a ham! Inwardly you’re all aglow, as in “I’m giving such a fine performance. And I really believe in the motivation of this character.” (Laughing.)

So human!

Chakra Databank CHANGE Points: 0

Sweet, in a way, are these contrasting shifts to this chakra databank. Still both are 100% about Benedict Cumberbatch. So no chakra change points for him this time.

Conclusion, with total Chakra Databank CHANGE Points: 5 out of 6

What a fascinating combination of characteristics show up at chakra-databank-level for this mega-talented actor.

And really, his arrogance is so understandable. Between the Cambridge University education, the early rise to stardom, and all that talent to integrate, it’s not surprising to find the Whopper-sized ego.

Indeed, that big ego can help Benedict Cumberbatch to become a much bigger star than the equally talented actor we have already researched this year for his role in “The Theory of Everything.”

Yes, I’m comparing Cumberbatch to the sweet, far less tormented (and maybe less memorable) Eddie Redmayne.

Besides, can you really expect the man to have a sense of humor when he has gone through life with the name “Benedict Cumberbatch”?

Incidentally, I finally did see this movie on April 4, 2015 — a weird kind of Good Friday treat? See Comment 11 for details.

World-class actors are able to do something few humans can

Sometimes an Oscar nominee will change so deep down, when creating a role, that the transformation shows subconsciously and energetically. One chakra databank after another is altered.

Usually chakra databanks tell the truth. So it’s really fascinating to find which actor succeeds that deeply.

Even the best actors don’t always do this. I have an annual custom of comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles. It’s a way to investigate the depth of acting.

This blog post will tell you more about my method of using energetic literacy for aura reading film criticism. To learn more about the sequence of research I’ll use this year on some of the most interesting Academy Award nominees, see this Aura Reading Film Critique blog post.

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  1. 1
    Curiouser and Curioser (As Ever) says:

    Thanks, Rose, fascinating, and very helpful for me in learning to read the energies.

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    I have not seen the movie, but have read that Alan Turing was eventually arrested for being gay at a time when homosexuality was against the law (and was chemically castrated as a punishment), so maybe that is what’s informing Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal.

  3. 3
    David FB says:

    Well – you did capture the essence of the scene and what was going on with the role. Not only was Turing the inventor of the Turing test, he also developed the first real computer.

    He’s being held while they shut it down improperly. It’s been working for ages to solve the Nazi Enigma code.

  4. 4
    David FB says:

    He’s gay and hiding it. He’s obliged to work with a team who neither understand what he’s trying to do nor does he have decent social skills and alienates them. He also alienates management. But by this point in the film, his team get it and are supporting him. They help turn the tide.

    It’s an excellent film and full of unexpected surprises and difficult choices.

  5. 5
    Primmie says:

    I love this reading. Thank you Rose. I’d like to see how this actor matures and what he does with that charm and deceptiveness.

  6. 6
    Lilian says:

    Alan Turing received a royal pardon. There is some kind of effort for all homosexual people who had to suffer these indignities to also receive a royal pardon posthumously.

    Ach, Cumberbatch is the kind of posh person I have always took pains to avoid. Ach, he is indeed talented.. However, having been in and around elite universities for a long while now, I really wish other British personality types would be as exportable as the posh gent.

  7. 7
    Dana says:

    Thank you for all your Oscar readings, Rose! Again a huge treat to learn about the actors/actresses and their acting. I love the BBC Sherlock series that Benedict is in. I had thought his portrayal of the self-obsessed Sherlock was brilliant…

    So interesting that in acting he can find soul thrill and humility.

  8. 8
    David FB says:

    Cumberbatch at least has a sense of humour about it all. Worse when they take themselves too seriously, in that British sort of way.

    Sorry to see the film didn’t do better at the awards. What does it say about us when the winning film is about someone having a mental breakdown. And Blanchett getting a best actress for similar recently…

  9. 9
    Jnana says:

    Just saw this film today and it moved me so. Especially distressing to learn that Alan Turing committed suicide at the age of 41.

  10. 10

    JNANA, I just saw the film last night. It was one of my favorites, ever. Although so depressing towards the end.

    As for Benedict Cumberbatch, his performance was first rate. I appreciate that besides changing all the way down through to chakra databanks, his way of delivering that performance also required such focus on the physical parts of his performance that would show — the voice, the walk, the micro-expressions.

    Wow! And since I now watch the “Sherlock” show (avoiding the more violent parts), it was really fascinating to observe what utterly different charactors Cumberbatch has created so deftly and charismatically, focusing right on the surface of human life, even while his consciousness travels to inhabit a different human identity.

  11. 11
    Jnana says:

    I’m so glad to learn that this film is one of your favourites, Rose.
    It was powerful for me. I walked out of the cinema a different person.

    And yes, Cumberbatch was superb though I never would have guessed just how superb had I not read your post.

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