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Consumer Tips for Books by Rose Rosetree. Top 10 Tips

Books by Rose Rosetree -- how can you get the most from them?

How often does an author supply a consumer tip for getting the most from her books? Rose Rosetree is going to give you 10!

Consumer tips can help you enjoy my books more. By now, books by Rose Rosetree come in more formats than ever — print, eBook for an e-reader, tablet-ready versions at the iTunes store.

I’m no expert on all those technologies, just competent enough to get the books formatted properly.

However, I do bring an insider’s perspective — a teacher’s perspective — on what these books can deliver.

Buying a book is just the start. How can you get the most from it? In this article I’ll share my Top 10 consumer tips for reading books by Rose Rosetree.

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #1. Quick

Start with a quick, light skim-read.

Read that book like a novel, pleasure reading.

Skim-read for adventure, self-authority. Read like a beginner, even a dilettante… for now anyway.

New ideas will bounce out at you.

Read Like a Post-New-Age Consumer

Because that’s what all my books are for. It’s a funny thing about my career as a writer in mind-body-spirit. I’ve been ahead of the field.

  • Sometimes I have even started the field. Co-creation with Divine help simply took me there. As with the first books for empaths. The only books still (since 2006) about cutting cords of attachment.
  • Sometimes I have worked with a field that has existed for thousands of years and brought in knowledge for this Age of Aquarius. As with the books on aura reading and face reading.
  • And sometimes I have written within a topic area that seemed to belong to New Age, then added a post-New-Age sensibility. As with my books on Power of Command and success.
  • The New Strong” — published in 2016 — is the first to proclaim “Age of Awakening.” Officially I explain “Post-New-Age.” Incidentally, this one book is the exception to the my Consumer Tip #1. Best to read this one slowly.

Well, enjoy that boing-boing-boing from the newness. Ideas that you may never have seen elsewhere. Ideas to shake you up. Read the whole book that way, just for starters.

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #2. Skip These

While doing that first skim-read, kkip all techniques… At first

For a spiritual teacher and energy healer like me, any technique that I offer is powerful. The technique is thoroughly tested. It works. If you’re wise, treat them with respect.

Admittedly, techniques are written in ordinary words. Just like the paragraphs that come before and after? What else do you expect, Archangel Gabriel to show up like a character in a video game? Will you hear a sound of trumpets, grabbing your attention?

Reader, you are the one with the job of paying attention.

I offer you the very best I have. Through self-learning. Through the form of “a book.”

You alone are the one who will choose how to enter into that special sacred chamber of knowledge.

Receiving a special, sacred experience won’t be terribly difficult, actually. For starters, recognize that reading any technique in one of my books is potentially a big deal.

Prepare by exploring the context. Get acclimated before you move into techniques. So that’s why I urge you….

Your first read-through any one of my books, skip every technique.

Guess What Else?

Since I typeset most of these books, I could make that extra easy.

TECHNIQUE headings are obvious. Soon as you see that TECHNIQUE heading, skip over that.

And if there’s a Question & Answer section that follows, skip over that, too. Proceed to the next heading.

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #3. Fair Expectations

Great Expectations are for a novel by Dickens. For Rose Rosetree books, might I suggest? Expect shallow results first time through.

You’re a beginner.

So do the skim-read. Enjoy the results of your skim-read. And don’t stop there.

Let that skim-read be just for fun , like a promising first date.

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #4. Scamper More Slowly Next Time

You’ve paid for the book already. You got something with a first read. So my consumer tip here relates to how to do a second read-through.

Enjoy it. Go deeper. Take some time to wake up that knowledge.

On a second read-through of a Rose Rosetree book, you’re no longer a beginner. Promote yourself: You’re intermediate now.

What does it mean to go through each chapter as an intermediate-level expert on the topic of that book?

Pace yourself comfortably. Take your sweet time, and keep having fun.

How Do I Pace the Writing of a Book?

Typically I spend 3 1/2 years on a book. One took me nearly 10 years. Another one has been in process for 10 years; I’m aiming to finish edits and publish it in 2017.

Many authors today take a different approach: “Do it quick and market the heck out of it.”

That isn’t me. I can model for you what it’s like to consider knowledge sacred and valuable. So you can take the discovery process at a pace that works for you.

A Related Consumer Tip, Specific to Books By Rose

Understand what you can. Please, avoid scrunching up your forehead. No making yourself oh-so-serious. Never, please, suffer as my reader or student.

There will be no graded quiz. You’re just reading for personal growth. And…

Did you know? Effortless is essential for skills that involve consciousness.

And all the skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) are about consciousness.

Reading with innocent attention, or spontaneous curiosity, what will you gain? Automatically you will go deeper than otherwise.

You have this author’s permission: Take it easy with my books. Do an easy job, even sloppy!

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #5. Sloppy But Rigorous

This can make a big difference, with books that I write for you. After the first read-through, do every technique. No cheating.

Do that technique exactly as taught.

  • Neither compare it to other techniques…
  • Nor mix in extra things
  • Nor take anything away.

And never, ever worry about what you’re “supposed” to experience. You can’t be doing a technique, full-out, and also be monitoring yourself.

Note: Some of my books have WORKAROUNDS, either instead of techniques (Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy). Or there can be supplements to techniques (The Empowered Empath and The Empowered Empath Quick & Easy). These are more informal.

First do that workaround or supplement as described. Later, after you get the knack, feel free to adapt that workaround.

Techniques though? Keep them pristine. Then you’ll get pure results.

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #6. Praise

After each technique, congratulate yourself lavishly.

Please, please don’t find fault or criticize.

The only way to get better is to start from where you are now.

Like climbing up rungs on a ladder, you start where you are and progress from there.

Progress is cumulative. Why not enjoy that fact of life? 🙂

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #7. Like a Good Cheese

Techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) will deepen over time.

Accept that. So many other good things in life improve with practice. Like:

  • Cooking
  • Playing music
  • Kissing
  • And yes, certain kinds of wine or cheese.

So why content yourself with a “Been there, done that” approach?

Give each book a chance. You paid for it, didn’t you?

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #8. Dialog Helps

Dialog with me as you read, Blog-Buddies.

Write in margins or make notes on your e-reader. That’s a way to give yourself a mini-workshop, you know?

Any one of these nonfiction books is a workshop between covers. Or whatever the electronic equivalent of that would be. 😉

Participating will help you to grow.

And, funnily enough, today’s Washington Post has a fascinating story about learning better with print books, more than ebooks. I found this article while working on today’s blog post.

According to that article:

Researchers say readers remember the location of information simply by page and text layout — that, say, the key piece of dialogue was on that page early in the book with that one long paragraph and a smudge on the corner. Researchers think this plays a key role in comprehension.

But that is more difficult on screens, primarily because the time we devote to reading online is usually spent scanning and skimming, with few places (or little time) for mental markers. Baron cites research showing readers spend a little more than one minute on Web pages, and only 16 percent of people read word-by-word. That behavior can bleed into reading patterns when trying to tackle even lengthier texts on-screen.

“I don’t absorb as much,” one student told Baron. Another said, “It’s harder to keep your place online.”

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #9. Go Ahead. Use This Blog.

Specifically, use this blog to help yourself learn from my books.

After you have read any of Rose Rosetree books, ask your questions of general interest.

That does not mean asking me to personally tutor you on experiences you have had while using my books. Nor will I coach you on parts of my books that you don’t understand.

For any of this, please book a session of mentoring with me. That will be the appropriate way for me to coach you personally.

Many book-related comments of general interest do make it onto this blog. Look at our comments with that in mind and you’ll find many. 🙂

Where to post your comment? Check out the list of topics on the left-most column to find related articles. Then choose one that is relevant to your question. And comment away.

You could also go directly to the post, Ask Your Questions about RES .

  • If your question or comment is appropriate for the blog, I’ll answer it.
  • If the comment disappears, know that it isn’t appropriate. I used to have time to respond personally. No longer. Sorry about that.

Definitely feel free to ask. What’s the worst that can happen?

Just so you know: A very high percentage of book-related questions asked at the blog receive an answer right at this blog. In fact this very post was inspired by an exchange with Blog-Buddy DONNA at Feeling disappointed in your life?

Consumer Tip, Rose Books #10. Cycle Back

Cycle back after a month or a year. You’ll know when it feels right.

Multiple layers of expertise are built into the skill sets taught in my books. Therefore, you really can pick up any of them after a while…  and discover a whole new level of depth.

It’s free! You already paid for your book and, I hope, got way more than your money’s worth. Now go for even more, because it can be there for you.

Discovering deeper layers of knowledge can be pretty exciting for you, helping you to (rightly) notice how far you have grown.

Feel encouraged. With RES skills, you can keep on growing, Keep developing your talents. Continue refining your skills.

If this has meaning for you, continue moving forward on your path to Enlightenment!

Writing and publishing RES books, I aim to help you to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Which Rose Rosetree Books Are Now Available for Purchase

A current book catalog for my indie publishing company is at my home page.  If you click on that link, you’ll see that my books are now grouped into four series:

  1. Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening
  2. Energy HEALING Skills for the Age of Awakening
  3. Empath Empowerment® Books
  4. Enlightenment Coaching for the Age of Awakening

Final Book Tips: Which Rose Book to Get Next?

  1. This article is must-reading for an empath if you wish to move forward in a much more powerful way than you can get from reading any website or blog or sets of tips and coping strategies.
  2. Feel free to browse at detail pages for each book.
  3. Please do this even if you plan to buy from Why? Because my (still very small) one-person publishing company makes a bit more money if you use the link provided at my website before you make your first purchase. Won’t cost you a thing. And it’s easy. Just go onto The Official Rose Rosetree Website and click on any book title, then click on the link to purchase from Amazon.
  4. Never buy “New Books” not from the publisher when sold at Amazon. Don’t buy Amazon’s used books either, not unless you really hate the author. Because neither the author nor the publisher (in this case, moi) will makes a cent from these purchases. Have mercy!
  5. At my website you’ll find Online Supplements for many Rose Rosetree books — free and loaded with cool articles.
  6. Please request my eBooks and print books at your local library. Did you know that libraries buy many eBooks and paperbacks simply because folks like you just ask? It’s true. Please ask. Then they can purchase my eBooks from Ingram. (Librarians know Ingram, trust me.)

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  1. 1
    Emily says:

    Currently re-reading Roar of the Huntids. There was plenty I didn’t pick up the first time round!

  2. 2

    EMILY, thank you so much. “The Roar of the Huntids” is a novel I wrote for empaths, other Blog-Buddies.

    Although I haven’t yet made it into an ebook, this spiritual thriller is still available as a paperback. You can check it out here, if you’re curious:

    The Roar of the Huntids: A Spiritual Thriller

  3. 3
    Louise says:

    I’ve just recently found out about you and your books, and bought a few of them starting with Become the Most Important Person in the Room. Fascinating, you are so knowledgeable, I’m having fun reading and learning!

  4. 4

    Sweet, LOUISE. You chose an excellent book for starting to develop empath skills.

    For all of you who find my work helpful, please spread the word. Knowledgeable has developed about my work.

    Promoting it is a different, and full-time job for those. Promotion-savvy self-publishers are really knowledgeable in that way.

    It isn’t humanly possible for me to do both jobs well. You can help by spreading the word about these books and workshops. I would appreciate that.

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