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Ooh, about that new photo of Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree, so loooooooong ago, in 2013

Rose Rosetree, so loooooooong ago, in 2013

Today a sweet email came from my friend “JOE”. Tucked inside several paragraphs was this:

“I also wanted to mention about your new picture. I saw the change but wasn’t sure what to say. I like the smile but there seems to be a lot of fatigue in it, to me. That may be off-base but it surprised me you’d put a picture of yourself up that wasn’t your usual vibrant self, even if it was a lovely scarf.   ;-)”

That courage, and tact, from my friend make me love him more than ever.

I’m glad JOE spoke up. It occurred to me that some of you Blog-Buddies may have had a similar reaction. Two others of you commented, on blog or off, since I recently changed out the old photo that was here, a photograph taken so loooooooooong ago, in 2013.

What do you think when you compare that small blog-sized version with….

Rose Rosetree, in 2015

Rose Rosetree, in 2015

What do YOU see?

Talking with Mr. New Age Movement. Guest post Part Two by JEM.


Ugliness can be hidden in plain sight

Ugliness can be hidden in plain sight

Let’s complete this guest post by JEM, begun in yesterday’s article, An Alarming New Age Conversation. A guest post by JEM.  She recounts a rather extreme version of what is happening to some New Agers since The Shift into The Age of Aquarius. Still, I wonder, have you Blog-Buddies had similar conversations with people in spiritual addiction?

If so, did you say anything back other than the usual spiritually correct encouragement? Such as:  “How lovely. You are absolutely perfect in every way.”

  • Do you know proud New Agers who are also down to earth and interact well with those who don’t share their beliefs? Or some who are more like Mr. New Age Movement?
  • Same with members of organized religions. Are you finding more extremists now than in years before? Or are these folks adapting beautifully to the higher vibes on earth right now?
  • Do you know some empaths who consider themselves psychic empaths or intuitive empaths and have likewise jumped off the deep end? Or are those empaths getting skills and living well, rather than freaky?

Please comment below with your experiences with folks who have slipped into The Romance of the Astral. Now, you go, JEM!

My dear friend’s identity had shifted into “Mr. New Age Movement”

In effect, I was not having a conversation with this wonderful young man, who I love and admire so much. I was having a conversation with Mr. New Age Movement, as typical New Age beliefs have been programmed into him. Seems to me, the New Age movement has hijacked him.

If Spiritual Addiction were an archetypal force with its own personality, beliefs, opinions and approaches, it would have been just like the conversation I had with my friend.

An Alarming New Age Conversation. A guest post by JEM.

The Romance of the Astral can be tricky

The Romance of the Astral can be tricky

Recently we shared an aura reading of the New Age teacher Teal Swan. It was in response to a contest prize for Isabelle. My original aura reading is here. And then Isabelle’s luscious follow-up guest post is here.

Additional feedback has come from Blog-Buddy JEM. Of course, this is not meant as a pile-on. Usually I avoid doing aura reading research at this blog about spiritual teachers, healers, etc. On the other hand, it is important to bring discernment.

You, Smart New Age Consumer, have the self-authority to decide for yourself what rings true. You may know I wrote a whole book to alert spiritual seekers to a dead end, the Romance of the Astral. And another book for protecting yourself also brings a very post-New Age perspective to The Romance of the Astral.

No previous guest post at this blog has gone into such vivid detail about that, The Romance of the Astral: Illusions, confusions, distractions for a sincere seeker of God.

Get ready for a passionate essay, folks, heartfelt and (to me) powerfully true.

As usual with guest posts, I add headings and links and minor edits. The voice below belongs 100% to perceptive JEM.

Aura Reading Bruce Jenner, Transitioning from Male to Female

Bruce Jenner, the transgendered celebrity, ready for his aura reading

Bruce Jenner, the transgendered celebrity, ready for his aura reading

An Olympic gold medalist — competing as a man — and a decathlete, no less — Bruce Jenner is transitioning into becoming a woman. Official news has finally gone public, as with this cover from People Magazine for the February 16, 2015 issue.

Bruce Jenner has come out to family and friends, then the public. Well, today it’s time to give this courageous individual her due. Today’s blog post may be the first aura reading anywhere, comparing key elements of a transgendered person’s his-then-her personality at a subconscious level (a.k.a. chakra databanks).

Done by using before-and-after photographs. I’ll be using the skill set of energetic literacy that many of you regular readers have developed (and that I have had the honor of teaching you).

It’s easy to find that magazine cover online, emphasizing a female gender identity. Click here for the cover with Bruce Jenner adorning People Magazine.

For a photo of Bruce Jenner strongly in his identity as a man, I’ll use an image from 2011.

Paula Lawley joins my Enlightenment Life List

May Enlightenment flower within you

May Enlightenment flower within you

It’s simple, really. PAULA LAWLEY is a mother, active in her Christian church, helping her son to move towards becoming an Eagle Scout.

Professionally PAULA is equally a powerhouse. She works in technology, communications, media, and marketing.

No current photo is available, but I just got off the phone with her. At the end of our session, I used my procedure for Enlightenment Validation.

And now she is #19 at the list of folks in this informal Energy Spirituality community who have moved into Enlightenment. On the regular Enlightenment Life List, she is right up there. Take a look!

Paula’s non-dramatic path to Enlightenment

Although not very active at this blog (so far, anyway), PAULA has done sessions with me off and on since 2010. I’m so glad she attended that talk I gave at the Reston Public Library.

Overcoming spiritual addiction. A guest post by ISABELLE

Empath Isabelle shares how she has emerged from spiritual addiction

Empath Isabelle shares how she has emerged from spiritual addiction

For me, spiritual addiction started when I was 16. I was so, so sensitive. I felt everything that other people felt and found it very very hard to live in objective reality. Hard to live as a human being.

One of my gifts as an empath is that I am a molecular empath. Which may have made it even harder since, back then, I lacked skills as an empath.

Secret struggles, at first

Every day was a struggle; I only felt safe when I was with myself. I hated school. Even though I was considered as one of the ‘cool ones’ (but also the ‘very silent one’), I felt so very different from everybody else.

I couldn’t understand why I had come here. Very painful!

Face Reading Richard Wilson

Not the famous actor Richard Wilson (whose face I will read for you today)

Not the famous actor Richard Wilson (whose face I will read for you today)

Along with ISABELLE, JESSICA GATES won our last contest in 2014, “What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014

Her choice was to receive a face reading of an actor she admires, the Scottish actor and broadcaster, Richard Wilson. Why?

He’s been on this planet for a while, and has developed some interesting asymmetries, especially around his eyes and his eyebrows.”

7 Reasons to Give this Really Cheap Gift on Valentine's Day

Here's to Valentine's Day happiness!

Here’s to Valentine’s Day happiness!

Groundhog Day? Okay, that’s today. Yet for many of us the holiday highlight of February is altogether different, and never too early to start celebrating. (And that would include if you’re snowed in today.)

So let’s consider a really cheap, great gift for that big-deal holiday. Unlike the $133 that the average American spends to celebrate that yummy day.

How many ways can face reading be a superb Valentine’s Day gift? Let me count the ways.

And explain them a bit.

About these ways to enjoy the power of face reading: What follows will be specific to the system of Face Reading Secrets(R). Keep in mind, different systems of physiognomy have been around for thousands of years. Explore what makes each physiognomist’s approach different, because each would offer you benefits accordingly. I’m just an expert on this particular way of becoming a face reader. Well, here goes.

1. 10 great cheap dates for $20

Sure, bring along some chips and dips, or whatever your favorite soul food might be. Maybe light up the room with candles. Definitely bring along two hand mirrors, one for each of you.