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How to Protect Yourself Energetically from Somebody Difficult, Part 1

Puzzled over how to protect yourself energetically, aurically, vibrationally?

Puzzled over how to protect yourself energetically, aurically, vibrationally?

Potheads and alcoholics aren’t the only difficult people to live with. Recently we have been having a lively discussion at Answering your latest questions about marijuana, and today we can broaden the inquiry.

  • In his Comment #23, Blog-Buddy DAVID FB asked about the tendency to take on extra STUFF if you’re in an intimate relationship with someone addicted.
  • While ISABELLE is the one who originally started that conversation (and blog post) with her questions about special problems for empaths when dealing with a pothead.

Such questions strike me as extra important these days.  Long before the Shift into this Age of Energy, there have been alcoholics and others trapped into substance abuse of various kinds. Why do new fears emerge now, almost as if fearing contimination by somebody else’s chemical addiction?

I think it’s because so many of us are very aware of energy since the Shift into The Age of Aquarius. You may not go to the extreme of calling that difficult person in your life a “toxic personality” or “narcissist.” Yet you still may feel uncomfortable around certain people’s energies. What can you do about that? How can you protect yourself?

Simply because of living in today’s new energetic frequencies, protecting ourselves energetically seems more of a priority than ever. So today’s post will begin a short series of articles about the six smartest things you can do to protect yourself energetically when in a relationship with a difficult person.

1. Empath Talents Demand Empath Skills

If you were born as an empath, it’s high time that you took a relatively small amount of time and got yourself skills.

How much time?

  • Best resource: My annual one-weekend workshop for empaths, coming up April 25 – 26, 2015. This will move you forward by six months, compared to your skill level as an empath when you come to that first Saturday meeting. Incidentally, you can receive a free YES-OR-NO assessment about whether you are an empath if you are seriously planning to attend. I recommend this free resource, and you can read about it at the detail page for the workshop at my website.
  • If you use the resource, “Become The Most Important Person in the Room,” that’s about 10 minutes a day for one month.
  • What if you use the newer resource, “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.” You could get the skill set in less than one month.
  • Impatient? There’s “The Empowered Empath: Quick & Easy,” which is shorter to read. Though less detailed than the expanded edition named first, this self-help book is faster to use, just the nuts and bolts.
  • Seeking empath basics? That won’t get you the full skill set but it’s a start. I prepared this for you.

Yes, all these resources can empower you as an empath. If you prefer some other book or method, just make sure that it has the power to protect you from Imported STUFF.

And please, do not confuse resources for Highly Sensitive Persons with gaining skills for empaths. It’s lovely that Dr. Elaine Aron has a column for Psychology Today, and it’s great that more and more people know about HSPs. Just as it’s excellent that more and more people know about empaths. But that doesn’t make any of them experts at helping empaths in ways that are really effective at protecting empaths energetically.

As you may know, 1 in 5 people are HSPs. But only 1 in 20 people are empaths, possessing with any empath gift whatsoever. That’s right, 3 out of 4 HSPs are NOT empaths.

DAVID FB and ISABELLE are both empaths who have long histories of suffering enormously due to empath talent without skill. Now, instead, they’ve got skills that really work to protect them energetically.

Like them, you may know from personal experience that if you’re dealing with a pothead or other difficult person and if you’re not yet skilled as an empath… your own aura will suffer.

Solve the human problem in a human way

Because human problems are NOT necessarily energy problems.

As an empath who has developed Empath Empowerment(R), it’s no harder for you than for others who aren’t empaths. Dealing with an addict or difficult person is humanly difficult. So avail yourself of human resources.

  • I’m a big fan of support groups for living with substance abusers, such as Al-Anon. As for those seeking recovery, there are so many excellent resources available as 12-step programs.
  • Some courageous psychotherapists specialize in helping with recovery and living with addicts.
  • There is no substitute for resources like these.

Let’s be clear, though. This sort of expertise has zero — nothing — nada — to do with becoming skilled as an empath. To avoid Imported STUFF becoming a problem with your personal energies, there is no substitute — no energy healing, no other skill set period, that will do more than bandage over the ongoing problem of taking on Imported STUFF. You deserve better.

And, frankly, if you’re dealing with an addict, you need better.

Today’s article starts a six-part series. Come back each day to learn one more secret for protecting yourself energetically from difficult people.

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  1. 1
    David FB says:

    Nice, Rose.
    Good summary of Empath vs human problems. You want to deal with issues at their origin and not think addressing one will magically address the other.

  2. 2
    David FB says:

    I would not used skilled for myself yet – still a student. Still occasionally discovering new ways in which I unconsciously “read”.

    But certainly I am now much more conscious of the process, something I was oblivious to before. That’s made a huge difference. Looking forward to reading your latest books and tweaking the skills.

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