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Protect Yourself Energetically from Draining People, Part 5

Worried about a draining personality?

Worried about a draining personality?

Today we continue our series on protecting yourself from difficult people, a.k.a. draining people, toxic personalities, energy vampires, psychic vampires, narcissists, or just plain “somebody difficult.”

Why do new fears emerge now about contamination by somebody else’s energies? When you live has a lot to do with it. We’re still getting used to the new Age of Aquarius, whose defining characteristic is this: All humans can notice energy more easily.

You may not go to the extreme of fearing a “draining person” or scaring yourself with similar names that grew popular in the decades leading up to this Age of Aquarius.  Yet you still may feel uncomfortable around certain people’s energies.

What can you do about that? How can you best protect yourself?

In today’s Part 5 of a 6-part series that began here, we’re going to take a especially practical approach, by way of a teaching tale.

GLADYS is a sweet client who has had many sessions with me off and on over the past several years. She’s spunky, smart, and a survivor who is committed to personal growth. Besides that, she’s caring, with beautiful integrity and deep Christian values. It doesn’t hurt that she’s very pretty, too.

Yet she has made choices that recently resulted in big drama with a “Draining Person.”

No matter what we believe, choices have consequences

Here are some of the choices that GLADYS made before the dramatic part of this teaching tale:

  • She was intimate with a guy who took drugs, an exciting bad boy she wouldn’t have considered marrying in a million years. But GLADYS had her reasons.
  • When she became pregnant, GLADYS chose to have the child.
  • She chose to keep the child too, raising little JOE as a single mother. There was just about no support from her family or the father’s.
  • This was going to be a very difficult, difficult life for many years. But GLADYS freely chose this. She had her reasons.

Well, GLADYS has been struggling ever since. The child is a hard one to raise. Finances are bad. Single mother life is really, really hard.

What has helped

GLADYS has been having sessions, off and on, of Rosetree Energy Sprituality. A good choice, in my opinion. 🙂

Steady progress has resulted: More emotional stability, better coping, a more realistic way of dealing with a very difficult lifestyle.

When she made the aforementioned choices, maybe GLADYS wasn’t thinking ahead, or she thought that just because she loved God so much, God would magically rescue her.

Well, this is Earth School. We asked to be here. In any human lifetime, guaranteed, we will deal with our human choices. Consequences will follow, and usually they wind up being harder than we anticipate.

Personal development can help us a lot, especially if we approach it as smart New Age consumers.

But our favorite healer or teacher still won’t make pigs fly. Or command said pigs to bring buckets of money to your doorstep every Friday night.

Then came some drama

That would be BIG drama. Because the life of a single mom, especially taking care of someone like very intense little JOE, includes plenty of drama every day.

I didn’t hear from GLADYS for a while. Then she contacted me yesterday, in a panic.

Evidently GLADYS had gone through a rough patch. So she consulted a pretty far-out psychic.

That desire for a shortcut, or a reassuring answer, was so strong for GLADYS.

Unfortunately GLADYS didn’t receive inspiration. The psychic muted GLADYS’s voice on the phone reading, so she could not say a word. The psychic predicted a lifestyle that sounded horrible to GLADYS, although the psychic seemed to find it terrific. Then the psychic topped off this unsetting set of predictions with an energy attunement that was supposed to help.

GLADYS freaked. It was as though…. wait for it, Blog-Buddies… she had been attacked by a draining person, someone like an energy vampire or psychic vampire.

Not really

Please note, I recount this teaching tale with tremendous sympathy for that sweet person, GLADYS.

Talk about The School of Hard Knocks! Sadly, GLADYS had made some recent choices that had consequences.

  1. She has been having trouble coping with a very hard life. Evidently she became desperate.
  2. She chose to pin her hopes on a magical psychic reading.
  3. She allowed the psychic to proceed after muting out GLADYS’s ability to speak during her own reading. Yet GLADYS stayed on the phone and kept listening.
  4. When the psychic began to draw a picture of a repugnant life in the future, GLADYS stayed on the phone and kept listening, although she could have hung up at any time.
  5. After the psychic announced that now an energy attunement would be transmitted, GLADYS kept on listening.
  6. And then after this preposterous, horrible psychic reading, GLADYS didn’t just tell herself, “Well I just blew $200 bucks.” She decided to believe what she heard.

Afterwards GLADYS brought me her sad story about how scared she felt that all this was coming true. Well, of course she felt scared. She had made several pretty bad choices in a row, and every one of them had consequences. Including that now she felt scared. But this was not because the psychic was terrifying and oh-so-draining!

Incidentally, this blog has repeatedly warned against receiving energy upgrades, transmissions, attunements, and initiations etc. Because in the Age of Aquarius it is quite common for people who do such things to be suffering from an extreme spiritual addiction. If you never read that warning before, well, Blog-Buddies, you’re reading it now.

Part of the skill set in Rosetree Energy Spirituality is helping people get over the virus-like consequences of dealing with people in extreme spiritual addiction. We do this one session at a time. Any of the Energy Spirituality practitioners at this link can help, not just me. This requires technical skill, after many hours of rigorous training; it’s not a do-it-yourself job for hobbyists….

Meanwhile, what can GLADYS do, now that she had been given this horrible scary prediction?

Being sensible wouldn’t hurt

That survivor GLADYS can dust off her street smarts and start using them again.

GLADYS has chosen to book a couple of sessions with me. Energy spirituality can’t undo all the choices GLADYS made or instantly vanish the consequences. But together we can do one session at a time to remove STUFF from her aura and PUT IN what serves her better as a sensible, stable, practical human being.

You know, supporting her human life. Not promising a magical upgrade.

From GLADYS’s story, it sounds as though she chose a psychic who is in extreme spiritual addiction. This isn’t some random person considered “draining” but a practitioner who is is proud of collaborating with far-out energies. Well, hello! Astral energies are receved faster and harder now than before the Age of Aquarius. Avoid any such collaborations with extra-terrestrials, advanced spirits, or other fancy sounding astral beings.

You can co-create with God, you know. Or you can stick to human help. Two good choices. By contrast, astral beings can be really iffy to work with, especially now.

So else how can you become a smart New Age Consumer?

  • If you choose to pursue personal development, be very selective about which people you hire to help you. Healers and spiritual teachers don’t just do “Whatever.” What are their promises? What shows up in the person’s aura? (If you can’t read it, find someone with Stage Three Energetic Literacy who can.)
  • Don’t just leap because “Everyone is doing it.” Or you’re finding really big promises at a super-cute website.
  • Especially don’t work with energy healers or psychics out of discouragement or desperation. If you’re in crisis, with all respect, you probably don’t need energy work. You might need help from someone who deals with crisis-level problems, like a lawyer or a doctor or a social worker. Personal development brings help for solving ordinary human problems. It is not, in my opinion, for people in crisis.
  • Avoid any helper with a compromised aura, or who advocates choices that defy common sense. (Which would include, “When I give you this psychic reading, you may have no input whatsoever and I won’t even allow you to say a word from beginning to end.”) When folks don’t pass the sniff test, that doesn’t mean they are draining in some sinister energetic way.
  • Don’t seek out any “expert” who pushes the spiritual equivalent of a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Free will can be used freely. And intelligently.

To avoid being vulnerable to difficult people, or to so-called “toxic, draining personalities,” use the awesome power of your free will.

  • Make the wisest choices you can.
  • Then be willing to live the consequences. Even if they are terribly difficult.

For a single mother like GLADYS, there can be struggles for years or even decades. Even when she is doing her best. And that’s just how it is.

What if accidentally you get involved in some horrid conversation or psychic reading?

Again, free will to the rescue:

Don’t believe in that stupid prediction.

Get back into reality and do the sensible human things that can make you effective in life.

That’s right: Protect yourself energetically by energetically pursuing your human life.


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  1. 1
    Easton says:

    Wow, that sounds like quite the lesson! Are there any permanent consequences that can come to someone who unwittingly becomes entangled in sessions from someone in extreme spiritual addiction that Rose Rosetree Energy Spirituality cannot address?

    So let’s say that client like Gladys realizes, afterwards, their mistake and comes to you for sessions of healing. Could that original corrupted session leave lingering transmissions that can’t be removed by Energy Spirituality, or are the transmissions only as effective as the person’s beliefs of the transmissions?

  2. 2

    EASTON, not being omniscient, I don’t have the answer to your excellent question.

    That is why prevention is smart. So I have emphasized that in today’s article.

    I do know that I have helped one client at a time, one session at a time. That’s all I can do, right?

  3. 3
    David FB says:

    Sage advice, Rose. We all make mistakes. How we respond to what happens makes all the difference.

    I’ve had people tell me all kinds of things, including how and when I’d die. But time has shown little of that is true. We like to have stories about life to make things a little more certain and easy but you have to be careful not to make your life a story rather than a life. 😉

  4. 4

    Talk about sage advice, DAVID FB:

    “you have to be careful not to make your life a story rather than a life.”


  5. 5
    Emily says:

    “maybe GLADYS wasn’t thinking ahead, or she thought that just because she loved God so much, God would magically rescue her.”

    Ah *cringe*! This was so me! As a young adult I didn’t save money or even make much of an effort to get a new job (until I had no choice) because I did believe on some level that God would just magically rescue me!

    I did believe that if I just asked for help, it would eventually come (but who wants to wait for next lifetime eh?) .

    Although saying that… When I did ask for a new job four years ago, asking Kali or Shiva no less (can’t remember now exactly which one), I got one. But it involved a car crash in which I totalled my car, crashed into 4 other cars in a concertina collision (thankfully I was the only one seriously injured), breaking my (right) foot, going on sick leave for 3 months and horrendous family drama (with me being a right pain in the butt) before that happened.

    I think sending out CVs and applying myself would have been an easier way to do it!

  6. 6
    Emily says:

    Like Gladys, I’ve also had an experience where I’ve had a truly awful time with a psychic.

    This psychic confirmed all my worst fears (yes I am a bad person! Yes I am failing at life). I think there’s a post here with more detail actually about that experience. I remember even thinking afterwards “I shouldn’t be friends with [best friends], they’d be better off if I stayed away from them.”

    I was already majorly depressed, away from home for the first time, in an unsafe university campus. Not a great place to be hearing that.

    Horrible experience! I feel for Gladys! So glad she can avail herself of energy spirituality too. The effects of that psychic reading I had weren’t dealt with until I had a session with you Rose nearly four years after it happened.

  7. 7
    Emily says:

    I just really love this post and your advice Rose.

    Yes we can make bad decisions and have consequences but we can try to learn and make better decisions while we sort out and live through those consequences.

    Yay for Earth School LOL

  8. 8
    Will says:

    I too can relate to the fantasy of magical living – and can testify that it doesn’t work!
    Really, it is a childish fallacy to believe that spiritual forces will come to our aid just because we struggle.

  9. 9
    David FB says:

    On magical thinking, I fully agree. But like many such things, it does contain a seed of truth.

    There is the old saying, for example, God helps those who help themselves. And there is an art to what I call “energizing cooperation” or natures support.

  10. 10
    David FB says:

    Sitting there waiting to be rescued won’t work. But there are some things we can do that will bring “help”. Rose talks about some in a few of her books.

    It’s also a marker of spiritual growth – stepping into the flow of life itself and discovering support everywhere. Not that we won’t still have challenges. But overall, life gets smoother and easier and richer.

    The aid is not an illusion. But the means is key.

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