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10 Reasons to Take the Empath Empowerment Workshop 2015


Rose Rosetree, teaching (and learning)

Rose Rosetree, teaching (and learning)

If you were born as an empath, you were born with talent but not with skills. Unfortunately until you get skills, there will be suffering.

Happily the system of Empath Empowerment(R) is a highly effective system to help you stop suffering… and start living more fully. Probably living with a far better quality of life than any unskilled empath can imagine right now!

Here are 10 reasons to consider taking my Level 1 Empath Empowerment Workshop, which will be held April 25-26, 2015.

Workshop Reason #1: A Complete System to Help Empaths

Empath Empowerment(R) is the only trademarked system in America dedicated to helping empaths. Not a set of coping tips for cleaning up energies. Not psychologically-oriented advice about boundaries.

Ironically, psychological boundary work helps non-empaths, not empaths.

Workshop Reason #2: Use the Natural Power of Your Consciousness

The method of Empath Empowerment, taught in this workshop, really works. You will learn how to use the power of your consciousness to help you live a more comfortable life. And without having to work hard at the skills.

Last year, one of the participants in the Empath Empowerment Workshop told me about studying with a very sweet workshop presenter who put together her own workshop for empaths. Well, Teacher GLADYS happened to mention to the assembled group:

“Of course, I still can’t be with other people for more than three hours a day. I’m just too sensitive.”

Interesting? I can assure you, this workshop will help you live more vibrantly, and without a stopwatch.

Workshop Reason #3: Just Given Once in 2015

My Empath Empowerment Level 1 Workshop is only being given once this year. (Like any year.)

If you’re considering this power-packed workshop, don’t think I’ll be presenting it many other times. Or that I’ll be showing up in your neighborhood, so you may as well wait for that.

Sorry, but I am one person, not a huge chain store. You can find plenty of McDonald’s but only one Chez Panisse. Besides…

Workshop Reason #4: The Effectiveness Involves Consciousness

This workshop is unique among resources for us empaths.

Every year, more and more people are offering services for empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons, empathy skills, etc.

Less experienced empath coaches won’t bring you the benefit of a system that is based in consciousness, taught by an expert aura reader and a teacher with expertise at helping people gain skills that involve consciousness.

Some would call this workshop ahead of its time. Although I can assure you, this Empath Empowerment Workshop has been successfully taught in Europe and Asia, as well as many parts of America, over the past decade.

Workshop Reason #5: The Six-Month Advantage

Expect to move forward by six months in your empath skills if you take Empath Empowerment Level 1 Workshop.

Count that based on how you show up to the workshop on the very first meeting — whether a total beginner or very experienced as an empath.

Some workshop graduates have returned to take the Empath Empowerment workshops again and again. Each time they get even more from it. Like any powerful set of skills, layers of expertise are built right into the system.

Workshop Reason #6: One Surprising Way I Help You Succeed

How often does a workshop presenter personally make sure that participants are a good fit for attending?

I do. Because not everybody who thinks “I’m an empath” really is.

So here’s what I do to help you succeed at this workshop. Before or after you register, I will provide a one-time YES-or-NO Empath Validation by researching your aura from a (regular) photograph.

This is not needed if we have been together in session and the topic of “Being an empath” came up. Or if otherwise I have validated that you really are an empath.

Only empaths are accepted into this course. Learn more details about this free service here. Scroll down to the grey box that reads “Registration and Payment.”

Workshop Reason #7: Let’s Not Leave out This Part

This Empath Empowerment Workshop is FUN.

Lots of laughter.

Just enough interaction.

You might make some good friends here. Because…

Workshop Reason #8. Your Fellow Workshop Participants

The people are empaths. And they aren’t weird.

Thank goodness, I attract magnificent people to come to this life-changing workshop.

Incidentally some Blog-Buddies who have commented quite a bit lately will be here. I happen to know them quite well. Got to tell you, they are just a delight.

Workshop Reason #9. Personal Attention

You’ll receive personal attention from a teacher who is firmly committed to helping you succeed.

To make sure that attention is available, seating is limited.

If you’re interested in this workshop, you might choose to sign up soon to make sure that you can attend. (Click on that link and scroll way down.)

Workshop Reason #10. More Learning to Come

Empath Empowerment Level 1 is required if you wish to take Empath Empowerment Level 2, an even more amazing and practical adventure in consciousness.

To sign up:

  • Click onto the workshop detail page and scroll down to register online. OR
  • To register by phone, using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, call 703-404-4357703-404-4357.  (Do NOT send credit card information by email!)  OR
  • To register by check, contact Mitch Weber at or call 703-404-4357 for registration instructions.

Practical details

Date: The weekend of April 25-26

Location: The workshop will be held at the Hampton Inn Dulles Cascades Hotel, 46311 McClellan Way, Sterling, VA  20165.  Just 15 minutes from Dulles International Airport (IAD), the hotel offers a complimentary airport shuttle.  A complimentary breakfast buffet is included in the room rate.  The hotel is adjacent to the Cascades Marketplace, with restaurants and a supermarket.

Tuition: $300 covers the workshop and a generous supply of handouts. No extra costs.


  • Click onto the workshop detail page and scroll down to register online. OR
  • To register by phone, using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, call 703-404-4357703-404-4357.  (Do NOT send credit card information by email!)  OR
  • To register by check, contact Mitch Weber at  OR
  • Call 703-404-4357 for registration instructions.

And what else?

If I haven’t been in session with you already, please take advantage of the free YES-or-NO Empath Validation. Just send me an email that includes a head shot or other photo. Or include a link to the photo within your email. Send it to

Before or after registration, you can contact Workshop Coordinator Mitch Weber. He’ll gladly answer your questions about the workshop.

For you out-of-towners, Mitch has secured some discounted hotel rooms in the same hotel as the workshop, here in Sterling, Virginia. The location is an easy drive within the metro D.C. area, as well as being very close to Dulles International Airport, the biggest airport in the Washington-Baltimore area.


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