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Answering your latest questions about marijuana

Dealing with the distinctly unglamorous reality of the pot-smoking lifestyle

Dealing with the distinctly unglamorous reality of the pot-smoking lifestyle

It’s terribly, terribly sad when someone you love has a problem with pot. The purpose of today’s post is to offer the perspective I have gained from Energy Spirituality, especially from working with courageous clients who have decided to stop smoking marijuana. And from sessions with long-term clients, also courageous, who had to figure out how to deal with a significant other who was a pothead.

I don’t think there are any quick, easy answers. But there is hope.

Recently ISABELLE posed some good questions about pot at a guest post dating back to December 2013, An energy healer’s perspective on marijuana. A guest post by Linda Stone. ISABELLE asked this:

“I am wondering about something: to grow up with a parent who consumes cannabis daily…how does this affect an unskilled empath-child?

“And another example regarding cannabis that I am wondering about: what happens when an unskilled empath has sex with someone who uses cannabis or ‘harder’ drugs? What happens with the aura…

“Thank you for writing about this topic. I know so many people who say smoking pot is less harmful than drinking alcohol. Which I think is not true at all.”

With increasing legalization of pot in America, it’s useful to separate out several ways that this topic can turn confusing:

Aura Reading Justin Bieber. How Has Fame Changed Him?

Justin Bieber, ready for his aura reading

Justin Bieber, ready for his aura reading

Fascinated by Justin Bieber? I wouldn’t go that far. But curious? Sure.

How high a price has he paid for all that fame?

Last year he topped Forbes’ list of the highest-earning celebrities under 30. No stranger to scandal, recently he has agreed to pay $80,000 to a former neighbor after egging his house . Apparently Justin Bieber has also punched a paparazzo in Paris. Gets around, this kid!

Truth be told, I’m more familiar with a naughty pleasure, Kate McKinnon’s imitations of the superstar on “Saturday Night Live.” That’s all the Justin Bieber I have witnessed for years. Rather than, for instance, following him on Twitter (where he has 56.6 million followers). No malice intended toward the young singer. Just about anything Kate McKinnon does on “Saturday Night Live” makes me laugh really hard.

Yet the guy is still pulling in the moolah, and so I’ll lead off with Justin Bieber while pursuing our latest theme of wondering, “What makes some people tick?” Plus a long-term theme here about spiritual development.

Here at Earth School, we pay the price for whatever goodies we get. Justin Bieber has received more goodies than most. Do you think he has paid a huge price, as well?

What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? A new contest

What does this photo have to do with our latest contest? Hmmmmm.

What does this photo have to do with our latest contest? Hmmmmm.

Deeper perception is for folks who are curious. Well, here’s a contest to help us to indulge that curiosity. And maybe you’ll win a face reading, aura reading, or Skilled Empath Merge.

It’s simple to enter. Start by flagging someone in the news who baffles you. What could possibly make him tick? Or what could make her tick? What was that person possibly thinking?

Headslapper moment! Duh!

Because reading people deeper is not just for ivory towerish dissertations of an abstract nature. You can’t get more down & dirty — or down & clean — than by going beneath the surface of life to research what makes that person tick.

Why not stop SHOULDING yourself? Begin today, if you like.

Laugh at these shoulds. Or sneeze at them. Just don't take them seriously.

Laugh at these shoulds. Or sneeze at them. Just don’t take them seriously.

In all the English language, with its million+ lexical items, what is the scariest word? It just might be should.

Recently a friend sent me a wise article that had inspired her, Bullish: Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE.

Well, I couldn’t agree more with Jennifer Dziura when she wrote advice like this in her blog post:

“A lot of career-related writing targeted towards women emphasizes work-life “balance.” So you should really take some time out and nurture yourself, right?

“Actually, I’d keep that to a minimum right now. ‘Balance’ is not for the young and sprightly — instead, think of work-life balance over the course of your entire life.”

Fie on other people’s notions of balance!

I love how Jen demolishes that popular have-it-all myth about “balance.” She got me thinking about other conventional wisdom. And, then, conventional virtues. Like all the following shoulds.

All 10 are disposable, you know. Has believing in them been dragging down your quality of life?

How face reading has helped me. A guest post by Rev. Joan Barringer

Joan's friend Rachel, ready for her face reading

Joan’s friend Rachel, ready for her face reading

Face reading is such fun. With grim headlines in the news and, for some of us, weather that doesn’t quite inspire, it’s great to have an instant way to have more fun.

For me, face reading is always a go-to resource when I want more fun. Because you stay right on the physical surface of life, it doesn’t count as Technique Time. And it can always inspire.

Although sometimes I read faces to help me to overcome obstacles, or get inside information in order to become more successful. Well, that’s fair play, too.

Human or Psychic or Divine — Quiz Yourself about Vibrational Frequencies

How trippy do you need your life to be, vibrationally?

How trippy do you need your life to be, vibrationally?

Answering this quiz can help you to move forward more rapidly on your personal path, improving love relationships, friendships, family relationships, and self-esteem.

Also you may find improvement at making money, success, enjoying your work life, gaining more respect from others.

Why could it help you so much, responding to this quiz, then reading the follow-up article that supplies answers?

Living after The Shift into the Age of Aquarius, what you do with your consciousness matters enormously. Vague ideas can really create problems now, because awareness flows so rapidly between astral, human, and Divine.

Most of us are finding it easy to understand the difference between psychic-level experiences and spiritual-level experience. Once we think of things in terms of vibrational frequencies. Before then , uh-oh. Sorting things out can be way confusing.