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This may help you to sort out what you believe about being spiritual

Confused about what it means to be spiritual?

Confused about what it means to be spiritual?

If you care about being a spiritual person, life can be way confusing. What does it mean to be spiritual? Lately we have been exploring this in a series of articles.

Comments coming in today have alerted me that many of you Blog-Buddies may be confusing several different things when evaluating what is spiritual and what isn’t.

As an Enlightenment Coach, might I recommend you that you learn to separate these three categories?

1. Authentic spiritual experience

I’ll define that as authentically, really, truly having a direct experience of the Divine.

Who decides when someone is authentically connecting to the Divine?

Personally, everybody has the right to an opinion. Besides that, various belief systems about religion can define spiritual experiences in ways that belong — to my thinking — in the second category. Or the third. So please keep reading.

A terrorist, getting ready to kill a large group of victims, might consider that this is going to be a really wonderful spiritual experience for him, with many exciting rewards to come.

Personally, though, we can develop standards and discernment about what counts as a true spiritual experience.

  • Who has it?
  • Who just thinks so and doesn’t have it at all?
  • Who is calling a very contrasting experience the very same thing that you mean when you use the term “spiritual.”

How to discern an authentic spiritual experience

If you really desire discernment about The Real Deal, Blog-Buddies, do aura reading.

And not just any random aura reading. Develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy, such as was used in the recent aura portrait of Orson Scott Card. Have you seen Anti-bullying mixed with homophobia, an aura reading of Orson Scott Card ? There I researched one of his chakra databanks, his Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source.

What did I find, using skills of full energetic literacy?

“5 inches. Very complex. Very complicated.

“It’s one holy mess in there, folks. I would describe it as a lot of rules and regs, lots of guilt and analysis, lots of pain, lots of self-torment. The over-riding quality is no connection to spiritual light available. Not at the time of the photograph used for aura reading.”

2. Deeply felt but not energetically effective spiritual experience

As you may know, important Comment 2 at that post began to open up  our group discussion about what does, and does not, constitute a spiritual experience.

KAREN courageously wrote, “I am honestly shocked by [what you wrote about] his connection to God because I know this man to be a very spiritual person who deeply loves God.”

And that’s the problem in a nutshell for so many devout spiritual seekers, superb Mormons or Christians or Muslims or New Agers.

This spiritual category is about what a person believes it means to be spiritually connected, righteous, etc.

People do plenty of things that feel spiritual, whether undertaken as worship or following the old time religion or as spiritual exercise or for any reason whatsoever.

Often folks are promised results that cannot possibly come from what is being proposed.

You might know that I wrote a whole book about that, pertaining to Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks. This explores how and why — ironically — people who do what they’re told in LOA will make less money than otherwise.

And what aura reading research shows works much better.

(And yes, the approach in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy has work for many readers. They have reported to me about their promotions at work, earning $10,000 more than the previous year, etc.)

How to discern what is NOT an authentic spiritual experience

Sometimes common sense will tell you.

  • Psychotherapy can be deeply meaningful, but psychotherapy does NOT bring about an authentic spiritual experience.
  • Sex can be great. And, yes, it is possible to have a really profound sexual experience. But how often does sex equate to an authentic spiritual experience? With all respect to the great lovers of the world… usually not.
  • Many, many New Agers love working with angel cards. Or seeking guidance. Is that a SPIRITUAL experience? Sorry, no. That is an astral experience, perhaps leading to that popular impostor for spiritual experience that I call “The Romance of the Astral.”
  • Fundamentalist religion of any kind usually goes with zero authentic spiritual experience.

Occasionally you will meet someone like my friend GLADYS; very active in her Baptist church, GLADYS has a magnificent spiritual connection. However she is the exception.

If you want a giggle related  to the difference between public religion and authentic spiritual experience, might I recommend my novel about becoming a skilled empath? It’s part coming-of-age story, part spiritual thriller, and part satire. For instance, it features competing religious groups, including “The Righeous.” 😉

Do Stage Three Energetic Literacy. You’ll find out what produces results and what doesn’t.

Here at the blog, it can be highly educational to read The Enlightenment Life List, not just the main article but the comments.

And yes, I know that currently I have one outstanding bit of research to do at that popular post. This research concerns a nominee who is a spiritual teacher. He literally puts our Blog-Buddy to sleep. Time and again.

Plus, this guy also accepts money for having sex with students. Frankly I’m waiting until I can stop laughing about this nominee being proposed to do the actual research. I do have a hunch what I’m going to find, but that is all put aside when I use any technique for energetic literacy.

Still, such a man sounds “spiritual,” doesn’t he?

Until you have accurate input from a person’s chakra databanks, how much can you tell about spiritual EXPERIENCE at the conscious surface of human life?

Zilch! Zip! Nothing!

Without using good skills of deeper perception, it is impossible to tell the difference between good talk and actual direct experience. For that purpose bring on your ultimate consumer skill, energetic literacy.

So many paths and religions can help a person to grow spiritually

Thus far, however, I have never had a “successful” candidate for the Enlightenment Life List in any of the following occupational groups (i.e. A nominee who made it onto that list after I did aura reading research):

  • A member of the clergy in any fundamentalist religion whatsoever
  • A leader among Latter Day Saints
  • A  leader among Christian Scientists
  • A working psychic, channeler, or medium
  • A teacher of Law of Attraction
  • A televangelist

But go ahead and prove me wrong by nominating someone you consider to have a major degree of spiritual attainment.

Can such people still be considered “spiritual” though? Certainly…. at this Category 2 and also at Category 3.

3. Being a spiritual person

This is about lifestyle.

For being a spiritual person, anybody can accurately self-identify as spiritual, staying around only at the level of the conscious mind. Zero aura reading required.

You’re invited to explore this concept at greater depth at these two blog posts:

At that blog post, written last night, I shared that IMHO more is required for being a spiritual person than simply self-identification. Read it and let us know here if you agree!

And just for fun, I’ll add this one to the reading list as well — one of my favorite blog posts here yet about fake spiritual virtue:

Questions, anyone?

Do these three categories help you, Blog-Buddies? Of course, you might choose different names for the three categories that I have proposed here.

However, until you have these three categories clearly distinct in your understanding, hoo-boy! Can illusions ever flourish.

By contrast, when you do sort out these three different considerations, I think you’ll find that a lot of experiences you have make more sense.

Don’t let the term “spiritual” confuse you, Blog-Buddies. Caring about being spiritual isn’t enough to bring you results in life.  


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  1. 1

    So what do you Blog-Buddies think about making a distinction between spiritual experience that is meaningful to a person like Orson Scott Card or Stephanie Meyer… versus “authentic” spiritual experience that would show up as such to a skilled aura reader?

    Does this distinction seem snobbish to you, or judgmental?

    Or does it come as a big relief, knowing that there is such a thing as “authentic” spiritual experience? (Though it can come in so many different flavors, from so many different paths.)

  2. 2

    I’m so glad JNANA alterted me to the need to post the full aura reading of Stephanie Meyer, not just the pre-newsletter intro to which I originally linked.

    This became today’s new blog article, and it couldn’t be more relevant to our discussion of authentic spiritual experience.

    Rich and famous author Stephanie Meyer, arguably America’s most beloved paranormal novelist, had her aura read. And while many would find it spiritual to read about the Twilight world she created in her saga, what shows up in the author’s own energy field?

    Check out this reading of her Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source in today’s blog post.

  3. 3
    Karen Burrell says:

    I know you are probably ready to scream at me saying, What part of this don’t you understand!!!!!!!!
    But I don’t understand hahaha
    I see a long list of things we should not be participating in. But I still don’t really know what I should be participating in. Learn Aura reading and learn spiritual integration. (whatever that is lol)

    Am I a hopeless case lol

  4. 4

    Karen, you aren’t a “case” to me. But if you were, I would call you a “Courageous, Quickly Evolving Case.” 🙂

    Maybe it can help to appreciate that life does not have to include a bunch o’ SHOULDS, except to avoid getting arrested or fired.

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    You know what, I barely know how to rate my own connection with the Divine, let alone anyone else’s. Any self knowledge I have as it is is hard won. :-p

    If someone’s being hurtful, I won’t cooperate with them, no matter what they say about themselves! What is a spiritual person? I don’t know! We’re all just people. Even if we’re not connected to the Divine, we’re still make in the image and likeness of the Divine, we’re an expression of that.

    The thing I find about Rose’s aura, is that it makes me laugh. Not because I’m laughing at Rose, but because it makes me feel like laughing. So that seems like a good indicator of holiness.

  6. 6
    Lilian says:

    Our faltering connection to the Divine is not all that inspiring. Maybe after 10,000 years we get enlightened… It takes a lot of work. What has stuck with me is God’s connection to us. We can abandon God, anytime, but, from the fact that we exist and have being and consciousness, then we know that God hasn’t abandoned us. Or any of the annoying people we have to deal with down here. :-p

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