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My Personal Experience of the FULL-Lena Dunham Distinctive FAKE SMILE

Face reading Lena Dunham, Concluded

Face reading Lena Dunham, Concluded

Body language and expression are so much fun to explore with the experiment that I gave you in yesterday’s blog post about Lena Dunham. Yes, notice how Lena Dunham is proudly displaying her full-fake smile.

Here are results of that experiment for me. And then my conclusion. Before reading further, do check out this experiment on your own, following the steps at Lena Dunham’s Best Fake Smile, reading one distinctive bit of body language and expression.

Expression research, Rose Rosetree’s version

Okay, here goes.

How I felt before doing the FULL-Lena Dunham distinctive fake smile

Peaceful emotionally

Expanded energetically

Strong, humanly (and nicely full after an especially good lunch)

Connected to the Divine, dependably, in the usual way — to be more precise, being the Divine in the form of Rose

How I felt after doing the FULL-Lena Dunham distinctive fake smile

Detached from myself. An extreme detachment.

A practiced facility at manipulating my image, my public face, as if putting on a show.

Looking through my face into my surroundings as if my face and identity were mostly a nifty piece of plastic that I could alternately despise and flaunt.

Most of all, feeling so very detached from my human life. As if engaged in performance art. Not just one performance or one mirror look or one way to pose for a photograph. More like having my entire existance being a ritual of performance art, which frees me to say or do just about anything. Just to watch what happens.

And I can’t resist mentioning

Making my mouth move into that expression was very challenging physically. I’m not an actress. I don’t do fake.

Making any kind of fake smile feels weird to me, and I had never done this kind of imitation before.

At first I giggled, it felt so embarrassing. Even making some failed attempts. Trying on Lena Dunham’s expression took quite a bit of contortion.

Then I got it, the facial position. Suddenly (and temporarily) I felt sick to my stomach.

The appeal

Why do I think this way of smiling — and being internally — might appeal to members of Lena Dunham’s cohort… and others? Of course I’m aware that there are many reasons for loving Lena Dunham as a celebrity.

And that includes having peresonally smiled that way. Witness the lively comments about Lena Dunham at What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

Based on this smile alone, Lena Dunham would definitely seem fresh. Because she is the first celebrity I have seen who smiled in this particular way. Really, have you seen this look on anyone else?

As TV and movie viewers, we are used to seeing our performers two-dimensionally. This is one reason why anorexia seems perfectly “normal” to us these days, whereas you can find plenty of aura readings here at the blog of skinny celebrities where The Anorexic Ideal has been flagged, and not as a pleasant experience for the successful performer.

With smiles, we can enjoy what seems new and fresh because our craving for “different” is hyped up from all our screen time.

As for more ideas about Lena Dunham’s appeal

More than one Blog-Buddy commented at yesterday’s post that the same expression had been worn personally — and how that felt.

In general, one big reason for having fans is that they can relate to the particular celebrity.

Perhaps many in Lena Dunham’s audience are experiencing a similar (or somewhat similar) extreme detachment in life, laced with content. This is post-postmodern American life, after all.

And the content of her TV show, the willingness to discuss ANYTHING is (to me) perfectly consistent with how I felt when trying on that smile.

  • If you’re detached from your human life, with a fairly tenuous connection to your own self and a SUPER-STRONG connection to how other people respond to you…
  • If your sense of identity is socially based more than steadied by valuing yourself as an individual — regardless of what others might think…
  • Then you will applaud Lena Dunham for showing a way to live that way. Boldly. Unrepentantly. With gusto.

Yet one more interesting, and optional, experiment here at Earth School. One can do that as long as one likes. And why not?

Looking forward to a futuree blog article with an aura reading of Lena Dunham? I am.

Except there are a couple of other articles I want to bring in first. All part of our online educational experience together. 🙂

Guess what?

I just checked in the mirror. My normal smile is back. No posing. Just a feeling of smile that makes my face move in a certain way. Technically a Duchennes smile. A no-big-deal, authentic human smile. Whew!

Meanwhile, feel free to share your comments here.


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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    Fascinating! You point out a subtlety which I have struggled to articulate ever since I first saw an episode of Girls and then promptly decided never to watch it again.

    It seems to me that there is a HUGE difference between an attitude of “I don’t care what other people think! I’m going to do [something] anyway!” which comes from a genuine and deep connection to oneself, so strong that faking to satisfy other people simply isn’t an option… and one which comes from a place of being so detached from oneself that one doesn’t care about the consequences because they won’t hardly even be experienced! And this difference is often glossed over or simply missed.

    Thank you! Looking forward to the next few in the series. 🙂

  2. 2

    What fascinating observations, SARAH. Seems to me, you win a bunch o’ Articulate Points right there.

    And you’re welcome.

    In case it isn’t obvious, this is my level of exposure to the Lena Dunham opus: I have never seen “Girls,” not even a TV teaser.

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Excellent comment Sarah! That’s seems pretty much exactly it. I watched about 2 mins of girls and couldn’t stand anymore. My taste in TV is pretty appalling, so that says something.

  4. 4
    Brandi says:

    This is all so interesting-I am curious for the Aura reading because now I am wondering how her connection to physical reality is. Her body/weight is weaved into much of the show-nudity is her trademark. Even one of her SNL skits was her semi nude and questioning God about everything in her Lena style way of saying this is the age of TMI so get over it. I am a fan of the show and am recently getting over a spiritual addition-maybe no coincidence why I was drawn to it.

  5. 5
    Zelda says:

    Interesting, all of this.

    I know of Lena Dunham and her fame for Girls, but have only seen her on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I’ve never seen Girls.

    Your explanation of the smile, Rose, took me back to an earlier comment of mine about her and I think I see the connection between it and what you shared.

  6. 6
    Zelda says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that I think that fashion can be fascinating, especially considering women who are comfortable in their own skin.

    IMHO, I think that one reason Michelle Obama always looks fabulous is the combination of her great taste, bold choices, and being extremely comfortable in her own skin.

  7. 7
    Zelda says:

    Loads of women of various body types and sizes look fabulous.

    With some famous women, it seems as though the clothes wear them.

  8. 8
    Zelda says:

    In photos of Lena Dunham on the red carpet and in the Tonight Show interview, I was struck and distracted by her appearance.

    I found her to be witty, charming, fun, pleasant…but I was so distracted, thinking, “Why are you wearing that dress that is so utterly unflattering on you???!”

  9. 9
    Zelda says:

    It was really sort of a wide-eyed curiosity and then your comment about detachment struck me.

    What you shared got me thinking that it actually made sense that she wouldn’t necessarily be put together in the most flattering way if she’s that detached.

  10. 10
    Zelda says:

    It’s a dynamic I’ve thought of in recent years, especially when I had more interactions with college students studying fashion design.

    A good number of them wore what was currently trendy or had designer names plastered on it, but didn’t suit their body or flatter them in the least.

  11. 11
    Zelda says:

    Really, whenever I see photos of Lena Dunham, I’m struck by this type of thing. Now I see it as an outward expression of this extreme detachment.

    Like, “this is a cute mini-dress that I like and so I’m going to wear it, no matter what anyone thinks!”

    Which is fine, more power to her, but just striking to me how it comes across.

  12. 12
    Brittany says:

    Interesting conversation about Lena Dunham! I’ve enjoyed reading the perspectives given so far.

    My own thoughts about her fake smile are 1) the one above is a sleek smile, a slick smile. It’s for people seeing her “in the industry.” I don’t think she thinks she in the industry at all

  13. 13
    Brittany says:

    2) the smile from the previous post is sneering, but in a good natured way.

    It’s really hard for me to think of Lena Dunham as a person with ramped up issues, despite her fame, so I tend to feel an deep river of acceptance under all her appearance, sneering or otherwise.

  14. 14
    Brittany says:

    I don’t watch Girls. Haven’t seen an episode, because I never felt an attraction. Haven’t read her book, either.

    However, I watched every single one of these promotional videos she did for her book. I thought they showed the intimate, best-girl-friend type of person who Lena is at her core.

    Not detached, just conversational,comfortable and direct.

  15. 15
    Brittany says:

    ZELDA, I agree she seems to be fond of body not-so-flattering fashion choices.. 🙂

    Knowing that she has grown up with uber hip, uber connected, brainy, successful parents (like, NYC successful) kind of puts me in a place of seeing her as a person who makes fashion choices from a relatively rarified place.

    Like Frida Khalo playing up her unibrow, I think Lena is highlighting aspects of her physique that tend to disgust, nowadays, in an effort to make them slightly more normal. IMO

  16. 16
    Brittany says:

    Lena reminds me a bit of the (also brilliant) Mindy Kaling, who also has a non-Hollywood body shape.

    I have heard Mindy say that she has people say to her, ” you’re so smart and sucessful! Why don’t you work out?”

  17. 17
    Brittany says:

    She’s like, “I do! I actually work out hard for THIS body!”

    Lena posts pictures of herself doing acrobatic yoga, and taking a funny-seeming exercise very seriously.

  18. 18
    Brittany says:

    I guess I self-regulate my Lena Dunham exposure, so what I do take in.. I really like 🙂 Like I do with most everything.

    Sigh. I love taking in DPMP.

  19. 19

    BRITTANY, these insights are fascinating.

    Can you tell me (and maybe others), what is DPMP?

    Sigh back…. I would prefer to be a cool hipster of the 2015s.

  20. 20

    Also, BRITTANY, when I get back to finishing the Contest prize of reading Lena Dunham’s aura, I may be able to compare and contrast her aura from one of those videos with her aura from one of the contest winning links.

    Auras change so much as we evolve, as you and I both know well.

  21. 21
    Brittany says:

    DPMP 😉 that’s your Deeper Perception Made Practical.

    I’d be very interested in a reading of her video aura, ROSE. Thanks!!

  22. 22

    Here is the start of my aura reading of Lena Dunham:

    And yes, BRITTANY, I used a video as part of this aura reading research.

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