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Greetings from RoseTWEET Energy Spirituality

Follow me on Twitter. Let's be Twansported.

Follow me on Twitter. Let’s be Twansported.

Greetings from @RoseRosetree  — my “Love handle” on Twitter. Yes, indeed…..

Aura reading as a form of energetic literacy just hit Twitter.

Empath skills and Skilled Empath Merges, too.

Face reading has landed, flying with the blue bird.

All the skills for aura healing and aura reading research — Twanslated into fast-talk and tweeting now.

RoseTweet Energy Spirituality. Enlightenment Coaching. Oooh, the possibilities are endless. Even though never longer than 140 characters, of course.

Because finally I have a Twitter account. Starting today, all my blog posts will go live there, one quick link away anyhow. Each tweet is meant to contain all that you might need to open up to this Tweasure, this Tweat of a blog community of inTwelligent, caring, Twoughtful people at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Please tell your friends. ReTweet after me:

Let me call you Tweet-Heart.

Hahaha, that’s not it. The address? (Is that what we’re supposed to call it?) is

Aw, how Tweet of you to notice!

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  1. 1
    Happy says:

    Congratulations ROSE on the new twitter account.

    I use my twitter accounts rarely(I have two 🙂 ), mostly I use it to comment and speak to others. Also to read comments, it appears an account is needed to read all comments from a particular tweet.

  2. 2
    Happy says:

    I feel that I may become stressed if I had notifications sent to my phone, I even have the ringing switched off most of the time.

    I think I might prefer doing what I have always done, typing in the web address of your blog when I think there would be a new article up.

    I still think that a twitter account is a great idea because I am sure that there are many people who enjoy instant notifications. I have also seen many twitter users who keep in touch with comments more easily because of the twitter accounts.

    I hope you’ll still be active on the blog, I enjoy typing more than 140 characters in messages. 🙂

  3. 3

    HAPPY, I’m with you. This blog is my main place to reach out online.

    Twitter feeds will just be for folks who like Twitter, always encouraging them to come right here, to “Deeper Perception Made Practical”

    Or to my books.

    Or my workshops.

    Or to personal sessions.

    Twitter is a way to wave. You know, to say, “Twello!” 😉

  4. 4

    DAVID, thanks for floating the Twitter idea in the first place.

    Not for the first time, you’ve inspired me.

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    I have a Twitter account and hardly ever use it. I accidentally used it to tweet a couple of times because I had it linked with my Facebook account on one of my previous phones and later found out that any status message I sent on Facebook was also going out via Twitter, but I fixed that.

    As you might guess, it takes a decent amount of effort for me to stay within 140 characters. 😀

    I do occasionally read Twitter, primarily because Piers Anthony was writing a Twitter book, one tweet per day, but I fell behind on that and still have to catch up.

    I do keep up with Facebook, most of the time, so I’ll keep liking your posts there and commenting (if I have something to say).

  6. 6
    Kira says:

    There are so many ways to reach people, and no one way reaches everyone, so the more ways to connect, the better, as long as you have a way to post updates at each.

  7. 7
    David FB says:

    You’re welcome, Rose. Welcome to the club. I finally added a Twitter account about a year ago. That’s attracting a younger crowd to my blog, slowly.

    Don’t use it much myself, but it’s another feed to another audience who prefers that mode.

    And now you have a blue bird singing your song…

  8. 8
    Zofia says:

    It’s great to see some photos. It does help me understand who I’m talking to here. Without some face to face contact I always feel as though I’m talking to myself. David, for example, I see exactly where he’s coming from, and wow, your high vibe comes right through. I find more abstract spiritual stuff mostly unhelpful, as I’m more touchy feely I guess, but it totally fits David in a very genuine way. Anyway, enough random comments. I’ve updated my photo for sake of fairness.

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