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Announcing a unique community for empaths on Facebook

Announcing the new Facebook group  "Empath Empowerment Skills with Rose Rosetree"

Announcing the new Facebook group “Empath Empowerment Skills with Rose Rosetree”

Surprising and fresh as spring, look at a new perennial leaping up from Internet soil. Is it a golden daffodil? Some bold red tulip? A sappy, happy, sugar-sweet lilac blossom?

Even better, it’s an new group on Facebook,Empath Empowerment Skills.

Although we will continue to have many articles by and for empaths here at this blog, the new Empath Empowerment group on Facebook will bring a community just specializing in empaths, those Highly Sensitive Persons who also have empathic talent, people who know that being an empath is actually different from feeling empathy, being a psychic, having an interest in science fiction, etc.

Oboy, woweee, how can you sign up?

Is there some blood test? A loyalty oath?

Nah. Just click here and apply for membership. You can be sure you’ll be accepted.

Please tell your friends, too.

I’m starting this with gratitude as well as curiosity

You irrepressible Blog-Buddies! Lately some of you have prodded me lately to reach out more. You have helped, too, in very practical ways.

  • DAVID and AJ have helped me get Twicklish with Twitter.
  • JESSICA GATES volunteered off blog to take hold of my languishing fan page on FB and give it some time and attention. (It was begun over a year ago, then fell into benign neglect.)
  • And then CATHY generously started off the idea of a Facebook group, beginning with Comment #8 at Unskilled Empath Problems? Quiz ANSWERS.

Now she is one of the administrators. Hooray! Making it possible for me to keep this new project manageable.

What to expect at the new Empath Group on Facebook?

Short little articles from me. FB style. Posts, technically.

Many posts from you community members as well:

  1. Some introductory bio from everyone who participates. Encouraged, not required.
  2. Stories in response to questions I ask.
  3. Stories you volunteer on your own.
  4. Stories in response to questions that YOU ask.
  5. Folks may even add photographs. So we’ll get to see how you look, woo-hoo!
  6. Participate only within your comfort level. Like the Empath Empowerment Skills themselves, the whole point is for you to feel like yourself and feel good about that.

A sweet, safe community. That’s the plan. And — how refreshing — a Facebook group for empaths that doesn’t specialize in nonsense. 😉

All this and we empaths might wind up enjoying our gardens more than ever. Here’s mine.

This happy empath's spring garden

This happy empath’s spring garden


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  1. 1
    Zofia says:

    That’s great Rose! Exciting times.

  2. 2
    Suz says:

    It may be a public page, but will the discussions show up in our news feed for our friends to see? Or not?

    I don’t feel comfortable talking about this stuff in front of my “nearest and dearest,” for various reasons.

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