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Cutting the cord of attachment to a best friend. While stoned on weed.

Longing for friendship, overcoming STUFF that gets in the way

Longing for friendship, overcoming STUFF that gets in the way

Friendship is one of the great mysteries here at Earth School. We want friends so badly. We need friends, true friends, so much. We crave those friendships.

Yet the greater our emotional investment in a relationship, beware! Up goes the likelihood of having our feelings seriously hurt.

Besides the human-level disappointments and distressing memories, what happens subconsciously at the astral level within us? Energetic problems from that relationship (a.k.a. STUFF) can last for years, or decades. Even for life.

Long after our conscious minds have forgotten a troubling incident, it may continue to impact us energetically and subconsciously, recycling many times each day through a cord of attachment.

What stops that? Cutting that particular cord of attachment with skill. So that you will never, ever, for the rest of your life have a cord of attachment to that particular individual.

Today I’ll share with you the contents of a cord of attachment between JOE and his one-time best friend, GLADYS. (My client JOE gave permission, of course. Although his real name isn’t used here, every Cord Item is taken from the notes that I wrote down during his session. This was Step 9 of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).)

This particular cord of attachment is complicated by the fact that JOE and GLADYS were stoned on marijuana at the time of the incident.

Incidentally, background info about cutting cords of attachment will be supplied at the end of this article, as many of you readers may still be separating truth from hype about what it means to cut a cord of attachment. For instance, do you know that cords of attachment are 1 of 15 types of STUFF that can be addressed in Rosetree Energy Spirituality? Or that every type of STUFF can always, always, always be healed? Definitely!

Now let’s get to the juicy part, one Cord Item at a time.

What was in JOE’S cord of attachment to GLADYS

Remember, Blog-Buddies, as you read the following. Cord Items are energies between you (or the client) and the cordee (the person at the other end of a cord of attachment). When you facilitate this technique for aura healing, you wrap words around these items of cord dialog. This is not like a psychic reading or a court transcript, recording the literal words that were spoken during this particular incident.

  1. JOE and GLADYS are hanging out together. Both are very stoned on pot. They are walking around outside, among other people.
  2. JOE: Feeling so close to you.
  3. JOE: [A process-oriented cord item] There is an expanded version of self-awareness related being high to pot. To JOE this feels as though he is being authentic.
  4. GLADYS: So connected to you. [She is stoned with the same batch of pot, which they smoked at the same time.]
  5. JOE: It’s like we share the same mind, the same thoughts.
  6. JOE: Passing a man who reminds him of his (abusive) father.
  7. JOE: Talking in a spaced-out “meaningful” way about how he has suffered from his Dad.
  8. GLADYS: I’m so with you. I’m so connected to you. I really understand.
  9. JOE: Feeling understood by GLADYS.
  10. JOE: Feeling hopeful that I can get past all the old pain and loneliness I have had for so many years.
  11. JOE: I have a true friend in GLADYS. I can depend on her.
  12. GLADYS: Attention suddenly shifts to the most stupid, trivial thing. Like a store window display.
  13. JOE: Feeling as if I have just been dropped.
  14. JOE: Tender feelings hurt.
  15. JOE: Rage towards GLADYS.

Logical consequences from cutting this cord of attachment

What’s the point of cutting a cord of attachment? This isn’t just an energy clearing. When a cord of attachment is cut with skill, there will be specific  logical consequences that support a person’s human, conscious-level, life.

Here are some of the main ones that JOE can expect, simply because this particular cord of attachment is gone forever.

  1. Less of a tendency to detach from reality in a way that is reminiscent of smoking dope. (And if JOE was in recovery from a pot addiction, cutting this cord would have helped to support his recovery process.)
  2. Finding it easier to get close to friends. More trust.
  3. Not so likely to assume that floating around in subconscious-type, deeper, energies equates to “being authentic” or having honest, close communication.
  4. Less likely to drift from present experiences into remembering abusive behavior from his father.

Practical things to know about cords of attachment

This blog can tell you a great deal about cutting cords of attachment. Here is a link to our Top Ten List on the topic of cutting these cords of attachment.

Become a smart New Age consumer about energy healing in general and cord cutting in particular. Many so-called experts have not been well trained, or they use an approach to cutting cords of attachment that doesn’t produce significant results. Well, don’t blame cutting cords of attachment for that. It’s like thinking that all automobiles break down on the road and don’t get you to your destination. That’s true of SOME cars. Not a well-working car. Right?

You can learn how to cut cords of attachment for self-healing.

If you like to learn from a workshop, that is a way more powerful opportunity for learning. You might wish to save this date: July 11-12, 2015. It’s for my one-time offering of the Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1 Workshop in 2015.

If you are interested in learning to cut cords of attachment, you will do a much, much better job if you also take my Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop.

Both these workshops are requirements before applying for the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Which is THE way to prepare for a part-time or full-time career in this emerging field for mind-body-spirit style emotional and spiritual healing.

You can also book a session for aura healing and transformation with someone who has  been rigorously trained in RES. Or with me. Don’t ask for “A cord-cutting session,” though. An expert in this field can tell if this would be an appropriate way to help you at the time of your session. Or whether a different type of STUFF-removal would be more appropriate. Bring a human-type intention instead, like “Trust friends more.”

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