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Protecting your privacy, and sense of self, online

What to do when you crave privacy online

What to do when you crave privacy online

Just a couple days into hosting my Empath Empowerment Skills  group on Facebook, and a highly charged question has come up about the desire to maintain privacy.

Because sometimes safety in numbers will reassure. Yet online, what happens to your feeling of safety while with numerous others?

And how about the desire to be anonymous? Or the perfectly understandable need to have a variety of “Privacy Settings” online?

Privacy you can trust. And not all of us trust Facebook to honor our privacy no matter what the chosen privacy settings:

At this blog, though, it’s easy to keep your identity totally private

Since I may never have put this directly into a blog post, so here we go.

To comment here requires no more of a commitment than lurking. Do your thing in total safety! For an anonymous comment or guest post here:

  1. Type your — important — point of view into one of the comment boxes at the end of a post, or series of comments.
  2. Then make it anonymous:

In the first line, write “Call me Mr. Frodo.” Or whatever you would like to be called here.

I will take that and run with it, as the Fancy Blog Monitor.

Using my delete key, I will vanish your request within the comment to, “Call me TweetiePie Frodo.” Or whatever.

And then I will change your name at the top of the comment. Ta da!

Easy and simple. Consistent, too. Unless you wish to keep changing the first name that goes with your surname Frodo. 😉

Seriously, it matters a lot to me that any online community that I host be safe as humanly possible.

This isn’t Facebook or Twitter, so feel free to space out your paragraphs

Long comments will be broken up into shorter ones.

It may be easier, though, if you do it yourself, by making each comment brief.

Makes for a more readable experience, where your wise and quirky point of view can be savored.

About being more anonymous when hanging out at “Empath Empowerment Skills”

What if you don’t feel comfortable letting others know about the empath aspect of your life? Here is what I recommend. Decide what you wish to share online and make your peace with it.

As my new Facebook group for empaths continues to develop, you will appreciate that this is not a woundology, nor a group that encourages paranormal experimentation. This group is not about far-out explorations. It is like helping Highly Sensitive Persons, only more specialized.

I consider my Elaine Aron, Ph.D., to be my colleague as a teacher of personal development. She is, of course, the pioneer who brought knowledge of HSPs to the world.

That isn’t weird. Nor is her column for “Psychology Today.” Neither is the training that I provide for empaths.

Yes, you may feel odd, writing in public in ways that let others know that you are an empath. Yet who can fault you, fairly, for pursuing skills that help you to function with a stronger sense of identity?

Until you feel comfortable with this, by all means, LURK! Stay undercover.






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  1. 1
    Morgan says:

    By the way, where is the search box for locating a particular post?

  2. 2

    MORGAN, we no longer have a search box at this blog. The versions available from WordPress were not very good.

    So let a search engine be your search box.

    You could go about this various ways. I recommend typing into that box:

    SEARCH WORD + “Deeper Perception Made Practical”

    For example:

    Empath Empowerment + “Deeper Perception Made Practical”

  3. 3

    P.S. Glad you’re interested. Loads of info is available at this blog.

    Of course, you can also make use of the categories in the leftmost column here, like “Aura Healing” and “Face Reading.”

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    For someone who used to want to have a secret identity when she grew up, I have a terrible time hiding my identity. LOL But it’s a good option to have.

  5. 5
    David FB says:

    I can concur it’s a safe place to post. Worst case, Rose will correct any misleading statements. 😉

    I can also note that I set up and support WordPress sites and this one has to be about the least invasive of any. Even WP isn’t tracking your use of the site.

  6. 6
    David FB says:

    Those social media icons on many sites – some of them are tracking beacons tracking your activity as you browse from site to site. The ones on this page? They’ve not been updated by the developer in 7 years and are just simple links.

    Subscribe? That’s to her email newsletter, not new articles.

  7. 7

    KIRA, that is so funny.

    Also, it makes such human sense. Life is so poignant that way sometimes. The leader, with an irrepressible uniqueness, longs to go incognito. (For a while.)

    Gotta love Earth School!

  8. 8

    DAVID, you play so many great roles on this blog, and I am so grateful for every single one of them.

    Your Computer Smartie Role sure is a contrast to my level of expertise. Although mine is improving.

    I had no idea that some social media icons did tracking. Yecch!

  9. 9

    Giving credit where it is due:

    Anyone working on this blog has had strict instructions to maintain privacy.

    Julian Hockings is a lovely man who was indispensible here for years.

    And now AJ McClary fulfills that role so beautifully.

    Mitch helps a lot, updating the website as with so much here with our little family business.

    You have helped many times, DAVID. And other blog-buddies have sent me helpful emails or comments for my eyes only about broken links or other problems.

    Friends, I couldn’t do all this without you. I’m so grateful.

  10. 10
    David FB says:

    Yep, Rose – and some are tracking even if you don’t click on them. Just loading the page sends them information about you. Even some tech web site owners are unaware this is going on. And smart phones…

    User tracking in the name of targeted advertizing has become big business even though it’s not working.

    If interested, I wrote an article about it on my other blog.

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