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Answering 10 GREAT QUESTIONS about Lena Dunham with Aura Reading. (Answering the First Questions)

Lena Dunham, ready for her aura reading

Lena Dunham, ready for her aura reading

Who won Second Prize? Our most recent contest was What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? And thanks to Blog-Buddy BRANDI — and Comments at #2-3, 15-16, 18-29 — we’ll explore…

Who is Lena Dunham to share her life so thoroughly, uninhibitedly, and profitably?

Unless you’ve been living in a media cave you know lots about Lena already. Well, hasn’t there already been TMI about her?

Still, you may be motivated to learn more thanks to what follows (an excerpt from a scathing review of her memoir Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”  in New Republic):

Lena Dunham is “everybody’s favorite fun feminist and generational spokesmodel—a commercial proposition, to be sure, but normally not the sort of jewel of the Nile that would justify the reported $3.7 million advance usually reserved for first ladies and retired CEOs.”

Wow, right?

Awakening compassion about Lena Dunham

Or you might be motivated to learn more about Lena Dunham through compassion.

Would you like to help create community at a Rose Rosetree Facebook page?

When a rainbow can come down to earth, maybe there's hope for my Facebook page, too

When a rainbow can come down to earth, maybe there’s hope for my Facebook page, too

This morning, Blog-Buddy Cathy commented about effective resources for empaths:

And mentioning fb pages that host these topics, yes, I briefly joined one a couple of weeks ago, I believe the same one you just mentioned. Wanting to meet up with more like-minded people. Thank goodness you have given me the skills of being forewarned :P It was actually kind of…uncomfortable. The couple of times, in conversation threads, I mentioned getting skills as an empath, I felt like I was spouting a type of hypocrisy. They all seemed very intent on their astral entities, and angel threads and and and…I left the group. However Rose: you DO happen to have a fb page ;) and I’m sure many of us blog buddies would be more than happy to help out getting it into a thriving source of information. If you need help, you can appoint a few trusted members as admins on posts and such to keep things on the up-and-up. Just a thought :) I love this blog, and come here often, btw. It feels like home.

This idea encouraged me immensely. Would any of you like to volunteer to enliven that Rose Rosetree Facebook Page?

Unskilled Empath Problems? Quiz ANSWERS

Juggling Rose is finally completing our Empath Quiz about Solving Problems.

Juggling Rose is finally completing our Empath Quiz about Solving Problems.

Juggling Rose, your friendly Empath Coach, occasionally leaves one of our balls of instruction hovering in the air. Well, today I remembered one that has been hovering since April 3. Some BONUS questions for empaths were answered, but not the main ones. Yowza! Let’s fix that now.

Today is a terrific day to conclude our recent thread, Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz. Because my annual Empath Empowerment Workshop will be one week from tomorrow, and there are just a few spaces left if you are interested taking a workshop that will help you to move forward by six months with your empath skills. Dates for this workshop, here in metro Washington, D.C., are April 25-26.

Back at that 2015 Quiz about problems if you were born with an empath’s aura, here come some answers.

For each of the following questions, is the cause that you’re an empath? Or could there be some other explanation?

Empath Quiz Question #1.

I don’t get along with my mother. The power balance in our relationship is off.

The Trap of Energy Pride in the Age of Awakening

Fascinated by reading energies? Or trapped by pride?

Fascinated by reading energies? Or maybe mostly trapped by pride?

Lately so many of my clients and Blog-Buddies have been loving their lives as never before. And the reason is simple. They are learning to commit to their human lives, relish the moment and savor the juicy details. They have become increasingly effective, playing in the realms of speech and action.

This is the glory of human life in the Age of Awakening. If we stay interested in human life, without trying to fancy it up with energies, we can make that human life GREAT.

In this new age, with its different vibrational patterns, it has become so easy for us to move our awareness away from the human…

into astral-level energies…

which correspond to the subconscious mind…

and doing this can make us feel oh-so-special.

Energy is our shiny new toy in the Age of Awakening (a.k.a The Age of Aquarius, The Shift Age, The Aquarian Age).

My Personal Experience of the FULL-Lena Dunham Distinctive FAKE SMILE

Face reading Lena Dunham, Concluded

Face reading Lena Dunham, Concluded

Body language and expression are so much fun to explore with the experiment that I gave you in yesterday’s blog post about Lena Dunham. Yes, notice how Lena Dunham is proudly displaying her full-fake smile.

Here are results of that experiment for me. And then my conclusion. Before reading further, do check out this experiment on your own, following the steps at Lena Dunham’s Best Fake Smile, reading one distinctive bit of body language and expression.

Expression research, Rose Rosetree’s version

Okay, here goes.

How I felt before doing the FULL-Lena Dunham distinctive fake smile

Peaceful emotionally

Expanded energetically

Strong, humanly (and nicely full after an especially good lunch)

Lena Dunham's BEST FAKE SMILE. Reading One Distinctive Bit of Body Language and Expression

Lena Dunham, demonstrating a fascinating fake smile

Lena Dunham, demonstrating a fascinating fake smile

Well the joke is on me, Blog-Buddies. After sketching out a two-part series of articles with aura reading the rich and famous and beloved Lena Dunham, can I finally finish today’s article and do more of the things on my list for today? Hahaha. Nope.

I must * must * must first do today’s bit of reading body language. Because this is tooooo fascinating to resist. And I’m sure you will have fun with the special experiment that you’ll be given in today’s article.

What can you learn about Lena Dunham a photo where she flashes her most distinctive smile?

Aura Reading the Astral Specialist and Vampire Novel Author, Stephanie Meyer

Aura reading the bestselling novelist Stephanie Meyers

Aura reading the bestselling novelist Stephanie Meyer

Aura reading novelist Stephanie Meyer and her own romance… with the astral.

Today’s aura reading of Stephanie Meyer will include the success-related chakra databanks in a Magnetize Money Profile, related to my how-to book “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.” Originally this exercise in energetic literacy appeared in my newsletter, as introduced here: Does Stephanie Meyer have a spiritual addiction? Aura reading of the vampire series author.

In her winning contest nomination, HEATHER CRAWFORD wrote:

This may help you to sort out what you believe about being spiritual

Confused about what it means to be spiritual?

Confused about what it means to be spiritual?

If you care about being a spiritual person, life can be way confusing. What does it mean to be spiritual? Lately we have been exploring this in a series of articles.

Comments coming in today have alerted me that many of you Blog-Buddies may be confusing several different things when evaluating what is spiritual and what isn’t.

As an Enlightenment Coach, might I recommend you that you learn to separate these three categories?

1. Authentic spiritual experience

I’ll define that as authentically, really, truly having a direct experience of the Divine.

Who decides when someone is authentically connecting to the Divine?

Personally, everybody has the right to an opinion. Besides that, various belief systems about religion can define spiritual experiences in ways that belong — to my thinking — in the second category. Or the third. So please keep reading.

Being a Spiritual Person, Taking It Personally

Governor George Wallace, how spiritual was he at this time in America's Civil Rights Movement?

Governor George Wallace. Undoubtedly sure at the time that he was a wonderfully spiritual man

Photo credit comes to us via the Civil Rights Movement in America and, more specifically, Warren K. Leffler, U.S. News & World Report Magazine [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Definitely, this photo comes courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. In no way is it implied that the photographer or the subject endorses either me or this use of the image.

What does it mean to me, Rose Rosetree, calling someone “A spiritual person”?

After days of conversation here at the blog — and more comments on this topic to come, I hope — it strikes me as important to add my personal opinion. Just to set an example.

Having your own opinion is what matters most, of course, Blog-Buddies.

Why is it important, deciding for yourself what it means, being a spiritual person? So you can live up to your ideals.

Also, this can free you when behavior from others has been hurtful to you. Or confusing. Or (worst of all) the iffy behavior has gone unquestioned. Because that person did something horrible but other people chime in, “No matter. Her heart is in the right place. She is such a spiritual person.”

You see, old definitions and beliefs live within us subconsciously, causing expectations. Then we can get weirded out consciously by reality, entangled in our smelly old illusions like wine in the cellar that has turned to vinegar.

At least if you consciously examine what you believe now, that can protect you. You can recognize when somebody widely considered “A spiritual person” may clash horribly with your own deep standards. Clear and current standards, congruent with your present level of consciousness, can spare you a great deal of anguish.

What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual?

Is being spiritual a religion? A lifestyle? Or is it, to you, something else?

Is being spiritual a religion? A lifestyle? Or is it, to you, something else?

Really, Blog-Buddies, what do you think it means to be a spiritual person?

“It’s obvious,” you might say. To which I would respond, “Hardly.”

The topic for today’s blog post was inspired by KAREN’s wonderful Comment 2 at Anti-bullying mixed with homophobia, an aura reading of Orson Scott Card.

She wrote, “I am honestly shocked by his connection to God [i.e., one of Orson’s subconscious-level chakra databanks, one about connection to God, as researched at the time of one particular photograph] because I know this man to be a very spiritual person who deeply loves God.”

Personally, I don’t find any contradiction between being a very spiritually motivated standard bearer for your religion and — at an energetic and subconscious level — having conflicts or limitations in one’s direct experience of the Divine. Problems that would, for a time, show up at the level of your aura.

I’ll be glad to comment below, later, and maybe even share a blog post about my personal definition of what it means to “be spiritual.” Comments are the place for my views on this topic, seems to me. Because defining what it means to be a spiritual person isn’t my area of professional expertise. I’m really curious what you’all think.