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Do a double take on Yves Béhar with this bit of face reading

Wow, the power of face reading strikes again!

Wow, the power of face reading strikes again!

Sure, it’s fascinating to read faces for depth insight — physiognomy, not just expression reading or reading for attractiveness or those many other ways people can look at faces for fun.

Today let’s take a peek at the face of Yves Béhar, one part of his face in particular.

  • Check out his upper lip in this face reading photo.
  • And here’s another physiognomy photo of Yves Béhar, since it’s good to make sure that you’re seeing a photo that really looks like the person. Camera angles and such can mislead us, if we want to really see the face data for the purpose of reading faces. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see him alright.
  • Notice anything unusual, as a face reader?

What a rare combo at that upper lip

Sure, there’s plenty more to Yves Béhar’s face. There’s plenty to read in yours, too. Plenty of fascinating details, once visually noted and then interpreted.

Yves Béhar has this:

  • Triangles on his upper lip. Often called “Cupid’s Bows” — however, I had to find an alternative name for them, because my system of Face Reading Secrets(R) does not include names for face data drawn from Greek mythology. 😉 So I call them “Trendsetter Lips,” which is closer to the significance. As you’ll soon see.
  • Natural lipliner. But only above the RIGHT side, not the left side.

Face reading tip: Be sure to cross over to tell left from right. It’s as if you were shaking hands with Yves Béhar. Technically his right is on your left. But it’s such a brain scrambler to think this way, isn’t it? Just cross over.

What this means, in my system of face reading

Yves Béhar has a highly specialized talent as a communicator.

He can speak for a group, serving as a force to advance collective consciousness.

That’s the Trendsetter Lips part.

He also has a talent for efficiency, brevity, as a communicator. Getting the message across with a minimum of fuss. And zero waste.

That’s the Natural Lipliner part.

AND here’s the really beautiful part.

His super-intense, punchy communication — for his group, the folks who adore his designs — it applies to career only. Because it’s only on the right side of Yves Béhar face.

With buddies and family members, the guy gets to decompress. Literally. 😉

The power of face reading is accurate INSIDE INFORMATION

The more you study face reading, the deeper your appreciation will grow for the perfect of every adult human face.

Yours, for instance.

Your face is perfect, as a reflection of your soul. Who you really are, with work, money, communication, creativity, and more.

Learning about that, in detail, can give you the power of face reading.

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