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Read People Deeper is now available as an eBook

Announcing "Read People Deeper" -- now an eBook.

Announcing “Read People Deeper” — now an eBook.

There once was a face reader from Africa. JOE purchased a copy of Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.

Face reading was the part he wanted. Plus he didn’t mind learning new discoveries about body language.

As for the aura reading part? JOE always figured that auras were a lot of hooey. To prove himself right he, chose one of the how-to techniques for aura reading from photographs, regular photographs. He played with it, just to prove to himself that auras really were a lot of hooey.

Guess what? In came the information, quick and accurate and fascinating.

JOE wrote me the sweetest thank you email. He loves reading auras now. He finds it even more useful than face reading or body language. Ha! Sometimes a “There goes nothing” approach really helps, right?

Blog-Buddies, I would have quoted JOE’s thank you verbatim except that I’m such a tosser. So I had to summarize instead.

The eBook that teaches you how to read chakra databanks

Like JOE, you can go from zero aura reading all the way through to Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Just from this how-to book. Just from part of this how-to book.

Also, this is the first book to combine all three methods of gaining insight:

  • Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®
  • Face Reading Secrets® and
  • Leading-edge discoveries in body language

Read everything from addictions to sex drive to truthfulness. Combine nonverbal communication, physiognomy and auras… exploring 50 practical categories for work and love relationships.

Imagine if you had three ears. Or three eyes.

Would you perceive more than if you had only two.

That was my thinking behind Read People Deeper. And I just love those illustrations to supplement all the knowledge, thanks to renowned German artist Meike Muller.

It took a lot to get this how-to into eBook format

You’ll see pretty fast, if you start scrolling through. Besides those soulful drawings from Meike, you’ll find:

  • Quizzes
  • Bonus Boxes with “Games for a Higher Social IQ” — like 25 Signs of Attaction; Handshake Analysis; and 11 Ways to Enhance Romance
  • Foundational techniques for Aura Reading, in person and also from regular photographs. For reading other people and, of course, yourself. Reading chakra databanks.
  • 50 different categories to help all your relationships

Big thanks to Niall Gray, who worked really hard with me to make this work.

Find it now on Kindle, Nook.

If you have read it, Blog-Buddies, what was YOUR favorite part?

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    Zofia says:

    I’ve liked learning about faces! Personally, I’ve always enjoyed faces and when I had loads of time and mental energy to spare, I used to spend hours drawing faces from photos. It got a bit boring, but it’s amazing how precise I had to be about angles and distances in order to get an accurate image of a face.

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