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Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. Guest Post.

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. May this guest post inspire you!

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. Thanks to ISABELLE for a thought-provoking guest post today.

Bottom line: We can do a great deal of self-healing by using the method of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. (For details about removing these energetic cords, scroll down to the crimson box.)

However, be aware that other kinds of STUFF fall outside your scope of self-healing. That’s when to book a session of RES Energy HEALING. Details to come….

Cutting cords of attachment as an energetic form of life insurance — that has always been true of this powerful skill set for aura healing and transformation. What’s new?

Today, certain cords of attachment are involved in a sort of energy virus related to Extreme Spiritual Addiction . When it acts up, people turn spacey.

If Spaced-Out, Would You Notice?

Blog-Buddies, if you pursued a lifestyle of Spiritual Addiction, you’d hardly notice this virus happening. You might even celebrate a sense of (supposedly) greater success on your your spiritual path.

But you regular readers are living in Human-Based Spirituality, right? So you won’t welcome this problem.

Well, fear not. Let’s remember the motto in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.”

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. A Caution.

Once you have learned the skills, you can usually cut cords of attachment for self-healing and have wonderful results. Technically, it’s more complex to cut a cord of attachment when that energy virus has flared up.

So if you’re feeling spaced-out or not quite like yourself, you might wish to contact someone trained to facilitate this skill set. Either an RES expert I’ve trained or me.

And you don’t even have to ask: “Check out if I’m suffering from that energy virus.”

Because we RES experts screen you for energetic problems. Every single session! We do that early on. While making our initial assessment through Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading.

Accordingly, you can take it easy. Enjoying good results from your session. Yesterday, ISABELLE was struck by the contrast. Comparing before and after her session. So she wrote this inspiring guest post.

Beyond Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. ISABELLE’S Guest Post Begins.

This is some journaling I had done before having my session today:

The last session I had with Rose (25th of February) helped me tremendously. I felt much more present and like myself. I think I have never felt like myself for such a long time before!

  1. I was able to interact with other people in a whole ‘new’ way. A very human way.
  2. People reacted differently to me. They took me seriously and respected me.
  3. I stopped making long pauses before answering simple questions.
  4. My speaking got much stronger and much more clear.
  5. I was happy when I was with myself and happy when I was with others.
  6. No analyzing!
  7. I didn’t feel ‘lonely’ for one moment (as I used to a lot… even when I was together with other people).

Beyond Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. Results at Work

I was part of a project where we had to work with a group of teenagers.

Used to be, I disliked being in groups of people. After this one session, I found it was different. I was able to speak clearly, to show myself. And I felt like myself for the whole day. (Maybe a miracle!)

During that time I was able to organize. And plan. And do a lot of things. I felt strong, secure and happy. I felt love and respect for other people. Also love and respect for myself.

Relationships improved. Probably because I stopped floating around and stayed present.


Beyond Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. Removing the “Virus”

Some days ago I started to feel less clear. Seemed like I could not bring myself back to objective reality well. Not as quickly as I had been doing over the last months.

Even worse, I began to feel bored by myself. Also bored by what was going on around me.

Over-thinking took over.

Until it got to this point: Being around other people became tiring. And not as much fun as before.

This can be something normal, as things and life change. But since I had been feeling so good the last months, I wanted to find my way back.

I thought it would be good if Rose would explain some more things to me. So I set up a session of RES Energy HEALING.

Beyond Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. What Happened

Exactly what happened during yesterday’s session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

Rose explained things perfectly to me. She cut a cord of attachment to someone who once was important to me. And who become involved in Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

Then that energetic virus had flared up, that’s all. This is what made me feel worse and spacey again. Now I’m back to normal.

Very thankful for your work, Rose!

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  1. 1
    Suz says:

    Thanks for sharing, Isabelle. Your story sounds inspiring and encouraging!

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Great post Isabelle. I have experienced these same flare ups a few times myself, and it is always a great relief once the ponzi cords are cut. You describe so well the subtle but powerful way that virusey cords affect people, and the equally subtle/powerful way that healing sessions with Rose work. Lovely photo!

  3. 3
    Zofia says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you’re feeling better again! Certainly, a good measure of how spacey you’re feeling is how you’re relating to other people. If I’m concerned I’m getting spacey, especially if I’m working independently on something, I find someone to talk to and see if I can get the words out. Thankfully, David doesn’t mind me talking a lot. :-p

  4. 4
    Isabelle says:

    Thank you, SUZ.
    I just felt great and am feeling better again after cutting the cord of attachment.
    I never thought human life can be so much, haha:-)
    I truly think Rose’s work can help many many people stop suffering and start living.

  5. 5
    Isabelle says:

    I am happy to hear you have experienced similar flare ups on your way (to enlightenment:-)), KYLIE – I can trust the process even more now.

    Yes, lovely photo (but not me)!

  6. 6
    Isabelle says:

    Thanks, ZOFIA.
    Indeed – always very helpful to have people to talk to and relate to. Even nicer when you feel like yourself!

  7. 7
    Zofia says:

    Yeah, I had a virusey cord cut recently. I was quite annoyed with myself, so it’s good to hear other people are dealing with this too.

    In a way, it helped, as going back into the astral with the flare up (then thinking I had really made progress as it does help dull emotions!) and then getting that stripped off again, did make me realise much more clearly about how it felt to be human. Like a time-condensed compare and contrast experience.

  8. 8

    ISABELLE, related to your Comment 5 above, crossing the threshold into Enlightenment does not protect a person from virusey cords of attachment related to Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

    Enlightenment is a state of consciousness, not some kind of shielding for total immunity against all problems in life.

    Did you see this series of articles on the Sex Scandals of World Gurus?

  9. 9
    Jnana says:

    Couldn’t help noticing the picture in the background. Learnt about it in a course – Buddhism Revealed. Can’t remember anything of it now though. Interesting that you have it.

  10. 10

    JNANA, how observant you are. That framed print in the background is one of a pair. I purchased it during 1 of my 13 teaching-and-session trips to Japan. Over a year of my life, and so many clients!

    It is traditional, I learned, to have a pair of paintings like those in my prints. The one in the background here shows Yang energy, with warriors and oomphy power galore.

    The other glorifies Yin energy, all softness and sweetness. Some day I will post a photo with that one in the background.

    So that’s how I understand these two cherished souvenirs of living, serving, evolving in Asia.

  11. 11
    Brandi says:

    What a great article Isabelle. For me cutting cords that were virus-y reduced the “astral buffer”I had in interacting with objective reality. In my current relationship I used to be focused on the out of this world feelings I had with him, the astral like connection I felt- and neglected the objective reality issues that were not healthy. For my human life we may not be the best match and I am only starting to see this as I have stopped floating around. So happy for you on this journey.

  12. 12
    Isabelle says:

    I think I understand what you describe, ZOFIA. It was shocking for me too to feel the contrast; and helpful.

  13. 13
    Isabelle says:

    Thank you for the reminder, ROSE. I do know that.
    But isn’t it ‘easier’ for enlightened persons to come back ‘home’ again after…like a fight or a difficult situation?

  14. 14
    Isabelle says:

    Thank you, BRANDI:-)
    I understand what you mean. I also had a relationship that was not good for me, but we had a very strong connection in an astral (spiritual) way. What was going on objectively was not healthy but our communication in ‘outerspace’ was – to me then – fantastic, deep, everything.
    I wish you all the best. 🙂

  15. 15

    ISABELLE, in response to your Comment #13, the answer is definitely YES.

    You are so right.

  16. 16
    Angie says:

    Wow, this feels so very true to me too, this post. Thank you for sharing.

    I have recently started to have more confidence in myself and cut cords of attachment, wow, was I carrying stuff…

  17. 17
    Angie says:

    The difference has been HUGE, but I really mean it…

    I felt myself pretty spacey most of the time and also with a lot of various forms of physical and mental pain.

  18. 18
    Angie says:

    Simply cutting cords has actually been like removing obsolete fear / pain programs within myself, that’s the best way I can describe this, I have literally witnessed old form patterns moving away etc, and MORE presence, LESS fear !

  19. 19
    Angie says:

    Thank you Rose for all the beautiful books you have written. I am currently updating myself with your latest ones and they are very valuable !!

  20. 20
    Angie says:

    I have to say I really did not live too well moving onto the “age of awakening”, being very very sensitive, and having been depressive and suffering since I have been harassed a couple of years ago.

    I had never truly been able to move on to taking full ownership of my life again, I felt like I did not belong and more and more detached.

  21. 21
    Angie says:

    I never felt strong enough to properly heal myself, until one day, I realised I had just done so.

    Thank you Rose for all this valuable, streetsmarts information you are writing about.

    My life has turned upside down and I really feel more empowered !

  22. 22

    ANGIE, thank you so much for taking the time to share your results here. Surely you’ve helped many people today.

    Keeping up with the steady progress of RES — all those books — can seem a bit overwhelming. If I were going to recommend one of my books in particular, it would be this one, “The New Strong.” Since it will explain a lot, and also offer some extra tools for self-healing.

  23. 23
    Angie says:

    it isn’t, believe me, there is nothing overwhelming, it is very delightful to see written down and validated by other people
    (authorities nonetheless 😉 ) things I have already noticed for myself but wondered if I were sane or if this was just some crazy stuff going on in my mind.

  24. 24
    Angie says:

    I would rather take time and read in order to educate myself than pursue on a path where I hurst myself and others.

    Those healings have also brought me a lot more compassion towards other people. In the end, we all suffer the same.

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