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Psychic Coercion Quiz

Does psychic coercion make you like a marionette? Let's use a new quiz to clear up some fears.

Could psychic coercion push you around like a marionette? Let’s use a new quiz to clear up some fears.

What is psychic coercion? It is a form of STUFF that can get in your aura. Once globs or blobs or specks of psychic coercion get inside your energy field, this kind of STUFF can last indefinitely. At least until effective healing has been done.

So what’s the problem with psychic coercion? Energetically it’s the opposite of self-authority, trusting yourself, doing things your own way, self-confidence.

No, psychic coercion will NOT turn you into somebody else’s puppet. It’s called “Psychic coercion.” Not “Hidden Marionette Strings from the Fearsome Voodoo Villain.” 😉

Still, psychic coercion is a very serious problem for some people. Actually it’s a hidden, subconscious, joy-sucking problem for most people.

Psychic coercion need not terrify you, for heaven’s sake. In Energy Spirtuality it is just one particular kind of astral-level debris. One of 15 kinds of STUFF, not the only kind. Still, a very real kind of astral junk that gets stuck in an aura.

Psychic coercion limits a person at the subconscious level. Giving rise to worries and limitations at the conscious level.

Just because you may not have heard of it, don’t be fooled. Psychic coercion is a really, really common problem.

Fortunately, psychic coercion can be prevented. It can be healed. From my perspective, doing this is one of the easiest skills you can learn for self-healing. A very useful part of Rosetree Energy Spirituality! (For details, see the end of today’s article.) But…

  • What if you never heard of psychic coercion before? Today’s quiz can alert you to this very healable problem.
  • What if you haven’t felt motivated to benefit from an amazingly easy method of self-healing? Maybe today’s quiz can inspire you to learn a quality method to effectively vanquish psychic coercion.
  • What if you do know the healing but you still worry about psychic coercion? Today’s post, and the follow-up with ANSWERS, can supplement my how-to book described at the end of this article.

Now, get ready for some practical education, Blog-Buddies.

The Psychic Coercion Quiz

Does each of the following put psychic coercion into your aura? Answer TRUE or FALSE to the questions below. And COMMENT below, too, if you like.

As always, commenting at the blog in response to a quiz can give you extra coaching and clarification. You can gain more if you’ll actively participate in this educational blog. My advice? Go for it!

  1. Your Mom, the babysitter, calls to ask if she can try out some energy healing to fix your daughter’s chapped lips.
  2. After you hesitate, your Mom talks for two minutes nonstop about how this can only help your daughter and, besides, it’s free.
  3. You get the feeling that your Mom is going to keep on talking like this until you say yes.
  4. Your Dad belongs to a prayer group that aims to help humanity. They pray for everyone on earth to believe in (their version of) Jesus.
  5. Every time your Dad sees you he asks, “Have you been to church lately?” And then he follows up with, “When are you going to church?”
  6. In Sunday School, your son is told to say to each of his friends, “Have you heard the good news? Jesus loves you.”
  7. Your son becomes so enthusiastic about saving his friends, he says this same thing to them every single time he visits with them.
  8. This guy you have been dating, JOE. keeps asking you to dye your hair blond.
  9. To save humanity, and be spiritual heroes, you do prayer work on a regular basis for soul communication and “soul marketing,” to inspire everyone to join your spiritual mission.
  10. Your sister, who adores her three children, calls you once a week. Every time, she asks, “So when are you starting a family?”
  11. Psychic coercion is the real reason why certain people you know are so draining. Draining people are, sadly, walking senders of psychic coercion.
  12. Psychic coercion is a less-known way of referring to psychic vampires or energy vampires. They are the real causes of psychic coercion.
  13. Psychic coercion — that’s what makes a toxic personality so troubling. Toxic personalities are constantly transmitting psychic coercion.
  14. If your friend GLADYS sends you psychic coercion, this might give you a cord of attachment to her.
  15. Empaths are more vulnerable to psychic coercion than people who were NOT born as empaths.

How can you learn to heal psychic coercion?

Ironically, many otherwise sophisticated self-healers are confused about what psychic coercion really is. I want to help. Yet I sure don’t plan to rewrite my how-to book, or slice-and-dice it into a series of blog posts. That’s like putting a beautiful book in a food processor and chopping it into thin slices that are way, way less than the sum of its scraps.

You can easily, easily learn to heal psychic coercion from my comprehensive how-to book for energetic protection: Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

  • For you video-lovers, here’s a YouTube introduction to this book.
  • And here’s the book introduction from my website; as usual for any of my books, you’ll find a more generous introduction with excerpts and special goodies. Just click on the book cover and away you go.
  • In case it helps, this book review can also inform you about what is distinctive about this way to use your Power of Command for powerful self-healing.

What happens if you decide to invest $15 to get your own copy? (Even less for the eBook, of course.)

Then you’re on your way!

Here’s how to protect yourself from psychic coercion

Read some fun chapters near the start of the book. You’ll learn about using your Power of Command and the rest of your magnificent “cleaning supplies” for energy healing.

Then skip ahead to two chapters that are all about getting rid of psychic coercion — what it is, how it gets there, how to do the self-healing.

And voila! You’ve got the skill set for life.

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  1. 1
    Nicci says:

    Here’s my attempt:
    1. False. It’s ok to ask once
    2. True.
    3. True.
    4. True, especially if they keep doing it.
    5. True. Stop it Dad!
    6. False, it’s ok to say once.
    7. True. Stop bugging your friends, kid!
    8. True.
    9. True
    10. True
    11. False. Even nice people send psychic coercion when they continue to nag. Draining people might be draining for a whole bunch of other reasons.
    12. False, psychic vampires are nonsense
    13. False.
    14. False. Cords of attachment are created when you become interested in Gladys, not when she sends psychic coercion.
    15. Don’t know. Am curious to find out.

  2. 2

    Yeah you, NICCI. Thanks for being the first to respond.

  3. 3
    Nicci says:

    Just had a thought to add, just because it is sent by someone else, doesn’t mean it definitely will definitely get lodged in someone’s aura. It depends whether the person receives it or not.

  4. 4
    Cathy says:

    Gotta say, Power of Command was some of the easiest skills I’ve learned to date. And very noticeable in effects, for me at least.

  5. 5
    Primmie says:

    I’m not sure what psychic coersion is, so that will probably show in my answers 🙂

    1,2,3. False. Your mum does sound pushy and annoying though.
    4,5. False. Another annoying parent.
    6,7. False.
    8. False. Lots of annoying people in this quiz!
    9. False. And a bit time consuming.
    10. False.
    11. I’d say False.
    12. I’d say False again. I don’t think energy vampires actually exist, although it’s a catchy phrase.
    13. False.
    14. False.
    15. False.

  6. 6
    David FB says:

    Think internalizing a “should”. Really common in our culture…

  7. 7

    DAVID, this is a brilliant definition: Psychic coercion means internalizing a “should.”

    The implications go far beyond one particular “should,” however, which is why this quiz is so tricky.

  8. 8

    NICCI, you are really onto something important in Comment 3.

    And CATHY, thank you so much. Book reviews are on my mind today (see today’s article here). If you ever like one of my books, please do me this favor:

    Go onto and write a short review.

    For extra good deed points, cut-and-paste it onto Goodreads and Barnes &

    It can be very hard for people to find me. Amazon is the #1 chance I have that way. Just saying.

  9. 9

    Tomorrow I’m aiming to start answering the quiz questions. So don’t be shy, Blog-Buddies. Take that quiz.

    And comment below if you would like me to take your words into consideration as I respond to the Quiz questions!

  10. 10
    David FB says:

    I can recall that at a certain stage of development, before I was aware of RES, I became conscious of this batch of what I called ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’. The ideas came from other people but I had accepted them as “true” in some way and internalized them.

    The issue is, they keep us small and separate.

  11. 11
    David FB says:

    Agree though, Rose. One sentence doesn’t do justice to a whole section of Power of Command.

    And it doesn’t touch on the resulting fog.

  12. 12

    DAVID, thank you so much for these comments.

    Seven blog posts go into detailed answers, a way to empower you Blog-Buddies one chunk at a time.

    Here’s the first follow-up to inform you in practical ways about psychic coercion.

    And here’s the final set of answers about psychic coercion. At the bottom you’ll find links to all the rest.

    In between, loads of practical help, with great comments from you Blog-Buddies. Yeah, skills!

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