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Can Other People's Cults Hurt You? More about Psychic Coercion.

Sleepwalking in a cult -- when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?

Sleepwalking in a cult — when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?

Cult mind control is such an ugly topic. And often a taboo topic. Have you noticed?

Many of the people you know may be cult sleepwalkers. Ironically these neighbors, family members, work associates would be shocked, shocked! at the very idea that they might be considered cult followers. Yet Fundamentalists and evangelicals are often in cults. Spiritual seekers, idealists of all kinds, can move into cults.

I have helped clients to fully exit meditation cults, New Age cults, Christian cults, Buddhist cults, Tapping cults, other cults associated with healing, and more.

This complements work done in Energy Spirituality to help clients move out of spiritual addiction (and to avoid the virusey problems some are having with “extreme spiritual addiction”).

Since we have been considering psychic coercion, it only seems fair to address this concern of cult activity possibly hurting other people energetically. Address this concern in plain English. Not whispering or hinting about it.

What if you just stumbled upon today’s blog post and don’t know what on earth I mean by “Psychic coercion”?  If you’re not sure sure, or you wish to learn more about this series of articles, just skip down to the end of today’s article. You might want to take the Psychic Coercion Quiz before reading further in today’s blog post.

Today, at the end of the post, I’ll also include a section with more information about exiting cults from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Now let’s continue responses to our recent Psychic Coercion Quiz.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 9. When Cult Members Try to Control You

Of course, cult members don’t think that way. Bullying? Pushing other people around? Trying to control other people?

No, a sleepwalking kind of denial is one side effect of cult mind control. And, of course, members of cults seldom know they are in cults.

Recently SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA shared a courageous guest post about ending her cult involvement. In Comment #3 she wrote something similar to what I put in our quiz:

To save humanity, and be spiritual heroes, you do prayer work on a regular basis for soul communication and “soul marketing,” aiming to inspire everyone to join your spiritual mission.

Reading about this from SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA — wow! This is why I was moved to write the Psychic Coercion Quiz and then this whole series of articles.

What could be more confusing to a person, whether in a cult or having left a cult? All you were doing was following orders from somebody you believed in. What could be wrong with expressing your love for God by trying to do missionary work, whether telepathically or energetically?

“Soul marketing” — that’s supposed to be good, right? “Reaching out” is one of our trendiest expressions today for doing something really good, really positive.

Recently I commented about an increasingly popular form of reaching out and marketing that involves creating “Amazon national bestsellers.” (See this article about publishing, and comments that followed. Incidentally, since that conversation at blog, I encountered a writer who proudly festoons her self-promotion with claims of being a #1 Amazon Bestseller not just in America but a long list of other continents. Oh, sure. 😉 )

Cults don’t just reach out, though. Often they do try to take over the world. Ahem, “Save the world.” Because they know better than others what would be good for them. Supposedly.

Common sense tells any sane person that this sort of thing is revolting. Ever hear of the scandal when famed holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel learned that Mormons were attempting to baptize his Jewish ancestors? Talk about inappropriate!

Prayers done “on your behalf” by any prayer group without your knowledge or consent — and maybe in stark contrast to what you would allow — sure that’s disgusting.

But does it count as sending YOU psychic coercion?

No way. Cult prayers are simply weird prayers. Icky karma may ensue, but not psychic coercion.

Sending psychic coercion requires a human-level sender, with human-level words, to should you in some way. Even then, you won’t get psychic coercion-type STUFF in your aura unless you also receive that sending.


Hey, could there be groups that practice voodoo or black magic? Occasionally. What is sent there would not be psychic coercion, either. It would be voodoo or black magic. But there’s way less of that than most people fear. It’s so obviously bad karma, relatively few people get involved.

NICCI, you probably spoke for many Blog-Buddies when you answered TRUE to this quiz question.  Isn’t it reassuraing to know that the correct answer is FALSE?

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 10. Asking questions with an agenda

No direct pushy words are uttered. Yet a person in your life keeps asking personal questions, again and again, as if merely curious. Although that question clearly has an agenda. The example used in this quiz went like this:

Your sister, who adores her three children, calls you once a week. Every time, she asks, “So when are you starting a family?”

NICCI, this time you got this answer right. The answer is TRUE. The “innocent” question does count as sending psychic coercion.

PRIMMIE, since you didn’t get the correct answer, let us know here if the following does NOT make sense to you.

Nagging does count as psychic coercion.

Your sister GLADYS does not have the right to ask you repeatedly about your personal reproductive plans.

Of course, you can think “Sez who?” And thereby avoid receiving.

However, you really do have the right to tell your sister — or anyone else who treats you this way — what is appropriate for this relationship and what is not. Ground rules for the relationship, right?

For instance, you could say:

“Okay, Sis. You have just asked me this question for the last time. At least if you want me to talk to you. Stop asking me about starting a family. This topic is now 100% off limits to you. It is none of your business.”

Then provide consequences.

“If I choose to bring it up with you, I will. Otherwise we are never talking about this again. And if you ask me in the future, I will hang up the phone. I will leave your house and end the visit. I will ask you to leave my house.”

To seal the deal, conclude with “Do you understand?”

And then follow through consistently. Sure, you can train up GLADYS. It’s up to you.

For more information about how to have this assertive kind of conversation, see “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Hey, if your sister wanted to discuss her nose boogers once a week, wouldn’t you have the right to forbid that topic of conversation too? 😉

A dear friend of mine, JOE, recently told me about a lovely visit he had with his 90-year old father. “We just agree not discuss politics or religion. This way we get along fine.”

That JOE, he’s wise. And not just because he is potentially avoiding getting psychic coercion into his energy field.

So what is psychic coercion, anyway?

To learn more about this nasty kind of energetic STUFF that can get lodged in your aura and subconscious mind, you might wish to check out the earlier articles in this series:

Another resource is the how-to book for self-healing of different kinds of STUFF that can get stuck in your aura, limiting your subconscious mind as well as your personal energies.

Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” is available in paperback, just one quick phone call away. Or through your favorite bookseller.

This how-to with complete instructions for removing psychic coercion… and more…  is also an eBook.

How can experts at Energy Spirituality help a person to exit a cult?

There is a huge difference between stopping cult practices, leaving the group, etc. versus truly exiting a cult.

Experts trained in RES can help, one session at a time. Although we are not professional deprogrammers or psychotherapists, nor do we pretend to be. As a supplement to work with others who have these skills, we add the unique skill sets for moving out STUFF related to cult experiences.

By permanently moving out various types of STUFF, then adding PUT-IN to express a client’s soul more fully and congruently… that’s how we help folks move on from past involvement in cults. Here are some articles that may bring hope to those who have left the cult years ago yet still struggle. (And yes, I would appreciate your forwarding today’s post to anyone you know who has told you that this type of struggle still happens. I have helped many clients to truly complete the cult exiting process.)

Here are some articles to help you recognize cults for what they are. And to better understand the difference between quitting a mind-control group versus fully exiting a cult:

  1. Cult deprogramming without violence
  2. Cult Exiting and Deprogramming, How Energy Spirituality Can Help
  3. Leaving a cult? How I help with deprogramming.

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    One of the funny things about everyone claiming to be a best seller? When everyone does it, it becomes meaningless. Then what was all that work for?

    And when you make statements people don’t trust, will that encourage them to buy your book?

  2. 2
    David B says:

    Got more wrong in the later part of this than expected. But the key here was what we discussed prior. What is being given energetically vs how we respond to that.

    I may not have been much of a hint detective but I was a pro at self-shoulding. 😉

  3. 3
    Primmie says:

    Thank you for your question Rose. I can’t really see that nagging is psychic coercion, but I think the problem is that I don’t really believe there is such a thing as psychic coercion. I’m open to being wrong about this though which is why I did the quiz. I have a lot of experience with people who are very coercive in the way that they communicate and I’m still learning how to best deal with verbal manipulation. So far though, to my knowledge, I haven’t come across a verbal exchange that exists outside of the regular human realm. Sorry if that’s not expressed very well.

    Of course, I may be in denial about the effects of manipulation on me.

  4. 4
    Zofia says:

    I hear you Primmie! There s so much coercion to deal with when dealing with folk. Whether it s psychic coercion you still have to develop verbal skills and self authority. Things being human level doesn’t t mean it s easier to deal with.

  5. 5
    David B says:

    Hi Primmie
    If you’ve had a natural “sez who” and never accepted peoples shoulds that way, then this would not be part of your experience.

    But if you were inclined otherwise, then this is something very useful to shift. And as Rose has pointed out, not just for energy reasons.

  6. 6
    David B says:

    For me, its very apparent in others if I’m understanding the signals correctly. Its kind of like those cartoons where people have a cloud over their heads. Only they’re in the cloud instead… 😉

  7. 7
    Primmie says:

    David, thank you, that is insightful and also funny! I definitely have a very strong “says who” and have had from a young age. It’s not always useful as I can be arrogant about my own view of things, but perhaps in this case it is helpful.

  8. 8

    Definitely helpful, PRIMMIE. Also, about your Comment 3, when psychic coercion energies are tuck in your aura, it does impact your subconscious mind. And then your thoughts, speech, actions, expectations.

    Definitely what you consider the human realm, right? Which is why we are having this conversation here at the blog.

  9. 9
    Primmie says:

    Thank you Rose. That makes sense to me.

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