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Aura reading outed as Post-New Age

Developing skills is way easier than learning to play violin. And- you're all invited to play, really play.

Developing skills at energetic literacy is way easier than learning to play violin. And you’re all invited to play, really play.

Blog-Buddies, I’m passionate about actually getting skills. Compared to what? Randomly playing with energy, feeling good, being “nonjudmental.” That style and preference is part of my controversial message in Dawn Henkel’s Teleseminar.

What is an aura, and what does it mean to read it?

Also, how can you find a good teacher?

Learn about this and more…

So much was discussed during my conversation with Dawn Henkel about energetic literacy, aura reading, and Skilled Empath Merge.

Today my part of her multi-day teleseminar goes live

This link to the energetic literacy interview  can be heard and downloaded today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

That’s it. The link will be good just through May 24, however. So listen while you can.

Also available for a limited time

My gift to listeners is included for anyone who opens up that link provided above. It’s a 90-page eBook called an “Energetic Literacy Sampler.”

All this makes a fine present. If you would, share it with friends.

  • Share it with regular, down-to-earth people.
  • Share it with spiritual seekers.
  • Possibly share it with strongly committed New Agers.

Frankly, it was a shock for me to sample it today.

Why shocking?

I’ve listened a bit to many of the 17 previously-featured writers and healers at Dawn’s telesummit. This varied group covers a broad range of specialties, as you would imagine from a sampler program that aims to do no less than to:

Unleash Your True Purpose Now:

Thrive in Your Unique Destiny

Share Your Gifts with the World

And Consciously Create Financial Freedom

And here is a link to listen to the rest of this telesummit, which runs through May 25.

It does seem to me that the other speakers I’ve heard thus far all fit beautifully into the New Age category. For sure, every one is a real expert. A New Age-type expert, from what I have gleaned.

Flowing and inspiring introductions are given online. And then follows a very New-Age-sacred conversation.

I really liked one of these presenters, Ken Stone. (Even nominated him for my Enlightenment Life List — Comment 1673.)

Throughout all the portions I sampled, I could hear a certain tone in Dawn Henkel’s voice. Until the conversation that was made live today.

The thrilling song of New Age Reverence

Did you ever notice how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke with a certain cadence, the lilt of a Baptist preacher?

Well, New Age has a cadence, too.

So often you will hear a reverence. The tone is dainty, unrushed, lofty. Everyone is so very pure, as we’re all in it together, helping everyone in the world to live a unique destiny. And it’s so easy.

Dawn Henkel speaks beautifully in that way. What’s conveyed nonverbally?

She and the speaker are having a so-sacred experience.

Well, enter this teacher of skills.

If you click on the link to our interview, you’ll see that Dawn introduces me simply as “spunky and fun.”

Compared, say, to a “master and pioneer in the field of human potential” —  Susan Shumsky. Or Julie Renee, the “Best-Selling Author” and “#1 Brain Rejuvenation Expert” who “shares some great tips and priceless wisdom.” Or the “transformational call” provided by Lisa Barnett. Check out the remaining days that follow with Dawn’s telesummit and you’ll surely find more of the same New Age-style specialness.

What happens with Dawn Henkel and me is a bit different. Seems to me, we proceed to have an honest, candid, human conversation. Throughout most of that hour, a reverent tone never enters the conversation. And certain statements are made that might, just might, delight even a New Age listener.

As always, Blog-Buddies, decide for yourself. Use your self-authority to evaluate what is helpful, what isn’t. Select which friends might enjoy participating in this telesummit.

Is there a shortcut to learning to play the violin? Will the right feeling give you instant access to perform Bach’s “Double Concerto?

This Post-New-Age teacher offers you the energetic literacy equivalent of learning scales and reading music and playing melodies. Fortunately, aura reading is way easier than learning to play the violin. Yet skills are skills. They’re just not the same as instant transformations, not to me.

Until I listened today to Dawn’s Telesummit Day 18, I never realized how different I sound. Not bragging. Nor apologizing. Just saying.

Blog-Buddies, I’d love to hear your reactions through your comments below.


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  1. 1
    Louise says:

    I listened to you today Rose, I really enjoyed it very much. I’ve listened to tiny bits of a few of the other interviews and I think I know what you mean by the cadence and reverence you mentioned, very very interesting!

  2. 2
    David B says:

    That tone you mention? I call it Specialness. A sense that what I’m doing and saying is important. For some, it is a step in developing leadership and a strong sense of self. Useful if that’s not there.

    But are you going to find a higher sense of purpose or connection with the divine this way? Not so much.

  3. 3
    David B says:

    (laughs) loved your opening sentences, Rose. Playing with feeling good or non-judgmental? We might also call that making a mood. The mind playing at feeling.

    While a brief explore of that may be useful to get a sense of emotions you’ve ignored, does that hold up in real life? Nope. Because it’s fake.

    Is that moving closer to reality? Oops.

  4. 4
    David B says:

    The thing with New Age is ideas. The love of ideas and imagination. But even if you talk from experience, they will often assume you’re talking from beliefs and concepts. Thats what they know. The discussion becomes a debate about concepts and their importance.

    When you start talking about an idea as real and practical, that creates a kind of mind-warp – they have to wrap their head around it.

  5. 5
    David B says:

    The example I often use is with angels. The majority of Americans “believe” in angels. And yet if you start talking about their reality, some will consider you nuts. The belief is not the experience. Their belief is ungrounded and not connected to their practical sense of life. It’s an accepted delusion to feel better about things that they also believe to be false.

    And yet people will defend such beliefs, even go to war and die for them. Earth School is such a funny place…

  6. 6
    Tehya says:

    Enjoyed this interview so much.

    Listening to this, I was reminded of how you first sounded to me, Rose. Having come from a mindset of striving for purity and perfection, unconditional love, and no judgment, it was startling to discover a spiritual teacher and healer who did not perpetuate these popular ideals nor speak in that lilt and cadence.

    For someone used to that club, you sounded harsh to me by comparison. It was like living in a world of whispering and pastels then suddenly, normal speaking volume and a full range of colors! The horror!

  7. 7
    Tehya says:

    David I like your descriptions of “Specialness” and “making a mood.” Ultimately that doesn’t take anyone anywhere. We can do better (enter post-New Age and skills!).

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