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Avoiding a tug of war with your healer over cutting cords of attachment

Avoiding a tug of war with your healer over cutting cords of attachment

There’s a survey I take whenever I can. Blog-Buddies, I ask this question whenever I have a client or student who is a psychotherapist or counselor or psychiatrist. I’ll ask that mental health professional:

What if you have a client/patient who decides to supplement therapy with you by doing “Analyze myself”-type sessions on his own? Do you think it is a good idea for people to attempt to be their own psychotherapist?

The answer has been “No.” Every single time. “No, no, no, are you kidding?”

  • One reason is that a session of psychotherapy requires a professional psychotherapist, not just one extra-smart client.
  • Another reason is that even the brightest client who is not trained as a psychotherapist… is NOT a psychotherapist.
  • And even professional psychotherapists don’t do sessions on themselves. They respect the work enough to go to another psychotherapist.
  • What’s the most popular reason for “No”? The client may start analyzing his life, rather than living it.

This survey came to mind yesterday when a comment was asked here under Why NOT ask for a “Cord cutting session” when you want help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality. SHELLY asked (at Comments #513 and 514):

“I have had one heck of a bad love relationship that went on for a few years before my husband…. He is no longer in my life, but I would LOVE to have a cord cutting session for that past relationship. However I’ve been told not to ask for a cord cutting session. So how do I appropriately go about asking to have that done?”

Look, we all want to be smart consumers. So what is wrong with politely requesting a “Cord cutting session”?

Frankly, that question is answered pretty thoroughly at that aforementioned article, Why NOT ask for a “Cord cutting session” when you want help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality. I guess that is why it has become one of the very most popular posts at this blog. Many people have asked versions of that question when commenting at that thread.

“Why not just order up a cord-cutting session, like going to a pizza parlor and asking for a slice with extra cheese?”

Look, it’s a really understandable question. So I have tried to remind myself, while answering it again and again and again.

If I had no integrity in doing this work, I would grin and say, “Sure, the customer is always right.” Or maybe I’d add, “You want pepperoni with that?” 😉

However, that version of taking orders isn’t compatible with facilitating depth, permanent healing at the level of auras. So…

Today’s article will add an extra answer, a more sophisticated answer. How about this? I would encourage you to read that other article first. This will make you “sophisticated.” And then you can really get the most from today’s article, in honor of SHELLY’s intrepid curiosity.

Let’s be honest about the difference between being a client versus a professional at RES

Blog-Buddies, each of you is an expert — THE World’s Expert — with knowledge of one human being.

I think you know who that person is.

As a human being, or a client for a session of aura healing and transformation, you will always be the world’s #1 expert about you. When you call for a session, bring an intention in order to grow as the person you are. Because you are also the world’s expert at your priorities for personal development. Right now, how do you seek to grow as a human being?

Related to SHELLY’s question, possible intentions for her personal development might be:

  1. Enjoy my marriage more.
  2. Live more in the present.
  3. Trust my judgment more.
  4. Trust men more.
  5. Trust people more.

Each of these is a human-type area for growth, correct? As the world’s expert on yourself as a human, the sovereign commander of your free will, you get to decide which of these interests you most. Or what else, humanly, interests you most. You have so much say-so about your intention for a personal session!

As a client for a session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, pay attention to that very human part of what’s going on. Agreeing on an intention that’s meaningful for you — that is your responsibility. The RES expert can help you but will never presume to tell you what you prefer.

Any intention that would work for a session can be your choice. And if it helps to workshop your intention a bit, to make it work well for a session, your RES expert can help you do that. Collaborating with you, the human expert on your own personal life. You alone make the decision.

By contrast, an Energy Spirituality Expert speaks the language of energy

We practitioners and apprentices (or the founder of) Rosetree Energy Spirituality — none of us is a hobbyist. We have spent hours on rigorous training, developing solid professional skills. We know this field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

In session, it is the job of the facilitator to be an expert on which skill set is appropriate to use to help you.

Now, it’s wonderful that many people today know something about cords of attachment. You might even have learned how to cut cords of attachment for self-healing. I know a book that can definitely help you with that. 😉

Still, you have not become an apprentice or graduate in RES. It’s great that you know more about cords of attachment than the average person. Still, you’re only partway to becoming a professional in this field.

Here is what that expert RES healer will do for you

  1. In any session, there will be an intention. After that, the session is set up energetically — in a manner that respects you — so that the RES expert can co-create a powerful energy healing along with Divine help.
  2. This co-creation is a skill. It is one of the skills being used in a professional manner.
  3. Then the RES expert does a Skilled Empath Merge or reads your aura. It’s done quickly, thanks to the expertise. There will not be drama. Still, there is fluent Stage Three Energetic Literacy — expert assessment of what is happening at the business end of your chakra databanks, corresponding to your subconscious mind.
  4. Next your session facilitator screens you for all 15 kinds of STUFF, as they might pertain to you right now and to your intention.
  5. Following that, your session facilitator evaluates the priority for helping you, choosing a Healing Centerpiece.
  6. Communication, systematic work, and rigor at doing the healing — all of this will come next.
  7. That expert at RES will speak the language of human with you. Because that is YOUR expertise, and your fluent language for understanding personal development.

Learning to do all this is part of becoming an expert at RES.  And because we are experts, all of us know better than to schedule a “cord-cutting session.”

A few more points that may help you to understand the sacred, different, roles of client and facilitator

In her very respectfully worded question, SHELLY has revealed that she is still a beginner at understanding this field. “I would LOVE to have a cord cutting session for that past relationship.”

Why, exactly? The purpose is what, exactly?

Does she know how to do any of the techniques of Vibrational Re-Positioning®? (Hint: They require fluent Stage Five Energetic Literacy.)

Is she aware of 13 additional skill sets I might choose from, guiding her session as the facilitator? (Not counting either the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® or any of the skill sets within Vibrational Re-Positioning.)

And, BTW, has she done 10,000 session hours with clients, deepening her knowledge of this profession?

Hey, long as I’m posing questions, here come a few more….

Asking broader questions related to Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Is the goal of a session to “Get something done energetically?” Or is it to help my client to move beyond the failed marriage and her suffering from it?

Blog-Buddies, I have helped many long-term clients besides SHELLY. They also began as beginners. (How could it be otherwise, really?)

They too initially tried to show their smarts as New Age Consumers by wording their intention for the session in terms of energy, and which energy healing technique I would use to help them.

No hard feelings. Happy to report: With more experience, these clients learned to enthusiastically do their job, the human job. Consequently results showed up, in cumulative fashion, in their human lives.

What is the point of a session really?

Surely it’s to feel better. To have a better life.

Blog-Buddies, I can tell you this for a fact. I have helped my clients to fulfill their intentions and evolve really rapidly. But not because I take orders from them.

As a sophisticated, knowledgeable client, you will come think about RES sessions in an appropriately respectful way. This is a profession, just like receiving help from a dentist or a plumber or a psychotherapist.

Your intention cannot be to do a particular technique, not any more than you would tell your dentist which tools and materials to use, or help out by reading your own x-ray.

In any session of Energy Spirituality, let expert do the energy part. As a client, do your job as the human expert. That’s a job worth doing.


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  1. 1

    If you read all the way through today’s article, perhaps you paused a bit at the five possible intentions listed, such as “Enjoy my marriage more.”

    What about the following intentions? I’ll do one per comment.

  2. 2

    “Remove all the horrible memories of the hell I went through in my first marriage.”

    — Maybe you can seek out a lobotomy. 😉

    Removing STUFF from your aura is as close as a reasonable person can come. However, cords of attachment are NOT the only kind of STUFF from a bad patch in your life.

  3. 3

    “I just know that my cord of attachment to my ex will summarize all the psychological issues from my marriage.”

    — Sometimes clients think that. Such ideas are the sign of a beginner who still has, with all respect, a lot to learn about what a cord of attachment really is, what it means to remove one, the concept of “Logical consequences” for your life improving, etc.

  4. 4

    “I want to clean up my energies. I figure my cord of attachment to my ex is a big deal for cleaning up.”

    — If you’re interested in cleaning your energies, or receiving a clearing, might I recommend that you go for a session of Energy Medicine? Perhaps Reiki or Healing Touch or Eden Energy Medicine, etc.

    These are all about clearings.

    Note: Energy medicine healings are not necessarily be permanent. Nor will they necessarily move you towards Enlightenment.

    By contrast, the field of Energy Spirituality was developed to achieve both these aims.

  5. 5
    Shelly says:

    Thank you Rose. This has helped to clear that up for me. My previous ex was not a marriage, only an on and off relationship for a few years.

  6. 6
    Shelly says:

    Also, I want to be farther along in my knowledge of Energy Spirituality than I am, and farther along in my Cut Cords of Attachment book.

    But due to life’s responsibilities other things must take my time and attention too.

  7. 7
    Shelly says:

    And I know I need to be easier on myself about that and happy with the progress I’ve made.

  8. 8
    Shelly says:

    I really do appreciate you Rose in taking the time to help me with this.

    Something that I’m sure you are aware of by my questions I ask, is that it’s very challenging for me to give up control of what will happen in sessions.

    I have had so many years of doing so many different kinds of sessions where whatever I wanted is what we did.

  9. 9
    Shelly says:

    So that’s really hard for me to stop being that way. I do trust you, and I know I’m receiving a lot of benefits from my sessions which is why I continue scheduling more.

    And there’s a reason why I no longer see those other energy practitioners and therapists is because ultimately I did not experience long term results. So I knew something was missing.

  10. 10
    Shelly says:

    I love the way you conduct your sessions and I believe that your put in is critical for long term healing and I know this.

    This is why I will keep scheduling sessions with you because you achieve long term results.

  11. 11
    Shelly says:

    Also, I would absolutely LOVE to be one of the people on your enlightenment list who are primarily filled with joy and happiness where stuff doesn’t stick to them anymore.

    That would be a dream come true for me.

  12. 12
    Shelly says:

    And I actually do believe that by working with you that could actually happen for me in this lifetime.

    That gives me so much hope, that one day I might be able to be free from that stuff. And that means so much to me.

    Thank you for doing the work you do.

  13. 13

    Shelly, you’re so welcome. What a touching sequence of ideas.

  14. 14
    Sarah says:

    Shelly, I love your comments, too!!

    Oh man can I relate to the difficulty in relinquishing control… Every system I become interested in, (not limited to healing–all kinds of things!) right away I want to know how it works, how to do it myself, how I can make it better, etc.

    And it’s telling, for me at least, that I have been interested in Rose’s work for almost a year now… and I am still making slow and steady progress. As compared to other systems, which, in that time, I have studied, “mastered” and ultimately abandoned because they just DIDN’T produce lasting results. And I come back to Rose because her work really does!

  15. 15
    Sarah says:

    For me, the “head-slapper” moment 😉 was when I came into a session with an intention all about being DONE with my ex and moving into a NEW relationship ASAP! And the healing had nothing to do with my ex–I had a cord of attachment to an individual with extreme spiritual addiction, and as a result, all I could focus on was how much my life was falling apart (…it actually wasn’t).

    And sure enough, after the session, I really did stop focusing so much on my ex and how single I was and so on. It just wasn’t a priority for me to dwell on my own misery anymore. And I never, ever would have guessed that cutting a cord to [random New Age teacher] could have achieved that!

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