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Let Today Be a Holiday from Lurking to POSTING

Masking your identity at the FB group for Empath Empowerment Skills

Masking your identity at the FB group for Empath Empowerment Skills

RACHEL H, SARAH, and DAVID have inspired me with your smart comments at Rules of Engagement at this Blog.

Let today be a holiday, when lurking on Facebook turns into POSTING!

How can you comment at the Empath Empowerment Group on Facebook, yet still maintain your privacy?

Just for an experiment, just for today, write a comment below. Say in the first line what you would like to be called at the Empath Empowerment Skills Group.

  • Either create an independent comment. Or quote the first sentence of one of the threads already going strong at this lively new group for empaths. I’ll insert appropriately.
  • Write a sentence. Write an essay.
  • Go wild and free.

Of course, you can always comment totally anonymously here, at this blog

You know that, right? Just put your fancy pseudonym in the first line of your comment.

Like “Call me Super-Cute” — and away you’ll go.

There’s a certain deep, deep cover quality to the notion of your writing here under one alias, then supplying the new extra name to be used for you on Facebook.

One mask on top of another, why not?

This will be my workaround to keep your identity secure, ha ha!

I’ll post under my name, but start with YOUR pseudonym in ALL CAPS. Then your gorgeous words will follow.

Lurk at will. Add as many comments as you like.

It’s a holiday weekend. I can get to them today.

If this experiment is successful, I’ll consider doing it regularly. Maybe the first day of each month.

I care passionately about helping you empaths, and this is one way I can do it. A little clunky but sincere….

Up for commenting as a lurker, anyone? 😉



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  1. 1

    Blog-Buddies, I’m the first to admit my Facebook skills are a little bit lousy. Though I’m learning.

    If what I’m proposing here is naughty or stooopid or just won’t work, go ahead and comment below.

    Educate me.

    Otherwise it seems I’m risking either appearing foolish, because nobody wishes to lurkingly comment. Or else I’m setting myself up for hours of transfer work.

    I’m prepared to do either of these. I may not know much about FB but I have worked since 1970 in mind-body-spirit. I know a lot about being a fool for love. Am prepared to risk it once again.

  2. 2
    Rachel H says:

    Thanks Rose for this innovative trial!

    [Then follows her comment for the Empath Empowerment Skills Group.]

  3. 3
    Devon says:

    A bit of advice… this post is confusing, especially the title and the first part. (A person who comments, even anonymously, is not lurking anymore.)

    I think what you have written is that anybody who wishes to comment in the Facebook group anonymously can post their comments here and you will then post them to Facebook.

  4. 4

    Well done, RACHIE HACHIE. “RachieHachie”‘s FB post has just gone live.

    Check back there at the Empath Empowerment Skills Group. Whenever you have a response, add it here as a comment. We’ll keep on playing all day. 🙂

  5. 5

    DEVON, helpful advice. I just rewrote the main article, thanks to you.

  6. 6
    Stephen Today says:

    I don’t know if I got this right…
    I post my comment anyway. It’s a question. Something I would like to know more about.
    –> Does where we live effect our auric field?
    – Can we be born in the wrong country?
    – Past life: Can we be drawn to a country/ies we lived in in our past lifes?

    If this qu. is not appropriate: fine with me: no need to be answered.

    – Stephen Today

  7. 7

    Stephen, just to be clear, the questions you pose for the Empath Empowerment Skills Group need to be about being an empath.

    Instead you have asked questions in pursuit of a psychic reading. Many people do not know this, STEPHEN, but being an empath has zero to do with being a psychic.

  8. 8

    I just got off the phone doing a session of aura healing for a really talented psychic. And she happens to be an empath.

    When I help her in a session, she simply “My client.”

    If I help her as an empath, she is simply “An empath, learning Empath Empowerment Skills.”

    And nowhere in the work that I do for anyone, nor in my personal life, am I involved in helping people as a psychic. Because I’m not one.

    For psychic readings

  9. 9

    The easiest way to ask questions that are appropriate for this blog is to read one of the articles and ask questions — or otherwise comment — about the topic of that article and comment sequence that follows.

    Thanks for participating at this blog for the first time. Feel free to return.

  10. 10

    Just for fun, here’s a link to an article I just received about “What Your Facebook Posts Say About Your Personality

  11. 11
    Primmie says:

    Rose, people can message you with questions on your FB page and that can be one way of keeping their anonymity and you not having to transfer work from this blog to FB.

    [Note from Rose: Folks, please do not attempt this as, sadly, I will not respond. See my comment immediately below.]

  12. 12
    Rachel H says:


    [Adding another comment to go onto the Empath Empowerment Skills Group!]

  13. 13
    Primmie says:

    I’m really impressed with you engaging with FB by the way. It’s far from perfect, but I find it an amazing resource. My son has a rare congenital condition and I am part of a parents group for that condition on FB. Parents from all over the world are now informed about the proper treatment for that condition and their children are not having invasive and painful surgeries simply because of a little group of dedicated parents on FB. Potentially FB is amazing. I’ve always rolled my eyes when I’ve heard people dismiss FB. I think it’s a resource that reflects the people who use it. It’s as superficial or as deep as a user makes it.

  14. 14

    Responding to Comment 11. Actually, PRIMMIE, I’m going to decline that idea.

    An open group is a way for me to teach many people.

    Opening myself up to becoming a pen pal with every person who wishes to correspond with me through private FB messages is not a productive way to spend my time as a teacher and Enlightenment Coach. (Laughing.)

    Thanks though.

  15. 15

    Your kind words are so appreciated, PRIMMIE.

    And I couldn’t agree more with your Comment 13. Especially this part about Facebook:

    “I think it’s a resource that reflects the people who use it.”

  16. 16
    Sarah says:

    Yes! I will third that statement, Primmie (in your Comment 13, and Rose’s comment 16).

    At one point, I found myself sitting in a room full of people all whining and complaining in a group-type fashion about how Facebook is just a place for whiners and complainers to get together as a group, and how awful is that?

    I almost couldn’t contain my laughter. I’m giggling again just thinking about it. Gotta love Earth School?

  17. 17
    Primmie says:

    That approach makes a lot of sense Rose. One group I am part of occasionally has a question raised anonymously. I did message a group owner once with a question myself. She told me she liked the question and would consider answering it. As it was, she didn’t. She didn’t have the time to.

    I think it is generally accepted that messaging a group owner may not get you what you want and you may not get your question answered. So that understanding is already there from users.

    But, I understand completely if that model isn’t one that would be useful to you. It does involve looking through messages and that may be a huge task!

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