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Buh-Bye, Fears about Psychic Coercion. Let's Get Skills.

You don't need superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion

You don’t need Spiderman superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion

Energy healing skills — you’ve come to the right place for that today! Because this seven-part series about psychic coercion concludes here. It has been all about helping you to gain important skills for self-healing.

Understandably, many of you Blog-Buddies have been sidetracked in the past. You didn’t understand what psychic coercion really is.

Learning my healing technique for psychic coercion is simple. It’s available to you so easily from the paperback or eBook about Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” Really, really easy to learn.

Yet this blog can give you something I didn’t have time to do in a book. (Which is already jam-packed with healing techniques, dedicated skill sets.) Here you can learn more about the practical bits. That’s essential for developing skills, knowing when to use which healing technique, when to stop worrying unnecessarily, etc.

Because, really, do any of you think that worrying is a skill? 😉

So let’s get practical now and go deeper into quiz answers.

Oh, right: What if you haven’t taken that Psychic Coercion Quiz yet? Take the two minutes! (BTW, links to the original quiz and then other blog posts in this series can be found at the end of today’s article.)

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 11. When people are draining, is it because they are sending you psychic coercion?

In this still-new Age of Aquarius, all of us can easily notice energy. It’s like our shiny new toy. However, energy awareness can scare us, too.  Especially if our skills around energy have not been developed much yet. Our quiz question put it this way:

“Psychic coercion is the real reason why certain people you know are so draining.”

Not really. Both PRIMMIE and NICCI nailed the correct answer. Which is FALSE.

NICCI put it especially well: “Even nice people send psychic coercion when they continue to nag. Draining people might be draining for a whole bunch of other reasons.”

Yet some of you Blog-Buddies may still be used to categorizing people as either positive or negative, draining or safe. In that case, please read this article that explains more about why so many of us today are so gosh-darned scared of draining people.

Talk about developing skills! Knowledge is part of that, right? That article could be all you need to vanquish this potentially debilitating fear.

Be rewarded with more peace of mind. And maybe also save yourself a bunch of time. Because many hardworking people spend a lot of time and attention because they have this false fear.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 12. Fear of being zapped by wicked energy vampires.

Living now means that you can easily sense energies. Not that different, really, from back in the day, before you developed regular reading literacy. Today you can notice energy everywhere. Well, as a child you would see letters everywhere — storefronts, street signs, loads of letters on computer screens.

After you gained the skills for regular reading literacy, you could interpret all that easily. But before you got those skills? What if people had told you, “Be afraid of those letters. Be very afraid.”

Euwwwwww, so much to be afraid of.

Lack of energetic literacy is responsible for misunderstandings like this one:

“Psychic coercion is a less-known way of referring to psychic vampire or energy vampires. They are the real causes of psychic coercion.”

So alarming! And fortunately so very FALSE.

With all due respect to those of you who have been taught to fear them, “Psychic vampires” are… a non-existent threat.

Here’s my perspective, as someone with Stage Three Energetic Literacy. And as someone who has helped facilitate over 10,000 session hours helping clients, usually with sessions of aura healing.

Just for giggles, here’s more perspective on an equally non-existent problems: Energy vampires.

Not only are energy vampires the least of your problems, living today. They are not any kind of problem at all.

At Stage One Energetic Literacy, as a talented person who is just a beginner at aura reading, sure. You might worry about energy flows between people and seize upon the idea of “energy vampire” or “psychic vampire.” 

Trust me. Once you have gained energetic literacy, you can research what’s what with auras. Then you’ll appreciate how this kind of labeling is simply ridiculous.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 13. Blaming toxic personalities for your energy troubles

Hmmm, what will the correct answer be to this quiz question?

“Psychic coercion — that’s what makes a toxic personality so troubling. Toxic personalities are constantly transmitting psychic coercion.”

FALSE, of course.

Yet many of us today know about toxic personalities. Far more of us than have even heard the term “psychic coercion.”

Yes, Blog-Buddies, give yourself credit. You are developing skills! Even before completing this article, you know way more about psychic coercion than most New Agers. So please spread the word.

What if you’re not prepared to give up the idea of “Toxic personalities”?

What if you feel reassured by all that is, seemingly, explained by putting certain people into that category?

Might I recommend you read this article? It offers you sensible perspective on toxic personalities. Based on — you guessed it — both skills of energetic literacy and also skills at effective energy healing.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 14. Can cords of attachment develop because somebody sent you psychic coercion?

Unlike so-called toxic personalities, energy vampires, and psychic vampires, cords of attachment are real. I have no doubt about that. More and more people are learning about the value of cutting cords of attachment. Hence this quiz question:

“If your friend JOE sends you psychic coercion, this might give you a cord of attachment to him.”

FALSE. Almost laughably FALSE.

NICCI put it beautifully when she responded to the quiz, “Cords of attachment are created when you become interested in Gladys, not when she sends psychic coercion.”

You can learn the skill set for effective cord cutting. I recommend the quicker of my two books, Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing. Even without getting full skills in this specialty of Energy Spirituality, you’re developing more skills than most have today if you simply understand that cords of attachment are not something a person can ever just fling out at others.

Nobody has the power to send people cords of attachment. Or “make them develop.” Granted, Spiderman can send out his webby things. But these are not cords of attachment. These are webby things tossed out by a superhero. Just as fictional as everything else about Spiderman.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 15. Are empaths extra-vulnerable to psychic coercion?

Oh, my fellow empaths! I know how much we suffer before we get skills like those of Empath Empowerment® . Hence the quiz question:

“Empaths are more vulnerable to psychic coercion than people who were NOT born as empaths. We empaths are just so gosh-darned impressionable”

So very, very FALSE. Please know this, Blog-Buddies:

  • Psychic coercion is one kind of astral-level STUFF that can get stuck in a person’s aura.
  • Imported STUFF is a completely different form of STUFF that can get stuck in a person’s aura. This is what happens to use empaths before we get skills.
  • Altogether 15 different types of STUFF have been identified in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Every type of STUFF can be prevented. Or healed. Or, sometimes, both.

As for making a mush of different types of STUFF? That just leads to more fear. Personally, I recommend skills instead!

Incidentally, we empaths aren’t “impressionable.” We’re talented.

There’s a world of difference… which you will experience quite directly when you develop skills as an empath.

Until we get skills, empath skills, however… ouch! There’s gonna be a lot of suffering. Yet that changes totally as we get ourselves Empath Empowerment.

Meanwhile psychic coercion is a whole other dealie. Now all you Blog-Buddies know the difference in practical ways. I do hope this helps you.

Now you know a lot!

We have come to the end of this series about psychic coercion. Ask any questions by using the comment boxes below.

My last job here is those links I promised, so here goes.

What is psychic coercion?

You’ll learn answers galore by checking out the earlier articles in this series:

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  1. 1
    Zelda says:

    I recently had an exchange with a relative in which she sent me via email one of those non-apology “apologies.”

    As in, “I’m so sorry that you misinterpreted what I said.”

    With the recent threads about psychic coercion occurring at the same time, I wonder if you consider this type of “apology” a form of psychic coercion. It felt like an attempt to pretty up some version of “I’ve got it right, I did the right thing, you got it wrong, think this way about it.”

    It sure didn’t stick with me. It also didn’t help to resolve the disagreement.

  2. 2

    Interesting question, ZELDA.

    About this relative, “GLADYS.”

    Bad manners? YES.

    Doing a really lame apology? YES.

    Also doing a pretty bad imitation of being a caring family member? YES indeed.

  3. 3

    But sending psychic coercion is different.

    In order to sent psychic coercion, GLADYS would either have used words like “should” or else nagged at you to do a particular something.

    Like, perhaps, “Maybe your life would better if you unscrewed your head and let me pour my thoughts into your brain before reattaching.” 😉

    Bad manners and other social problems are all too human. They don’t cound as sending psychic coercion.

  4. 4

    Another reason I’m glad you asked this question, ZELDA, is that somebody just reading this blog post alone might think that “Sending psychic coercion” means that a person receives it.

    You know, like you might get astral-level STUFF stuck in your aura, as a result.

  5. 5

    So let’s repeat the very important concept about how to avoid getting psychic coercion stuck in your aura.

    The combo of someone sending it must be followed by your receiving it. This is where you always have wiggle room.

    And that NOT RECEIVING does not require a big deal. Just think one time, in the privacy of your own head (not screwed off, fortunately):

    “Sez who?”

  6. 6
    Sarah says:

    I laughed so hard at the Spider-Man reference, Rose!!

    This is a really nice addition to the series. It can be tricky, making the distinction between:

    “Energy vampires don’t exist. Psychic coercion, cords of attachment, imported stuff, and other types of stuff DO exist.”

  7. 7
    Sarah says:

    And “Energy vampires are REALLY just [sending psychic coercion, cordees of cords of attachment, something else stuff-related].”

  8. 8
    Sarah says:

    As I understand it, the first is true. The second is an attempt to fit your labels for real things … onto imaginary things. Like if I were to say, “I see. It isn’t a boogeyman in my closet, because there are no boogeymen… it’s a hungry lion! Those are real!!”

    Well, no. There is no monster in my closet by any name.

    Hungry lions do exist, and it is typically wise not to involve yourself with them, but that is very easy to do for most people, since they don’t usually hide in closets. 😛

    I hope that is a fair analogy! Please teach if I am not getting it. 🙂

  9. 9

    Fabulous analogy, SARAH! Now I’m laughing.

  10. 10
    Kira says:

    I too like that analogy, Sarah!

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