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Good Habits and Divine Grace. Lessons from My Garden

Mother's Day in Sterling, Virginia

Mother’s Day in Sterling, Virginia

Spring around here is almost inexpressibly lovely. In this part of Northern Virginia, little houses like mine have gardens — some fairly elaborate, others exuberantly wild in their neglect, and mine somewhat in-between.

Lately I’ve been kept busy adoring the lilacs. Even more than the tulips and daffodils and crocuses. Maybe. (Well, maybe not. I’m kind of an equal opportunity Garden Mom.)

When my five — yes five — pregnant peony plants pop open I will be in gardener’s ecstasy.

Still, I’m thinking a bit ahead to the summer. Yesterday I bought a tomato plant, marigolds and basil.

Although usually so dependable, my old rosemary and sage plants didn’t make it through our harsh winter, so I bought new ones and have planted them, too.

Long story short, Friday was the grand Purchasing and Planting Ceremony. Which meant that I used a garden hose for the first time all year.

Sandra Haering Healing Services, a Splendid New Website,

Sandra Haering. offering sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Sandra Haering. offering sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Sandra Haering has just launched her elegant website as an expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

It’s called Sandra Haering Healing Services.

She offers sessions of aura healing and transformation. Also aura reading research.

Shining a big light in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Sandra is on my Enlightenment Life List. As well as having so much compassion and wisdom to match her technical skills at Energy Spirituality.

Sandra has also joined the new group Empath Empowerment Skills with Rose Rosetree on Facebook. Ask her your questions, there or here in the COMMENTS section below.

Starting now, Sandra Haering’s blog occupies a special place on the right column of this blog. Linked to along with other RES experts Jessica Gates in Michigan, Josefa Perea in New Mexico, and Stephanie Thomas in metro Washington, D.C.

Here is a current list of all the RES Practitioners and Apprentices I have trained so far, convenient for making appointments for yourself and referring friends.


Cult mind control. A guest post by Spiritual Cinderella


Memo to cult: Buh-bye

Memo to cult: Buh-bye

Exiting a cult — now that’s an important way to use deeper perception. We’ve already had several articles on this topic. Now here’s a guest post from Blog-Buddy SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA. Note the references to spiritual addiction, being Enlightened, and The Romance of The Astral.

SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA has learned a lot the hard way. Here’s her story.

Spiritual addiction galore

I want to share that I was in a spiritual training and healing program from 2011 – 2014.

This training program teaches and strongly encourages spiritual addiction.  It teaches everyone to open up spiritually and to have psychic skills. They believe that the more enlightened a person, the greater the psychic skills the person will have.

Free Face Reading Fun — Meet Me at the Library

One of the foreign editions of my books on face reading -- this one is from Lithuania

One of the foreign editions of my books on face reading — this one is from Lithuania

Physiognomy can be such fun, when you’re using it as a way to gain accurate insight. Or to open your heart of compassion. Or to communicate better with others.

All this will be discussed at a face reading talk I’ll be giving here in Northern Virginia. At a charming library in Old Town Alexandria.

Actually I’ll be giving a face reading lecture-demonstration twice, twice.

These are likely to be the ONLY talks I give this year that will be totally open to the public, so please come early to get a good seat. And invite your friends.

Face Reading fun at the Alexandria Library this Saturday

You bring your face. I’ll bring my “Mirror of Wonder.” Together we’ll explore face reading with loads of personal mini-readings.

Maybe aura photos can help me express something tricky to communicate

An aura photo of Rose Rosetree before doing any Skilled Empath Merge

An aura photo of Rose Rosetree before doing any Skilled Empath Merge

Another day, another what?

Blog-Buddies, I’m pretty sure that for you as well as for me, there’s way more wonder to any given day than the blasé saying, “Another day, another dollar.”

Just about every day I try to find new ways to express something pretty tricky to communicate.

Really, how would YOU convey facts like these?

  1. Everyone who can read regular words can learn to read auras in depth and detail (a.k.a. energetic literacy).
  2. With energetic literacy, you can save yourself so much pain, frustration, even stagnation, on your personal path to Enlightenment.
  3. If you’re an empath, energetic literacy reveals what works and what doesn’t — to a degree that can be shocking.

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. Guest Post.

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. May this guest post inspire you!

Self-Healing, Cords of Attachment. Thanks to ISABELLE for a thought-provoking guest post today.

Bottom line: We can do a great deal of self-healing by using the method of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. (For details about removing these energetic cords, scroll down to the crimson box.)

However, be aware that other kinds of STUFF fall outside your scope of self-healing. That’s when to book a session of RES Energy HEALING. Details to come….

Read People Deeper is now available as an eBook

Announcing "Read People Deeper" -- now an eBook.

Announcing “Read People Deeper” — now an eBook.

There once was a face reader from Africa. JOE purchased a copy of Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.

Face reading was the part he wanted. Plus he didn’t mind learning new discoveries about body language.

As for the aura reading part? JOE always figured that auras were a lot of hooey. To prove himself right he, chose one of the how-to techniques for aura reading from photographs, regular photographs. He played with it, just to prove to himself that auras really were a lot of hooey.

Guess what? In came the information, quick and accurate and fascinating.

JOE wrote me the sweetest thank you email. He loves reading auras now. He finds it even more useful than face reading or body language. Ha! Sometimes a “There goes nothing” approach really helps, right?

Cutting cords of attachment as energetic LIFE INSURANCE

Cords of attachment don't look like this. But they're just as real at the astral level of your energy field.

Cords of attachment don’t look like this. But they’re just as real at the astral level of your energy field.

Did you know the protective value of cutting cords of attachment, how it can serve as an energetic form of protection for you? Really, I wouldn’t dream of NOT cutting my cord of attachment to a new friend, an important work associate, or a neighbor JOE who has just begun playing loud music late at night.

For the sake of the future, if not for the present.

If you know much about cutting cords of attachment, you know this

  1. Cutting a cord of attachment does not cut — or end — a relationship at the human level.
  2. Cutting a cord of attachment does not end a spiritual tie. The energetically beautiful part of a relationship.
  3. Cutting a cord of attachment does not impact the cordee in any way, human or energetic. It is an appropriate use of your free will to cut your personal cord of attachment.
  4. Cutting a cord of attachment with skills will be an effective, permanent healing. Anyone who says, “I cut all my cords of attachment” or “I meditated to cut my cords of attachment” might as well take a selfie and tag it as “Someone who could learn how to cut cords of attachment some day. But sure doesn’t know yet.” (Hey, I guess that tag would be a little long.)
  5. The idea of cutting cords of attachment only if the relationship has been BAD — is ridiculous!

Do a double take on Yves Béhar with this bit of face reading

Wow, the power of face reading strikes again!

Wow, the power of face reading strikes again!

Sure, it’s fascinating to read faces for depth insight — physiognomy, not just expression reading or reading for attractiveness or those many other ways people can look at faces for fun.

Today let’s take a peek at the face of Yves Béhar, one part of his face in particular.

  • Check out his upper lip in this face reading photo.
  • And here’s another physiognomy photo of Yves Béhar, since it’s good to make sure that you’re seeing a photo that really looks like the person. Camera angles and such can mislead us, if we want to really see the face data for the purpose of reading faces. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see him alright.
  • Notice anything unusual, as a face reader?