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The Pesky Side of a Pretty Uncommon Empath Gift, Spiritual Oneness

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Many of us have been told, or sold, that “an empath feels other people’s feelings.” Is that ever a limited definition, ridiculous even!

If you think you might be an empath, I can teach you about 15 different empath gifts. Any one of them would qualify you to call yourself an empath. Like the one I’ll be describing today.

Spiritual Oneness has been discussed lately at my Empath Empowerment SKILLS Group on Facebook. It can be defined like this:

SPIRITUAL ONENESS is an empath gift that allows you to explore spiritual experience as it really is, no illusions, for another person. Especially how other people seek contact with a Higher Power.

And, because it is a “Oneness”-type gift, whatever you experience about someone else feels as though it is YOUR personal experience. Really, it is information about how another person is connecting to the Divine at that time.

Spiritual Oneness is one of the less common gifts that an empath can have.

If you have this one, congratulations. Not because having it makes you more special than other empaths — or other people — who do not have it. Instead, congratulations because having even one empath gift means that you are an empath for life. Which is a huge blessing.

Every empath gift is special, precious for life. Yet it creates pesky problems when you’re merely talented,  not yet skilled.

Today I’ll share a bit about what it is like for me, having Spiritual Oneness as a skilled empath — just to put a human face on a gift that might seem quite abstract.

What used to be pesky for me

Imported STUFF can result from every single empath gift. At least, when we haven’t learned skills yet. 😉

With Spiritual Oneness, I used to get a great deal of Imported STUFF related to people’s spiritual fears. Other people’s religious or spiritual fears, including fears from folks with a belief system exceedingly different from my own.

For example, what happened back in 1991, after I moved to this house in Sterling, Virginia?

This was my first time living in the Bible Belt. And I wasn’t a skilled empath yet, not when I first moved here. So it was very hard for me to deal with the fears and angers that were lurking beneath the surface in many of my neighbors, cashiers at the supermarket, etc.

I’m going to share a dream experience with you. Not because unskilled empath merges happen during sleep or dreaming. They don’t. (Both unskilled empath merges and Skilled Empath Merges happen in the waking state only.)

But Imported STUFF can play out in our dreams, and our nightmares. Most Imported STUFF isn’t expecially dramatic, unless it winds up impacting physical health. By contrast, dreams can sometimes be very dramatic. This one was, at least by my standards.

In one vivid nightmare, back in the day…

I was a Fundamentalist Christian. A good choir-singing, “God-fearing,” rule-abiding Fundamentalist.

Even though I felt protected by my God, by Jesus, by my minister, by my congregation, the moment of death came. And I was alone, not feeling protected by anyone.

I felt a weirdly familiar instinct to let myself lift out of the dead body and move forward. (Not that I believed in reincarnation in that dream lifetime. But a person does develop this knack of dying through practice, one incarnation after another. So I knew perfectly well, in that habitual kind of way, how to lift out of the dead body’s husk and move forward.)

Well, I wouldn’t budge. I felt far too scared to budge. Even though I had done all the right things. Even though I was officially Saved.

Because what if somehow I had been deceived, or made some terrible mistake? What if Satan had his cold eyes on me? What if I would be taken straight to Hell?

I couldn’t move. I wouldn’t move, not an inch, not for the sake of my immortal soul.

Such terror!

After that nightmare….

This was one of those dreams where I woke up right after the dream ended. Ever have that happen to you, Blog-Buddies? It was like, “Hello, message to Rose’s Conscious Mind! Special delivery from her Subconscious Mind. Pay attention, Kiddo!”

Right after I woke up from the nightmare, I felt that unique kind of terror. It continued to last, off and on, for days.

As a result my compassion sure grew for some of my Bible Belt neighbors, true believers who never showed any lack of confidence outwardly.

Just the opposite. They seemed supremely confident. Call me naive, but it had never occurred to me that an adamantly strong, Saved Christian could be living in occasional terror and guilt.

I’m not saying that beneath the heart of every true believer lies spiritual insecurity. More that this particular dream helped me to experience, in a very direct manner, what it could be like to feel an extreme kind of fear about religion. A fear that had no connection to my personal experience in this lifetime.

Of course, there are easier ways to gain compassion. Such as doing a Skilled Empath Merge on anyone I like, using a photo that displays on the very same computer that I’m using right now to type in today’s blog post.

Phew! Nightmares over. The many nightmares of unskilled empath merges.

Needless to say, perhaps, as a skilled empath I never have nightmares like that any more.

Now that you have read about the kind of anguish that goes with this empath gift, pre-skills, maybe you’re wondering, “What’s so wonderful about Spiritual Oneness?”

Let’s save that for our next post. For now, questions, anyone?

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    I have this empath gift too, and I also live in the Bible Belt area of Northern Virginia.

    One of the surprises to me upon moving here was the amount of spiritual certainty, as well as spiritual fear.

    I wasn’t raised at all in a fire and brimstone way, so that was new to me.

    The amount of psychic coercion was also very high. I had to do the healing for psychic coercion that Rose teaches, more often than before.

  2. 2
    Julie says:

    I recently read one of Rose’s new books: “The Empowered Empath—Quick and Easy.”

    I was intrigued by the idea that imported stuff may not show up in its original form.

    Like, if I am around someone with spiritual fear or pain, and that’s not my normal experience, it may not show up that way for me.

    It could show up as a seemingly unrelated fear, like concern over appearance, or success in life.

    It’s translated into something I would be more likely to worry about.

    This is if I’m being unskilled or not paying attention.

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    I mention this because I don’t think I take on other people’s spiritual terrors.

    But worries and concerns can certainly abound. And appear, as if from nowhere.

  4. 4
    Jnana says:

    Can a person with spiritual oneness take on spiritual fatigue, spiritual overwhelm or spiritual ambition?

  5. 5

    JULIE, thanks for this very insightful series of comments.

  6. 6

    JNANA, an unskilled empath with Spiritual Empath will (not hypothetically, “can”) take on Imported STUFF.

    This can include every bit of mess you listed in your Comment 4. Plus plenty more.

    The solution is just the same as with any other empath gift. Develop skills until they become habitual.

  7. 7

    The reason for going into so much detail in today’s article is to make the concept of “Imported STUFF” less abstract.

    Your question helped, JNANA. 🙂

  8. 8
    Lilian says:

    I believe I may have some form of this gift. It’s something to address, anyway.

  9. 9
    Lilian says:

    As well as Rose’s example of living in the Bible Belt, I’d like to add the example of working in science, where people’s work and their performance at work can be very much their Religion.

    Much more important than their poor wives and families…

    A very fear based religion.

  10. 10
    Lilian says:

    Can also be true for musicians, where creativity can be someone’s religion. I believe there are lots of ways this might come up, even if you live somewhere very secular.

    I guess people in spiritual shutdown will have a lot of spiritual fear, and that’s a big chunk of the population!

    (Rose, I don’t know if this is helpful, but I thought to just post it here. I don’t have the Bible Belt experience, thank goodness.)

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