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How the Empath Gift of Spiritual Oneness Helps Me

Rose Rosetree, grateful that she is an empath

Rose Rosetree, grateful that she is an empath

Last blog post I shared one of my worst nightmares ever, connected to the pesky side of Spiritual Oneness. Today we have a happier topic.

Now, what’s so wonderful about Spiritual Oneness?

Five different answers spring to mind immediately. Totally easily. Just the obvious examples, Blog-Buddies.

Mostly in today’s article,  I’m describing what it is like to have an empath gift that is habitually turned off in everyday life. (Through empath skills, not stifling yourself.)

Even turned off, each empath gift can be highly informative. And, on occasion, if Skilled Empath Merge is done, that gift really lights up deep knowing.

1. The personal fun

Bach, Gerard Manley Hopkins; Bette Midler and Beverly Sills and Gustavo Dudamel — there are so many composers, performers, writers, dancers and other artists who bring alive their personal quality of connection to God.

Then that artist spreads it around, conveys it. Either in the foreground or background.

During a live performance, everyone in the audience gets to sample that through auric modeling. If an artist has charisma, that special quality of Divine connection will be communicated very strongly.

However, with Spiritual Oneness you really get to savor that in a concentrated form. And not just when you do Skilled Empath Merge.

When skills have sorted out your sense of identity, and you’re comfy with living “Empath Gifts OFF” — those gifts help you to be extra perceptive throughout all your waking hours.

2 Helping clients with emotional and spiritual growth

For my professional work in Energy Spirituality, it makes such a difference that Spiritual Oneness is one of my empath gifts.

Like any RES practitioner, I’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge near the start of my session.

Immediately I will know, in the most personal way, how my client connects to the Divine right now. This helps me to get right on my client’s wavelength.

Among my clients have been devout Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Mormons, you name it. We don’t have time in session for my client to provide a religious education. Besides, I don’t need it. Thanks to this particular empath gift I experience what’s needed to be helpful. (Note: I also have Spiritual Intuition, which is another empath gift that’s helpful in this context.)

3. Helping clients to fully exit cults

This specialty is very important to me personally. It’s a big deal to help a client to exit a cult, not just quit or throw out the old DVDs.

It’s custom designed, how I help a client to exit a cult.

Sometimes aura healing is the centerpiece of a session. Another time, it might be pulling out an energetic hologram, using Stage Five Energetic Literacy — whether for Vibrational Re-Positioning or just to bring clarity about what was making that cult leader tick.

Whatever the skill set, I’m able to experience (as appropriate) that person’s quality of Divine connection. Plus whatever crazy talk, mind control, or other icky might be mixed in with it.

Doing Skilled Empath Merge as appropriate, I have the most immediate knowledge possible about how a person strives spiritually. And yet it is clearly a short-duration experience, never confused with who I am as a person.

4. Helping clients to become householders

Are you are interested in that part of Rosetree Energy Spirituality? The Enlightenment Coaching part.

Then you may have read many blog posts, and references here, to Householder Enlightenment.

To move forward most rapidly, I educate many of my clients about what it means to be a householder, rather than a renunciate or (more commonly) a householdery-renunciate.

Explaining that to my clients? No amount of informing can take the place of my direct experience (accessed through Skilled Empath Merge) to help me find the subtle subconscious bits of confusion. Then bring knowledge or facilitate healing as appropriate.

To use a very human-type analogy, if you walk down the street and get dog poop on the sole of your shoe, it’s pretty easy to recognize that.

But to recognize the equivalent from a lofty, even sanctified, spiritual authority figure? And to know enough about the particular problem to use appropriate skills for the cleaning job?

Spiritual Oneness makes a big difference, especially when combined with the skills of Energy Spirituality.

5. More Enlightenment Coaching

Over the last couple of years, I have done more and more Enlightenment Coaching. Not just for clients who have come to me from the interview Rick Archer generously gave me at his website, Buddha at the Gas Pump.

More and more of my clients are moving rapidly towards Enlightenment. Whether we discuss this directly in the session or not, I’m always helping my clients this way, if this is something that appeals to my client. (And a minute’s worth of conversation during one session clears up this question for me pretty fast.)

Well, this Enlightenment Coaching is one of the most delicious things I ever get to do, kind of like being tickled by the Divine.

For me, Spiritual Oneness helps especially (supplemented by other background and skills that have come my way as an “Enlightenment Coach”). I can feel-tell-know what is needed to help my client on that path. For some, it is less Technique Time. For some, it is a different kind of Technique Time. For some it is an altogether new kind of Technique Time. For some it is one or two human skills that might seem obvious to somebody else but have not been developed yet for my client.

I’ll know what that tickling part is, just as you might know when you have an itch that needs to be scratched.

Whatever your walk of life, whatever your empath gifts…

You have your own version of the sort of thing I’ve described here.

If you were born as an empath, know this. Being an empath can be a very valuable PART of having your life.

  • As a human being having fun and also as a world server.
  • Using your empath gifts with skill can glorify your human life.

The joy is in the details, right? I shared with you here today not to show off but to give you an idea of how big a deal — and how wonderful — it can be to be born with ANY empath gift whatsoever.

Want more depth of understanding?

Note: You can learn about this empath gift, and the others, with a lot more depth in “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Empath Gifts.”

Plus the real depth of understanding and experience does not come just from learning about empath gifts. Empath Empowerment Skills are what will change your quality of life.

Many people just want to play around with the strange and wonderful ideas about being an empath, or having empath gifts. Since that’s exactly what they need to do right now, I would never want to discourage them from doing that. People grow as fast as they can at their current level of consciousness.

But if you’ve managed to read this far into today’s article, chances are that you are capable of much more than just playing around with interesting ideas concerning empaths.

Developing empath skills is not merely some interesting little sideline or hobby. Frankly it’s a survival skill for any of the 1 in 20 people who have been born as an empath.

Until you get skills, real skills that work, you will suffer every day of your life. You will take on Imported STUFF.

By contrast, once you get yourself basic Empath Empowerment skills, that will stop. Your sense of identity will be greatly strengthened.

You can make much faster progress spiritually, too. I agree completely with Blog-Buddy ADAM, who commented recently in a thread about gaining Enlightenment:

While David’s experience [described at the blog] proves that becoming a skilled empath is not necessary for Enlightenment, I do believe it can help speed things along. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I became eligible for [Rose’s Enlightenment Life List] pretty much immediately after I first gained empath skills in the last quarter of 2012.”

To make that progress, might I recommend any one of the first three books that I have written for empaths?

What if you find it hard to learn from a book? Then do mentoring with me, by phone or Skype. I will coach you, bit by bit.

One way or another, you can definitely learn these empath skills.

After you have developed basic empath skills, you have the option of learning Skilled Empath Merge. Here is a great resource for you. It can get you there.

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  1. 1
    Isabella says:

    I have this gift as well and the experience has been interesting and quite profound at times. I am honored to be able to witness so closely how people connect, or attempt to connect, to the Divine in their own way. It’s a great education.

  2. 2
    David B says:

    Yeah, I’m another. Got an insight reading this 2 parter – it explained something of the way this shows up for me.

    I’ve been lucky enough to be present for many people when they had their initial awakening or later shifts. This and the gift have given me a great deal of insight into the basic process and the common variations.

  3. 3
    David B says:

    I thought this was normal with a certain degree of development but it’s slowly become clear it’s not. It’s something else. Many teachers have only their own experience or that of their tradition to go by. So they talk about the way it showed up for them and people get the idea that’s the way it “should” be.

    I’ve come to emphasize the larger picture that’s developed from this process. It’s the focus of my book in progress and the talk I’m giving in the fall. So yes – it is a gift. Thanks for bringing some clarity to that, Rose.

  4. 4
    David B says:

    Also, I find I can sometimes help facilitate processing some of what arises during their shift. I do that carefully though as I’m not yet fully skilled with this gift.

  5. 5

    DAVID B., thanks for all your latest comments and especially for Comment #3.

    I find this to be very, very true:

    “Many teachers have only their own experience or that of their tradition to go by. So they talk about the way it showed up for them and people get the idea that’s the way it ‘should’ be.”

    Yet more reason for discernment in selecting one’s experts, helpers, and authority figures!

  6. 6
    Isabella C. says:

    Since you wrote this from your personal perspective, Rose, it really helps me to understand what makes you such a great healer and teacher and how I can use my own gift of Spiritual Oneness to help others.

    What you wrote gives me so many a-has and insights about where and how to look. What a great gift! I am a better healer because of this blog post!

  7. 7

    ISABELLA C., thank you for this as well as your other recent comments.

    I’m very touched.

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