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When Empath Empowerment Doesn't Seem to Work. A Guest Post by SANDY.

Connecting the dots about Empath Empowerment Skills

Connecting the dots about Empath Empowerment Skills

We have a real treat today, Blog-Buddies, for those of you who are empaths. In today’s guest post, SANDY courageously shares a really important saga about using her skills as an empath.

Heads up! An important part of SANDY’s saga is Imported STUFF. In case this term is new to you, Imported STUFF is 1 of the 15 kinds of STUFF that can be identified, and removed, with skills in this system of Energy Spirituality. Imported STUFF is a sign of being an unskilled empath.

So far I haven’t written a blog post about this yet, but I sure have written about Imported STUFF in my books for empaths. Because they teach how to develop empath skills which PREVENT your getting Imported STUFF.

For SANDY’s guest post I have added just some headings, minor edits, and links that explain some of the technical parts of her journal. Yes, SANDY has given us a miniature journal.

Living La Vita Empath, a Journal Summarized by SANDY

At the beginning of this journal, I planned to cover what I thought were teaching gaps in Rose’s workshops.

While reflecting and writing, I realized that the onus is on me to take what Rose taught and apply it to my situational needs. Rose cannot tell me what I need nor should she be expected to. She laid out the dots. It is up to me to connect them.

Before I began to connect the dots

One Saturday, I spoke with a friend that I hadn’t talked to in a while. Near the end of our conversation, she thanked me for calling her. She said that she no longer felt the tightness in her shoulders or angry and frustrated and talking to me made all the difference.

Our conversation was mostly gossip about other people. We didn’t have a deep revealing conversation or resolve some long standing problem. It was your average everyday girl talk.

Her feedback was unexpected and sent up a red flag. Did I just do an unskilled empath merge? I wouldn’t let the question sink in. I was too happy having talked to my friend after a self-imposed hiatus.

On Tuesday, following my Saturday conversation, I felt foggy when I awoke. What else happened?

  • I vomited during my morning hygiene ritual.
  • It was odd because I didn’t really feel ill. I just felt distant from myself; zombie-like.
  • I called out sick for work that day and the following day. I slept most of the time; wondering what was wrong with me.
  • I didn’t really feel physically ill but I could not manage enough energy to go to work.

I thought that perhaps I caught one of those 24-hour stomach viruses. After all, I had lunch with another friend on the same Saturday who caught a case of the vomits shortly after we ate. I was so apologetic to her; believing that the food made her sick.

Having to Deal with Problems Caused by Unskilled Empath Merge

I am actually grateful for being convinced that I had a stomach virus when I called out sick. That day was not the first time I felt as if I could not bear to be around people.

I don’t like to lie.

Sometimes I merely state that I have something personal to take care of and that I won’t be in to work. Other times I have stated that I am not feeling well, not knowing how else to explain my absence from work.

I don’t normally miss a lot of work but lately, it seems to be a frequent occurrence.

For two days I stayed home from work; I lay on my sofa feeling tense and imposed upon.

Although I hung onto the stomach virus explanation for my state of being, I knew better.

Imported STUFF was the problem, not some random virus

My gut aches were emotional, not physical. My ill feelings were emotional, not physical. My inability to go to work was energetic and emotional, not physical (some impressions came from within me and some came from outside of me).

I wished that I were better able to identify the energies I felt, but they all felt emotional to me.  Still, I believe that there was more to it than that.

Aha! Connecting some dots

It wasn’t until the following weekend; after I read a passage from Rose’s book on energy healing,  “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” that I revisited the idea of an unskilled empath merge with my Saturday conversation friend.

By now I whole-heartedly believe that I did an unskilled empath merge with her.

I thought that I was “cured” of strange feelings after taking Rose’s workshops for empaths.

What does Rose offer in her workshop for empaths and her how-to books for Empath Empowerment®?

  • She helps us to understand how energy works with empaths
  • How to manage the energy we give and receive
  • And how to correct our energy if/when we have done an unskilled empath merge.

I did not fully understand this when I attended her Empath Empowerment Workshop Level 1 and Level 2.

I was simply searching for relief from my undefined symptoms.

After attending Rose’s workshops, I was relieved of my symptoms and remained so for several months afterwards.

Then I fell into my old habits, daydreaming my weekends away, focusing on others in inappropriate ways, and not using the techniques she teaches to turn empath gifts OFF, until this becomes a new habit.

I sometimes, but rarely, practiced the techniques that she taught. And ultimately found myself in the same situation I was before taking her workshop; drowning in energetic yuckiness.

A very personal way that I get clobbered when I don’t use empath skills

I don’t know about other empaths, but my life has been fraught with the inability to “connect” with others on a human level.

I’m not talking about meeting for lunch. I am talking about actually seeing the person I meet for lunch; being there with the person, noticing all there is to notice about him/her, hearing that conversation instead of the one inside my mind, paying attention to the moment as it occurs.

Connecting with others continues to be a challenge for me.

I learned a lot of skills in Rose’s workshops but until now, I never connected the dots.

Now that I have connected some dots about Empath Empowerment Skills

I realize now that I lacked understanding about how to use what Rose taught me.

Even after the unskilled empath merge mentioned here, I did nothing about it.

I intermittently read portions of one of Rose’s many books I purchased; not really applying what I read.

Although I eagerly participated in group exercises during workshops, afterwards I rarely did them on my own. I failed to understand the importance of using empath skills.

Now I know that if I want to avoid the stench of yuckiness, I will have to get used to doing techniques like “Coming Home.” (This is taught in “The Empowered Empath — Expanded Edition” and also “The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy” as well as in Rose’s workshops for empaths.)

Using these skills designed to help empaths can become a habit, much like brushing my teeth or washing my body.

This is my new goal on the path to becoming a skilled empath.

A Note from Rose

Thanks again, SANDY. It means so much to me that you shared what happened. It isn’t unusual that you took what you learned and then didn’t quite follow up. What’s remarkable is that you figured this out.

There are actually a few similar patterns I have witnessed as a teacher of empath skills. Below  I’ll be noting each one briefly in a comment below. Just in case this is useful to any of you.

Of course, Blog-Buddies, you are cordially invited to thank SANDY for this so-honest share, or ask her your questions.

Or tell your own stories about ways that you goofed up for a while with empath skills.

Or share ways that your skills have deepened.

These are such important conversations for us to be having, Brave Empaths. We are all pioneers, bringing this kind of knowledge to the planet. Sharing tips and coping skills for empaths belongs to the last millennium. In this new Age of Aquarius, we need dedicated empath skills that involve a subtle, but effortless, positioning of consciousness. I can definitely teach you them and then with a bit of follow-up you will OWN the benefits.

I also invite all of you to check out the open group that I now host at Facebook. The Empath Empowerment Skills Group can give you support.

  • It does not aim to teach the skills that are systematically (and inexpensively) available in my books.
  • On the other hand, there is no requirement that you must pursue those skills to enjoy that Facebook group.
  • Mostly this group DOES aim to give support to those empaths who are actively gaining the skills of Empath Empowerment. As you connect your own dots.

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  1. 101
    Rose Rosetree says:

    With professional RES skills there are 15 stages of energetic literacy and dozens of types of STUFF.

    To give you just one example why it makes sense to have a personal session, consider empath skills. All the skills of Empath Empowerment(R) help an empath to have a better life.

  2. 102
    Rose Rosetree says:

    In terms of STUFF being addressed, these empath skills prevent or remove “Imported STUFF.”

    Remember the idea that there are dozens of other types of STUFF in RES? (See last comment.)

  3. 103
    Rose Rosetree says:

    It’s common for empaths to blame completely different problems where RES could help… on lack of empath skills. That sure could be what’s happening with you, MORGAN.

    So thanks for writing here, and also thanks for considering this (very likely) possibility.

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