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More Aura Reading of Rev. Rick Warren. Why Is He So Successful?

Celebrity Pastor Rick Warren, ready for his second aura reading

Celebrity Pastor Rick Warren, ready for his second aura reading

Recently I read the aura of Rev. Rick Warren. The context was spiritual. Long story short, spiritual qualities don’t explain why the man is so successful.

Yet Rev. Rick Warren is immensely famous. In Christian circles he’s a household name, mega-successful as a megachurch pastor; also famous as the author of the megabestseller, “The Purpose Driven Life.”

Why him?

Commenting at that aura reading, ROSANNA TUFTS asked a great question: “Holy smokes, the largest [Chakra databank you read] is 10 inches — at least out of the ones you profiled here? You’ll have to do a follow-up, for contrast: which databanks really ARE ‘large and in charge’?”

In your honor, Blog-Buddy ROSANNA!

This Time, Starting with a Gift of His Soul

To be technical just a bit… For this aura reading research I’ll start by telling you about a gift of Rev. Warren’s soul. I’ll read it in the first chakra databank of today’s aura profile.

Every chakra databank has them, Blog-Buddies. Usually the first time I read your aura during a session, I will read one of these gorgeous, glorious, gifts of the soul. Perfection! Permanent! Pure potential!

Mostly, though, I read “The Business End” of a chakra databank, with its symbolic size and quality at that particular time.

Ever changing, these astral-level components of a chakra databank may not be as inspiring as gifts of the soul. But they show how well we are using our potential, at the particular time of the in-person energetic literacy. Or when reading the aura of someone from a photo. That aura picture was taken at one particular time, right? Same with the video I’ll be using here.

Once again I’ll use this aura photo of Rev. Rick Warren, taken from his interview on “Good Morning, America.”

In keeping with my policy about meticulously honoring photo copyrights, I no longer provide links to pictures saved on services like Photobucket. Your best choice for being able to see the photo referred to in a blog post is to stay current as a reader, maybe check in at this blog once a week or more often.

When reading an older article, you may not be able to find the same photo I used originally. Google Images is an easy way to find photos of this public figure. 

New to energetic literacy? Learn more here.

Root Chakra Databank for Belonging to My Social Group

Gift of Rev. Rick Warren’s Soul: Leadership of his social group, doing this with true humility. Deeply desiring to help that social group to which he belongs, not as a show-off but because he cares to help his group to succeed.

Size of this chakra databank: Fills the room

Quality of this chakra databank: Such a robust popularity and sense of belonging! It’s as if Rick Warren is part of a joyful crowd at a football game. And what a game! Where your team is winning by quite a lot and everyone on your side expects a great victory.

This chakra databank also reveals a down-home, friendly way of being with like-minded people: Very sociable, confident, and open-hearted.

Root Chakra Databank for Making Money

50 miles. Excellent luck, a kind of golden touch for making money. Rev. Rick Warren feels that he is richly blessed, believing that he will always be prospered through doing his sacred work.

Root Chakra Databank for Expecting to Receive Respect from Others

BTW, this Root Chakra Databank is a practical version of the respect theme; it shows in other chakra databanks  elsewhere in a person’s aura.  You aura reading experts can think of this as a gift and performance display about having a presence there in the room that invites others to treat the person with respect. (Or not. Gee, which do you think it will be with Rev. Rick Warren?)

40 feet. Rev. Rick Warren believes himself to be on the winning team. He is super-confident about receiving respect from others. Not having to work hard to win that respect, either. It is his due.

Feeling like a winner, all the way down to this subconscious level, creates a powerful energetic momentum. People who meet him like to affiliate with a winner.

Respecting him also helps them, he feels. So it isn’t the least bit selfish that Rev. Rick Warren  takes for granted that he will be hugely respected. Acts as though he deserves it. Feels so very sure that being connected with him blesses everyone. They are only acknowledging the powerful truths that go through him.

Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy to Gain Respect

50 miles. The quality of this chakra databank reminds me of a corkscrew in action. How Rev. Rick Warren loves to persuade! It’s an art form to him, plus a delightful kind of competition at which he excels.

Rev. Rick Warren is at his best when he has to work for the respect, the results. He’s amazingly persistent, in a laid-back way.

Far from being easily discouraged, as most people are, when somebody says “No” — guess what? Rev. Rick Warren feels a kind of glee. He welcomes the prospect of turning a skeptic into a believer. For this guy, that’s some of the biggest fun around!

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Claiming Respect from Others

With so many chakra databanks being read on the theme of respect, it may seem a bit new to you, Blog-Buddies who are still learning about Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Reading auras fluently, with skill, is way different from generalizing about vibes. Or even generalizing about an entire chakra.

With 50 chakra databanks to choose from with any major chakra, there is so much scope for nuance. This particular chakra databank is concerned with power-related action. How does  Rev. Rick Warren speak and act so he can increase the respect shown towards him?

40 feet. Strong as steel, the forceful pattern in this chakra databank is consistent with a man whose power circuits are working beautifully. Rev. Rick Warren has no qualms about asking for what he wants. And make no mistake. If he doesn’t get the right answer the first time, he’ll ask again later.

Also, the quality of this chakra databank suggests a practiced monitoring of himself to make sure that he doesn’t just do whatever it takes to get respect. He must also APPEAR to be doing something good. So this man will evaluate his behavior before or during a conversation. He does his best to appear unmistakably on the side of the angels.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving in Social Groups

Ever notice, Blog-Buddies? It feels good to give to your heroes. It feels even better when your praise is received and relished.

So the most popular public figures are usually very good at receiving adulation. Let’s find out what’s going on with this chakra databank for  Rev. Rick Warren.

80 feet. “Aw, shucks” humility. Heartfelt. And very practiced.

(“Nobody likes an arrogant winner.”)

Throat Chakra Databank for Communicating to Be Heard By Others

Many folks aren’t doing too well with this particular chakra databank. However, I have a hunch that  Rev. Rick Warren might be doing way better than average. Let’s find out!

90 miles. A quiet thunder. An understated lightning.

This is the biggest gift of any that I have read in Rev. Warren. When he is trying hard to be heard, and speaking with religious fervor, just about any believer in his congregation will feel a great power. Because such great power is there. Rev. Rick Warren has an app for that. It’s called “Talent.”


The talented  Rev. Rick Warren may be in spiritual shutdown, but that sure doesn’t keep him from being effective as a speaker, or charismatic.

Socially he’s like a good old boy taken to the extreme level. Today’s aura reading research clarifies how Rev. Rick Warren radiates social success. He is beautifully designed for popularity, and does he ever use that to be a Christian leader.

How about putting this together with the other aura reading research done in my last aura reading of him?

That first article on Rev. Rick Warren showed him a bit sleepy when it comes to actual spiritual connection, personal integrity, etc.

Well, why would this undermine success with people who believe as he does, people with similar standards and even auric modeling?

Are you shocked, shocked? Success in life doesn’t have to be about scrupulous honesty or authentic spiritual connection.

Success in human ways requires human strengths, like those described here.

And especially if you’re appealing to a group with the core belief, “If you’re saved, all is forgiven” — well, hello! Why demand any inner quality in your religious leader beyond his faith?

Especially if you know about auric modeling, it makes all the more sense that Rev. Rick Warren’s auric modeling for his chosen profession is simply superb.

Of course, it takes more to gain success. I’ve gone into loads of detail in my how-to book with “10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity.”

What Else Helps Rev. Warren Gain Success?

Besides aurically what is large and in charge, here are some human-type factors that may contribute to Rick Warren’s success.

  • He’s a public figure in an industry — and with a group of people — that is very, very large. So if he stands out, he can make it big.
  • He worked hard to gain skills, ministerial skills in his religion, in order to earn that title of “Reverend.”
  • The man works hard now, too. Currently, he is reissuing his former bestseller, doing publicity… pushing hard.
  • And then he is graced with good fame karma, bringing him luck for success.

What, Fame Karma?

Plenty of equally talented pastors, even more talented pastors, have not had the karma in this life to become rich and famous like Rev. Rick Warren. You might enjoy this article related to that fame karma aspect.

And what does fame karma mean for “little people” like you and me?

Certainly our auric modeling can be superb. Or become that way.

Certainly we can develop skills. Plus we can work hard.

On that basis we can achieve realistic dreams. Provided that we don’t aim for world domination… we can probably make it in a most satisfying manner… even without the excellent fame karma that Rev. Rick Warren has brought into this lifetime.

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  1. 1
    Zofia says:

    Very interesting. My bf’s aunt is actually a major evangelical speaker/preacher in Bible Belt USA. The whole ethos does seem to be: believe in me and my faith will get you saved with the Lord. Tbh in the UK being saved is n t much of a thing in the UK in my experience!

  2. 2
    Sepal says:

    Does Rick Warren receive lots of respect because his root chakra for receiving respect is big, or is this particular part of his aura big because he believes/expects to receive respect?

  3. 3

    Both, it seems to me, SEPAL. Having this particular chakra databank “Large and in charge” contributes to his auric modeling.

    Subconsciously people get the message, “This man gets lots of respect. He must deserve it.”

  4. 4

    In addition, every chakra databank has impact on oneself, too.

    The subconscious impact, when this particular chakra databank goes well, is “I believe in myself socially. I expect to be respected.”

    So good thinking there, SEPAL. You’re starting to think about the impact of EVERY chakra databank within a person as well as with auric modeling to others.

  5. 5
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    Amazing as always . . . Thanks for the update, and for the shout-out!

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