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Skilled Empath Merge with Soccer Star Carli Lloyd

The strength of an emphant, only human, so let's read the aura of Carli Lloyd

The strength of an emphant, only human, so let’s do a Skilled Empath Merge with  Carli Lloyd

How does it feel to be at the top of your game? Especially when your game is winning the Women’s World Cup!

America hasn’t won since 1991. Then, on July 5, in Vancouver, Carli Lloyd scored three goals in the first 16 minutes of the game.

By 2012, she had already won Olympic gold and won a hat trick. Yesterday she scored another hat trick, the first in Women’s World Cup history. By the end of the game, America had won the title, 5-2.

  • Today a Skilled Empath Merge will report on my experience, moving in consciousness into the soccer star’s aura. Safely I’ll fly in spirit, using a photo taken yesterday, during final game of the Women’s World Cup. Then I’ll describe what I experienced, speaking the language of energetic literacy.
  • For today’s Skilled Empath Merge, I’ll be using this aura-including photo of Carli Lloyd. Here’s the source for this great photo of her aura and athleticism in action.

What is Skilled Empath Merge? How does it differ from regular aura reading? How can you learn to do it? Find answers at the bottom of today’s article.

Carli Lloyd’s Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Her Physical Body

90 miles. Carli Lloyd is witnessing her body — in it and also being an energy presence that transcends her physical body. Although solidly present in human reality, the great athlete is enjoying an expanded state of consciousness.

This is a healthy kind of detachment. I’m not saying that Carli Lloyd enjoys this higher experience of consciousness all the time in her life. (Witnessing is one of the ways that a person can experience life after crossing the threshold into Enlightenment. But not necessarily the experience a person has in Enlightenment.)

When somebody has big talent, that person is at his or her best. Right now Carli Lloyd is at her best. You could call what is happening to her a state of grace.

Not just because of talent and a certain magnificent purity to her consciousness. Skills were required for her witnessing, and training, and years of taking care of her physical system. And spiritual grace.

Carli Lloyd’s Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Physical Reality

29 feet. Carli Lloyd is extremely aware of every player on the field. She effortlessly holds all these positions in her consciousness.

Underlying this awareness, she is super-excited in a very human way.

Blog-Buddies. To put this intense excitement into perspective…

  • Imagine that you are on national television.
  • Imagine that you are on international television.
  • Imagine that you are a huge star on international television.
  • Imagine that you are a professional athlete, and have been for years.
  • Imagine that you have given your life for this ability to play soccer.
  • Despite all that pressure, you’re not distracted while playing. Instead it makes you more focused on the game.
  • And then there’s the cocktail of all the chemicals flowing through your body. You’re all juiced up.
  • Demanding though your sport is, intense as your feelings are, you know just what to do and you do it. In the clever words of Nike to aspiring athletes, you “Just do it.”

Carli Lloyd’s Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy

80 feet. Just enough energy flows through Carli Lloyd’s body. She steers it, like aiming the water from a fire hose.

No worry about whether the flow will be there for her. It just is.

Carli Lloyd’s Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict

27 feet. What is her way of handling conflict while in this high-stakes match? Carli Lloyd doesn’t get angry or belligerent. Unlike some other top athletes, she does not run on hate as a fuel.

No, she simply gets tough.

In the words that  some of you skilled empaths know from “The Empowered Empath,” Carli Lloyd just “shallows up.” Then she does her job.

Carli Lloyd’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Deep space. In the background, this chakra databank flows all the way through to the full Divine frequency.

Again, this experience results from a kind of purity. It doesn’t come from religion or spiritual affiliation.

This is Carli Lloyd’s experience. Blog-Buddies, if you would like to have this sort of experience you might use some of your daily Technique Time a spiritual practice that brings this. Or, sometimes, awareness spontaneously expands as a grace of God-type experience.

Carli Lloyd’s grace of God-type experience here is the sort that happens sometimes to a public figure, whether a world-class athlete or a politician or anyone doing something important for collective consciousness.

In such moments of surrender, we are living for more than our human identities. It is an honor to be in such a role. Innocently we participate. Surrendered, we receive all the help we need.

Closer into her body, in this chakra databank, Carli Lloyd has a much smaller sense of connection (about 6 feet). This is more human in nature, a feeling she has that all is well.

Carli Lloyd’s High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill (Expressing Her Soul)

80 feet. A very human joy is uppermost in Carli Lloyd’s experience. It’s the sacred, golden beauty that we can only have while being human on earth.

Dharma is one word for it.

A glorious peak experience — that’s another way to put it.

With all the spiritual seeking that people do in the Aquarian Age, many of us look for otherworldly advice from spirits or beg Jesus to tell us what to do. The irony is that human life is precious, not some inferior state.

One reason for Carli Lloyd’s success is humility. She isn’t trying to game the system here at Earth School.  Instead she’s throwing herselffully into the great game of human life.

Each of us can do this. So what if we don’t win a hat trick? We can win joy. Effectiveness. Success. We can have magnificent experiences that can be available ONLY in this precious lifetime.

About Skilled Empath Merge

What is Skilled Empath Merge?

This is a type of energtic literacy available to the 1 in 20 people who were born as empaths. I can teach you the system of Empath Empowerment®, which can include learning how to do Skilled Empath Merge.

Which skills do empaths need most, in my opinion?

First it is important to get comfortable with understanding your own gifts as an empath.

Next step of Empath Empowerment® is learning how to turn your gifts OFF.

All this can make such a difference to your quality of life.

Learning Skilled Empath Merge is a further step of empowerment. Learning this skill set makes it totally worthwhile, with all the inconvenience that empaths suffer until we GET skills that work.

How does Skilled Empath Merge differ from regular aura reading?

It’s way more personal. You receive more information. Doing any Skilled Empath Merge is a great privilege.

How can you learn to do it?

One resource is the very best way to learn how to do Skilled Empath Merge. It’s the how-to book “The Master Empath,” available both as a paperback and as an eBook.

For support as you develop empath skills

Your simplest and most inexpensive source of support as an empath is to purchase one of my three books that will help you gain Empath Empowerment® . If you want something simple, just choose the first book on this list.

And here’s an article to help you choose the best first book for YOU, easing your way to full Empath Empowerment skills.

Many new empaths seek support, feeling overwhelmed. If I might make a suggestion, avoid “Support groups for empaths.” They treat being born as an empath as if it were a disability. It’s sure not, according to this very experienced Empath Coach.

I do host a group on Facebook to bring company and knowledge to support you on your journey as an empath. Check it out and join if you like. It’s the Empath Empowerment® Skills Group on Facebook.

How can I find more celebrity profiles with Skilled Empath Merge?

Right here at the blog!


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  1. 1
    Miranda says:

    Hi Rose, Very interesting information about Carli. I am not a sports fan but I decided to watch the FIFA games and was very impressed and inspired by the athletic prowess of all the players and of course some stood out more than others.

    I couldn’t believe that incredible goal that Carli made from mid-way on the field.

    Your empath merge information makes the idea of watching sports much more appealing to me now. I suppose their auric-modelling inspires us and gives us an experience of soul thrill! I find soccer one of the easier sports to follow that has a lot of action and excitement.

  2. 2

    MIRANDA, it’s so good to hear from you. I’m so glad that the fun of watching soccer is opening up for you now.

    I agree that the auric modeling of athletes can be a great source of inspiration. This can be one of so many reasons to choose a favorite sport or team and follow it.

  3. 3

    How about the rest of you Blog-Buddies. Do any of you follow a sport or a team?

    Do any of you play soccer regularly or join in pick-up games?

    I know a happily married couple who met at a pick-up string quartet, but no couples who met through soccer.

  4. 4
    David B says:

    But I enjoy being active. 2 blocks from the river and not far from the ocean. (have not worked out the distance yet)

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    I used to like playing soccer, but I have traumatic memories of it from middle school. (Traumatic primarily due to my being an HSP.)

    I don’t really follow any sports, but I don’t mind going to the occasional game with others. I’ve gone to both a football and baseball game because I was singing the national anthem before them.

  6. 6
    Emily says:

    I followed the World Cup! I was so proud of the England team. I had a little cry when they got kicked out. I had stayed up late to watch it.

    I don’t play football, I think I’d be better at basketball but I would like to join some kind of sports team now!

  7. 7
    Curiouser and Curioser (As Ever) says:

    Thanks, Rose, these examples are so helpful– and interesting!

  8. 8
    Julie says:

    About the Soul Thrill databank, “not trying to game the system” seems to be a key to Human-Based Spirituality.

    Not seeking answers from the astral, but being willing to explore life, through living it.

  9. 9
    Julie says:

    I for one believe there are no right or wrong answers.

    There is only “What do you want to do with your life?”

  10. 10
    Julie says:

    Much like, as a child on a warm summer day, there was “Do I want to pick blackberries today, or do I want to go swimming?”

    Now as an adult there is perhaps more work involved, but it is still not entirely that different:)

  11. 11

    Thanks so much for these magnificent comments, DAVID B., KIRA, EMILY, SO-MUCH-CURIOUSER, and JULIE.

    Those Comments 9-11 score a hat trick for me, JULIE.

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