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Cleaning up Jim's Apartment. Improved by Cutting a Cord of Attachment.

Cutting a cord of attachment helps people solve human-type problems.

Cutting a cord of attachment helps people solve human-type problems.

Right after his session with me, Jim picked up the pen and paper used for making notes. Then he put them away.

Not until the next day did Jim consciously think… “Hey, I cleaned up after myself.”

Not until his next session with me did Jim consciously notice… “I have been cleaning up after myself for weeks.” There had been none of his annoying same old, same old:  “I’m not in the mood. I’ll do it later.”

Well guess what? Jim’s intention for our session had been “To find it easier to clean up after myself.”

What did the trick?

Every aura healing session of Energy Spirituality has a Healing Centerpiece. Cutting a cord of attachment — that was our Healing Centerpiece to support Jim’s intention.

Cutting a cord of attachment to what?

  • Not to Jim’s (formerly messy) desk.
  • Not to Jim’s overflowing trash can.
  • What made the difference was cutting the cord of attachment to his boss, Ginger.

Cutting Cords of Attachment Is for Human Life, Not Just Energy

Never underestimate that, Blog-Buddies. Human life, not just your energies — that is the  point, always, whenever a cord of attachment is cut.

At least, it can be the point. I’d recommend that. Yet, to many energy healers, this is counter-culture. They are energy healers, or energy medicine healers, or psychics who throw in a bit of energy healing because they know so much about energy.

Try wrapping your mind around this concept, which applies to the emerging field of energy spirituality:

  • Certainly, cutting these energy cords is an energy skill.
  • Cutting any cord of attachment requires that you use skills related to energy healing.
  • Yet cutting cords of attachment can powerfully support your life as a human being.
  • And if you don’t translate a cord cutting technique into human language, there won’t be significant emotional or spiritual growth.
  • Which would be really, really pathetic. Because what was the point in the first place? To brag to your friends? “I had my energetic cords cut. My aura is better than yours.” Oooh.

Regardless of the particular session, surely, the purpose of cutting a cord of attachment is to improve your human life.

Understanding this gives you a big advantage as a New Age Consumer.

It’s not as if the only method that works is the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment. Yet when somebody has effective skills for permanently cutting a cord of attachment, the conversation must be about human life.

At least that’s the case with what I use (and will be teaching this weekend in a workshop to develop cord-cutting skills).

If you learn a method to cut cords of attachment, make sure there’s plenty of relevance to emotional and spiritual growth. Also, might I suggest? Beware any method that doesn’t add plenty of human to the mix.  Because that is unlikely to help you to grow emotionally or spiritually: In. Recognizably. Human. Ways.

Removing Jim’s cord of attachment to his boss, Ginger

Below is a slightly compressed summary of the Cord Items in this cord of attachment.

  1. GINGER: During a meeting at work, giving a glancing look at JOE.
  2. JIM: She doesn’t like me or respect me.
  3. JIM: Loathing for her.
  4. JIM: Disillusionment.
  5. JIM: Rage at having such a selfish, flawed person for my boss.
  6. JIM: This doesn’t match up to my standard for what a boss is supposed to be.
  7. JIM: I expect everyone I work with to be wise and spiritual.
  8. JIM: Resignation. This garbage kind of boss is what I have to deal with because I must earn a living.
  9. JIM: I will notice as little about my job as possible.

Logical consequences

If you’re familiar with the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, you know that a highlight is the list of Logical Consequences — ways that you can expect your life to improve because the cord of attachment is gone forever. Every one of the Cord Items can cause problems. With all of them gone, possibility grows in life.

Logical consequences that I told Jim about included these:

  1. An easier relationship with boss Ginger from his side.
  2. More trust of others.
  3. Allowing people to live in their own way, even if not according to Jim’s personal standards.
  4. Less frustration about having a householder life, with many responsibilities for small details.
  5. More willingness to look at his human life (including details about “mere things” like things that have to be cleaned up).

Are you surprised?

When you read what was in that cord of attachment, can you appreciate why Jim’s session helped him to do a better job at solving his housecleaning problem?

Does it make sense to you that you can learn to cut cords of attachment for self-healing from a not-that-long eBook and do your own energetic decluttering?

Less STUFF. More PUT-IN that helped Jim to express his soul.

Then came the results related to his intention.

I wasn’t surprised. Are you?

Blog-Buddies, as always, your comments and questions are invited.

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    (laughs) saw this first on Twitter. Don’t check it very often but there you were…

  2. 2

    Yes, DAVID, I’m reaching out to the Twitterverse. All you Blog-Buddes are welcome to follow and be followed.

  3. 3
    Grace S. says:

    This type of result with cord cutting is fantastic, in my opinion. A huge subjective improvement in your quality of life helps as profoundly as gaining some huge insight (which he did anyway) or a huge life change (like new job, as an example) – something that helps you constantly, vs something later forgotten.

    I’ve had tons of these simple, yet profound, life improvements through my work with Rose 🙂 Many just casually melted away, left me wondering why they had been such a source of consternation for so many years before anyway!

  4. 4

    GRACE S., thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

    I do love when I help clients to NOT have drama, to NOT change jobs, to NOT end a marriage, to NOT have various sorts of drama that seemed inevitable.

    When STUFF is removed, and we recieve PUT-IN that expresses the soul more fully, we do think better. As you mentioned, “Left me wondering why [old problems] had been such a source of consternatoin for so many years before anyway!”

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