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Blog slow. Sometimes dropping comments.

[Last week] Sadly this blog is dropping some comments lately. Please copy and save your comments first, then paste them here.

Dear Blog-Buddies:

You know how your comments and guest posts are a very important, so valued part of this blog. Well, it has come to my attention that lately some blog comments have just been unceremoniously dropped, rather than posting properly.

My brainy tech guy, AJ McClary, is working to fix this. [And he did. Yeah, AJ!]

Meanwhile, please type in your comments somewhere you can save each one, then cut and paste it into the COMMENTS box. That way your treasured contributions won’t get lost.

If this dropping problem has happened to you, I apologize. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Never is it personal.

Over the last week, this has even happened to me a few times! 

Also the blog has been uncharacteristically slow to load.

I’ll let you know as soon as the repair has been done.

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    David B says:

    Blogs are complex bits of software, running on a server.

    You have the operating system of the server. You have various server applications to support features.
    You have a complex bit of web application known as WordPress.
    Riding inside that, you have theme files, plugins, and customizations.

    All of these parts periodically get updated and sometimes they fall out of sync and something gets broken.

    Or, you get someone bringing their problems to the server. Or just junk left over from incomplete processes. And on and on.

    Web sites are like cars being used by hundreds of people a day. They need a little extra TLC sometimes.


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