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High Traffic at the Blog Is Slowing Things Down TEMPORARILY

Golly, who knew?

I found out this morning from AJ, concerned that the blog is responding so slow. (Or however one is supposed to say that in today’s super-cool Techno Talk.)

Of course there are fixes for this, making the blog capable of handling more traffice.

We’re on it. The fix may just take a little time.

Meanwhile, please be patient with that speed thing. And maybe write and save your comments elsewhere first, then cut and paste here. As described in this recent post.

High traffic? Wow!

Also formatting is being lost.

Like the post I made live later today, What Is an Unskilled Empath Merge? Blog-Buddies, there is nothing I can do right now. Except that my team is doing what they can to solve one problem at a time. Your clicking here is not the problem, of course. We’ll get all this sorted out.

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    David B says:

    You’re just too popular, Rose. 😉

  2. 2


    Well, we have arranged some extra memory. This will, I hope, translate into faster access for all you Blog-Buddies.

    If you have any glitches in the future, please email to let me know:

    This is one way I hope NOT to hear from you’all. Still, it’s important to flag problems if they do arise.

    Sorry for any inconvenience any of you have had. I would prefer for this blog to be an altogether good experience for everyone concerned.

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