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Gordon Ramsay, What Makes Him Tick? A Face Reading.


Gordon Ramsay. Photo by gordonramsaysubmissions (gordon-ramsay-11) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

This photo comes courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. In no way is it implied that the photographer or the subject endorses either me or this use of the image.


Blog-Buddies, you’re in for a treat as I play catch-up on our most recent contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?  There I made a promise that I don’t plan to ever make again at this blog. I offered to do a reading on every single nominee of every person who entered the contest. Wow, does my heart leap ahead sometimes!

Still, I’m going to follow up. A commitment is a commitment.

Gordon Ramsay , the celebrity chef, is famous from shows like “Kitchen Nightmares.” He was nominated for a face reading by Blog-Buddy JULES D., who wrote:

“With his wrinkles, he surely has some interesting face reading data. He’s known for being ill-tempered in the kitchen, to say the least. He seems nicer with his family, so I’m wondering how his face shows both sides of his nature.”

As a disclaimer, I must note that I have heard of Gordon Ramsay’s TV work, but have never seen him in action. I write purely as a face reader. It would be fun for those of you who have viewed him to add your comments below!

Prepare to do physiognomy along with me

Face reading starts with a face, either in person or with a picture.

Face Reading Item #1: Broken Forehead Furrows

How to See This Like a Face Reader

In this excellent photo, supplied by JULES D., you can clearly see four Forehead Furrows — horizontal lines across the forehead. Each of them is broken, or interrupted. And each one breaks in a different area.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets®

Intellectually Gordon Ramsay is a big improviser. In one particular situation, he will approach his work one way. Another situation, his process of thinking will be quite different.

This makes it easier for him to compartmentalize, with the sort of apparent contradiction that JULES D. flagged in the words quoted above.

Whole brain lines show intellectual power. Having four of them, even though broken, indicate uncommon intellectual power. This backs up the unpredictablity to his approach in any given situation.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Mental unpredictablity could be a problem — with his family, for instance.

Note: I didn’t write “Mental instability.” Just that you can’t predict where Gordon Ramsay will come from, in his approach to a problem. For a reality TV star, this very unpredictability could add to his appeal.

Face Reading Item #2: Lowbrows

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Check out the distance between Gordon Ramsay’s eyebrows and his eyes. Very short, particularly with his right eye. (Remember to cross over to tell left from right as a face reader, as if shaking hands.)

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets®

Especially at work, but also in his personal life, I would expect Gordon Ramsay to be a highly spontaneous communicator. Those words just fly out, don’t they?

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Don’t expect a “Think before he speaks” kind of filter. Gee, might that upset people on occasion?

(Also add to his ratings?)

Face Reading Item #3: Eyelid Thickness — None

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Picture Gordon Ramsay wearing turquoise eyeshadow. Except how much of that would you see in his photograph? Exactly none, unless his eyes were closed.

Folks with larger Eyelid Thickness — now they would get their money’s worth from that turquoise eye makeup.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets®

Social independence. No matter how much Gordon Ramsay loves — just loves — his family and friends and business associates… He will still need plenty of personal space.

And if the personality he projects for TV is that of a scary curmudgeon, so much the easier.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Finding it hard to really get close to other people? Finding hard to WANT to get really close to them?

Face Reading Item #4: In-Drawn Lip Texture

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Imagine, if you would, that Gordon Ramsay’s lips are like automobile tires. If he got a lip job, they would appear over-inflated. What he’s got naturally, with In-Drawn Lip Texture,  looks more under-inflated. Two lips not unlike two flat tires!!

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets®

Communication is inner directed, can be strongly felt. It’s the opposite of saying things just for show.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Imagine of ultra-snarky comments were made on purpose. Would they be taken extra-seriously, as if heartfelt and 100% sincere? Then what might that do to Gordon Ramsay’s likability?

Face Reading Item #5: Long Chin

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Chin Length is a matter of proportion, comparing the length of that chin to the proportions from the mouth upwards to the hairline. Gordon Ramsay has a VERY long chin. You could use that as your standard for this option within the Chin Length Physiognomy Category.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets®

Big risk taker. Blog-Buddies who have seen this show, what feedback can you give about this?

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Pushing the limits of what is acceptable and accepted? Does that help with popularity long term? How about reputation?


A full face reading takes me 55 minutes, and that’s talking super-quickly to my client. From this handful of facial characteristics I can just sum up this way:

Gordon Ramsay is a quirky thinker, even outrageous, and decidely unpredictible. I would expect his communication to be spontaneous, verging on bombastic.

Helping the impact to be even more forceful, he may not care a whole lot about whether other people/viewers like him. Rather than a warm, fuzzy communicator, he may speak with a quality of self-righteousness or strong belief. Combining all this with a risk-taking temperament and, phew! Conversation could get mighty hot in Gordon Ramsay’s reality show kitchen.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Hi Rose,

    You nailed this reading. He is exactly like this on his shows. I’ve watched the one where he goes into failing restaurants and tells them in no uncertain terms what they need to change in order to succeed, and the show where he travels around the world sampling all kinds of food–definitely a risk taker. Impulsive and abrasive and totally unpredictable.

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    Lol, he was born in Johnstone, about 3 miles from where I am sitting now in Glasgow. He couldn’t be more stereotypically Glaswegian if he tried. :-). I love Glasgow. Lord, this is so spot on it s funny.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Love this!

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    I don’t watch any of Gordon Ramsay’s shows, but I’ve heard enough about them and seen enough promos to agree that this reading is not at all a surprise.

  5. 5
    Adam McIntosh says:

    I’ve watch way more Hell’s Kitchen than is good for anyone, really. This:

    “Imagine of ultra-snarky comments were made on purpose. Would they be taken extra-seriously, as if heartfelt and 100% sincere? Then what might that do to Gordon Ramsay’s likability?”

    Oooohh, this. The man knows how to say a harsh thing with deep feeling. When deployed against an overinflated ego it can be entertaining, but Gordon is not always particularly discriminating with his choice of target.

  6. 6
    Kira says:

    My husband and I just watched an episode of Kitchen Nightmares (the show Kylie mentioned in Comment 1) last night. It was extra fascinating for me, not just watching how Ramsay was living up to the reading, but also seeing him put together a menu of New Orleans food on his first trip to the New Orleans area (this restaurant, Zeke’s, is in my home-suburb of Metairie).

    This episode was a case where the impulsiveness and abrasiveness came out, but it took team-building skills to get everyone to work together for the sake of the restaurant rather than the owners being at odds with the employees.

    Ramsay needed to get across to the owners that their employees knew where many of the problems were and that a restaurant business is about the food and experience, not about the bottom line, so he had the two main cooks make dishes themselves that he first put in front of the owners as his (Ramsay’s), then when they started complimenting the food, he told them it was their own employees who had made the dishes. It helped the owners see what was possible with the food they could serve and with trusting the employees to know their business. And it was interesting to watch Ramsay switch gears from simply yelling at the owners to coming up with a workable solution.

  7. 7
    Curiouser and Curioser (As Ever) says:

    Thank you, Rose. I am catching up with your blog after some time traveling. I very much appreciate these fascinating on-line lessons.

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