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Happy Empaths from Your Generation

Happy Empaths

Sure, there are happy empaths from your generation. Learn more about them.

Happy empaths from your generation: Well adjusted! Even joyful. And mega-successful. Let’s start a little series to help you celebrate some happy empaths.

Because every generation has them: Some Chris Rocks.

Just kidding. Every generation has Highly Sensitive Persons. And also there are Highly, Highly Sensitive Persons, born empaths.

And in every generation, some of those empaths learn a version of empath skills. No, not everybody has to learn the system of Empath Empowerment to learn how to routinely keep your emapth gifts turned OFF. 😉

Age of Awakening NEWS

Share Your News of the Age of Awakening

Share Your News of the Age of Awakening

Let awkward names of the past fall away. “Age of Awakening” fits better as a name for this time.

This is an age when personal development can zoom forward at top speed, even bringing millions into Enlightenment. Just as unusual, historically, we are being invited to live in Enlightenment as householders. (Not renunciates.)

For starters, you are invited to comment here with your response to the July issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” where there was a bold article about the Age of Awakening.

Here you are also invited to comment with observations you have about personal awakenings and shifts to collective consciousness. You’re going to be noticing a lot of news like this. Maybe you already have comments to add below.

Regular readers of this blog know that the juice here isn’t just in the main articles but in our comments. Here we have quite a community — curious, smart, respectful, kind, spiritually awake.

What Are Energetic Frozen Blocks?

Frozen blocks can come in plenty of shapes besides bricks.

Frozen blocks can come in plenty of shapes besides bricks.

Time to learn about FROZEN BLOCKS. Here’s one reason why.

Surely you have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Would it surprise you to learn that PTSD is an extreme version of something that happens to you every day?

Blog slow. Sometimes dropping comments.

[Last week] Sadly this blog is dropping some comments lately. Please copy and save your comments first, then paste them here.

Dear Blog-Buddies:

You know how your comments and guest posts are a very important, so valued part of this blog. Well, it has come to my attention that lately some blog comments have just been unceremoniously dropped, rather than posting properly.

My brainy tech guy, AJ McClary, is working to fix this. [And he did. Yeah, AJ!]

Meanwhile, please type in your comments somewhere you can save each one, then cut and paste it into the COMMENTS box. That way your treasured contributions won’t get lost.

If this dropping problem has happened to you, I apologize. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Never is it personal.

Over the last week, this has even happened to me a few times! 

Also the blog has been uncharacteristically slow to load.

I’ll let you know as soon as the repair has been done.

Announcing the Age of Awakening

It is the dawning of the Age of... Awakening

It is the dawning of the Age of… Awakening

True, the world didn’t explode. But did that mean nothing happened on 12/21/12?

Polls before that mystical date confirmed that millions of people were very, very worried that the world was going to end. Others of us were expecting heaven to touch down like a very successful football pass. And then you know what followed, right?

Did the sun refuse to shine? Did the moon turn red with blood? Nope. And the saints didn’t come marching in, either, as in the old song.

Consequently most people forgot how they had expected anything special. What big change?

Seven Reasons Why SKILLED Empaths Need Not Fear Narcissists

Don't let the word "Narcissist" confuse you. Nor the word "Empath."

Don’t let the word “Narcissist” confuse you. Nor the word “Empath.”

A recent conversation really opened my eyes to how much some unskilled empaths have suffered. My Highly, Highly Sensitive fellow empaths, not-yet-skilled… ouch!

This conversation took place on Facebook at the Empath Empowerment® Skills Group. Based on that, I would like to share some ideas related to handling difficult people, whether narcissists or not.

First a few definitions will be necessary, so it’s clear that we mean the same things when using certain terms.

  • An empath is someone with a gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be other people. Empaths are not necessarily people who feel other people’s feelings.
  • Unskilled empaths suffer because, unless the empath actively gains skills to turn the empath gift(s) OFF, there will be suffering, confusion, and loads of other relationship problems. It can be hard to use common sense about whether a relationship is helpful for you or not.
  • Energetically, the kind of problem empaths get is called “Imported STUFF.” In the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), there are 14 other kinds of STUFF, not just what causes empaths to suffer.
  • Imported STUFF complicates ALL of an empath’s relationships, whether we know about this subconscious-level problem or not, also whether we consciously know that we are empaths or not.

Compassion Is Definitely Needed

Compassion needs to be part of the conversation because suffering hurts. Whatever the cause of that distress, whichever personalities are involved, sometimes relationships are really, really hard here at Earth School.

Conformity. Lessons from My Garden.

Volunteer flowers gone wild

Volunteer flowers gone wild

This summer three volunteer plants in my garden have offered me cosmos, lovely little blossoms of pink sweetness.

Last year I planted a packet of cosmos seeds. Enjoyed them. Let them go in the fall, with appreciation. After all, they are annuals.

Mostly I grow perennials, loving the rhythms of return, my chosen goodness coming back year after year.

This year I had other plans than cosmos for that patch of garden. The boxwoods are doing nicely, especially since they’re punctuated with sweet, small spikes of liriope.

When those volunteers came up, they surprised me. They didn’t fit in with my plan. Yet how could I resist? As you might expect of someone named “Rose Rosetree,” I’m a bit of a flower freak.

Yes, I would keep these unexpected blessings of the floral variety.

Still, as the delicate little startings began, I developed an expectation. Since I was accepting these volunteers, all of them would conform to my standards. Just like the photographs on my packet of seeds, every specimen would be perfect. Each would look like the other, a nicely matched set.

Good Luck with That!

Within days, two out of three of these cosmos grew alarming (for a perfectionist gardener anyway).

Psychic Coercion Removal, a guest post from SUZ

Good things happen when you learn to use your sacred Power of Command

Good things happen when you learn to use your sacred Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

When I teach skills for self-healing, I don’t usually learn the stories. Yet results are the whole point of the many different techniques in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. The  idea is to remove STUFF that impacts your subconscious mind and aura, then add PUT-IN that helps you express your soul better. Then you move forward with more joy, more yourself than ever. Personal growth is so much easier without all that energetic clutter.

Originally the following was addressed to me as an email. With permission, I am sharing this as a guest post by SUZ. Her words, my links and headings. Definitely my thanks to her for this teaching tale.

It’s me, Suz, from the blog. I’ve been trying to figure out how to share this amazing (to me) event. It has to do with some very uncomfortable psychic coercion and releasing it using your instruction in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Let me preface and say that I should have learned something like this in the church long ago. (Like, everything in your book!) The church in general does a very poor job of teaching its people how to protect themselves. But that’s an aside from this story.

What Happened, Putting It as Nicely as Possible

My Qigong instructor of three years did some extensive energy healing work on one of my physical issues, with amazing results. (That’s a big story in itself, but not for now.)

He also read through my aura and decided that energetically, I was his peer and was already a healer, and he was going to teach me his branch of knowledge. (!!!)

After some months we reached a point where he was suggesting some mutual energy work concerning balancing yin and yang. Because it was “something I needed.”

Just a bit close and deep.

What You May Not Have Known about My Workshops on How to Cut Cords of Attachment


Why take the upcoming Level 1 Workshop to Cut Cords of Attachment?

Why take the upcoming Level 1 Workshop to Cut Cords of Attachment? This double rainbow is your clue.

Getting in just under the wire, tomorrow night at midnight — Friday, July 10, 2015 — is the final deadline for taking this year’s workshop on Cut Cords of Attachment, Level 1.

A description has been updated about what, exactly, you will learn plus some very specific reasons to take the workshop.

So why today’s post?

Because the best reason of all to attend might be that you become eligible to take Cut Cords of Attachment, Level 2. (This will be given October 24-25, 2015.)

Blog-Buddies, bit by bit, I have been updating workshop descriptions at my website. To put it politely, I’m not a big salesperson. I’m a teacher, for sure. Historically the teaching skills have not been accompanied by many skills for promoting my work. Still, I’ve been getting a clue lately.

So today I sat down to revise the official description for what’s in that Level 1 workshop. And it hit me like a ton of… rainbow, walloping me on the side of the head…

There is so much to that Level 2  Workshop for Cutting Cords of Attachment. Knowing you can’t get there without first taking Level 1 (either at the in-person workshop or through personal mentoring with me)… well I had a hunch that some of you might want to know.

Aura Reading The Donald Trump. An Ego Assessment Profile.

Donald Trump, ready for his aura reading

Donald Trump, ready for an aura reading that stars his ego

(The) Donald Trump, ready for his aura reading. Yum! I can’t resist sharing this aura reading of The Donald. Who doesn’t have a pretty strong emotional reaction to the presidential candidate and reality TV star?

Usually I avoid blogging with aura readings or face readings about political figures. But Candidate Trump is really getting his heart’s desire these days (except for the near-universal contempt). Nearly everybody is talking about Donald Trump. Why not me, too?

It so happens that Donald Trump is one of the money-related celebrities whom I researched in my how-to about success and prosperity, “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

Today I’ll share an excerpt, the type of aura reading called an “Ego Assessment Profile.” This is one of the practical uses of energetic literacy.

Doing business with someone, or voting for someone, or dating, why not take a few minutes to research that person’s subconscious Who-You-Be, the auric modeling? Well, The Donald has a doozy!