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Please, Please, Please Do Not Confuse Energy Fascination with Being an Empath

When folks mix up being an empath with having to live with big energy awareness

How to become miserable? Mix up being an empath with having to notice energy all day long.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to RACHEL SEARLE, who recently shared here at the blog for the first time, and in a brave way, at an article about empath skills. Yet her comments were very concerning to me, both as an Empath Coach and as someone who helps people with the other skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Living now, we can evolve so fast spiritually. It’s a great opportunity, provided you understand that you are HUMAN. Invest in that human life, complete with common sense, and astral energies will support you as never before in human history.

But if you become overly involved in paying attention to energies, you will (not may, you WILL) lose your balance. Most likely you will develop a spiritual addiction, a kind of addiction to the allure of the astral.

This can be avoided. Or if too late for that, healed.

How to Avoid or Heal Spiritual Addiction

If you have become overly involved in the astral, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Nor that you would know there’s a problem from talking to your friends. Sadly, they may have the same problem as you, or  even have a more severe version, extreme spiritual addiction.

It takes skills of energetic literacy to determine whether or not there is a problem, because full-strength aura reading reveals what is going on at the astral level within a person’s aura — a  level that corresponds to your subconscious mind.

Millions of people are suffering from the same kind of problem, energy addiction (a.k.a. Spiritual Addiction). Be bold enough to wake up now and turn this around for yourself. You can become a leader in your social group! Dare to live as a Post-New-Ager.

First, might I recommend that you gain historical perspective from this recent article: What is the Age of Awakening?

Second, you can bolster this Post-New-Age perspective with specifics. Learn how to avoid an energy-based lifestyle with this series of blog posts, 10 in all: Heal Spiritual Addiction, Top 10 Articles about Technique Time.

Today, of course, I’m writing with a slightly different emphasis, related to being an empath.

What Is an Empath?

An empath was born with one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. So empaths are born, not made. And there are many of us — 1 in 20 people.

As an Empath Coach, I have had a great deal of experience in this field. I have seen it grow tremendously since I published the first book for empaths, now out of print and replaced by a series of four how-to books on the system of Empath Empowerment®.

Like anyone living now, empath or not, it is very easy for anyone to become overly involved with energy. This over-involvement is a consciousness lifestyle, a choice.

Being an empath is NOT a choice. It’s a great blessing, provided that we get reliable skills. Otherwise we will suffer.

And what is the great big, nasty mess going on now for many empaths?

Empaths have become a big market. Empath authorities abound. Even when they are like the blind leading the blind. Leading to…

A New Problem for Empaths. Living in the Age of Awakening

Today, energy is EVERYONE’s shiny new toy. If you think that you have  just discovered it because you’re special, please! You are special. But everyone living now can notice energies very easily.

It’s about as unusual as living during the Industrial Revolution and thinking, “I’m so special, because I know about Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin.” 😉

So noticing energy is the happening thing. What happens when people also just happen to find out they are empaths?

Remember, these smart self-actualizing empaths are living when?


On comes advice  with the blind empaths leading the blind.

So the majority of advice for empaths that you will find on the Internet is probably coming from people in spiritual addiction who are not skilled empaths — at least not how this Empath Coach would define it. You’ll be encouraged to make a mish-mash of energy everything and call that “Being an empath.”


Empaths, Don’t Settle for That

You’re invited to the free resource, the Empath Empowerment® SKILLS Group on Facebook. This supports people who are reading at least one of my books for empath skills. Not a substitute for that systematic instruction, but a wonderful support.

Although the group is just a few months old, we have already had many conversations and comments in the direction of clarifying the difference between being an empath and drifting along aimlessly in energies.

What is another resource for clarifying the difference between being an empath versus over-emphasizing energy in everyday live? (Even glorifying spiritual addiction as a path for empaths!!!!)

Our next post in this series.

Meanwhile, please share your comments here. And don’t worry.

  • If in spiritual addiction, you can overcome it.
  • If an unskilled empath, you can get skills. Many thousands have mastered Empath Empowerment®, why not you, too?
  • In RES, overcoming spiritual addiction and gaining skills as an empath — they fit together like hand in glove.

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    Such a helpful distinction to make, Rose!

    I see really often, even among people who are very highly skilled in their own professions (healers of various types, or teachers, or coaches) making passing references to empaths and doing so in a way which betrays quite a lot of this mish-mash thinking.

    Like a highly-skilled airplane pilot giving terrible nutrition advice over the PA. Unrelated. Unhelpful.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    It does seem that there are plenty of people who DEFINE empath as, “One who is tripping along in energies all day every day, and can’t do anything about it.”

    In other words, for them, empath = highly unskilled empath in spiritual addiction, and spiritual addictions cannot be healed but must be coped with (bring the tissues).

    Yikes! I’m so lucky to have found you and not had to settle for that!

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    I like this post.

  4. 4
    an avid reader says:

    I like this, too, Rose. Another example of your shining work as a pioneer and a world server.

  5. 5
    David B says:

    Good one, Rose. You’re right. I hadn’t quite thought about it this way. I’ve certainly seen the not very helpful sites / talks / books on empaths. But they are indeed often coupled with romance of the astral.

    That’s called how to make it worse. Sheesh.

  6. 6
    David B says:

    I’m reminded of a site a friends was discussing recently. It was a list of red flags in considering a spiritual teacher.

    One of them was – talks about enlightenment but doesn’t offer the means.

    That would well apply here also. Talk with no skills is just talk.

  7. 7
    Lilian says:

    Do you have a fascinating aura, or am I just happy to see you? Jokes. It’s a new agey come on. Makes people sound more emotionally intelligent.

  8. 8
    Kira says:

    LOL, Lillian! 😀

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