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Best Celebrity Aura Readings. 100+

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

Best celebrity aura readings galore! Find hundreds. Plus Face readings! Skilled Empath Merges!

Best Celebrity Aura Readings? Amazingly, you can find ones here. Not just RES-style Aura Readings, either. Also Skilled Empath Merges. Yet other articles whisper Face Reading Secrets®.

Most noteworthy, these are no random energy readings. Instead you’ll find insights courtesy of skills. Very specifically, skills taught in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)!

As a result, you’ll learn juicy details about your favorite celebrities. Each one has been profiled by me or one of my students. Using trademarked RES systems of energetic literacy.

Best Celebrity Aura Readings — And More

First of all, know about the variety. Easily choosing from three different types of reading.

Enjoy this first-name alphabetical list of these celebrity readings

Yes, skills! Energetic literacy! Because these readings are profiles, not gossip.

Another useful thing to know. Relevant to photo copyrights: Legally I can’t store celebrity photos. Even the links I provide can go bad. Considering that, what’s your best choice for seeing the photo referred to in a blog post? Maybe, just stay current as a reader. Maybe check in at this blog once a week or so.

Otherwise, when reading an older article, oops! You may not be able to find the same photo I used originally. No worries. Google Images gives you an easy way to find photos of any public figure.

That said, let’s proceed with loads of fascinating celebrity readings. Enjoy!

For Starters, Best Celebrity Aura Readings with A-B

  1. Abigail Breslin (Aura Reading)
  2. Abraham Lincoln, President (Comparison Aura Reading)
  3. Alexander McCall Smith (Aura Reading)
  4. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Aura Reading Part 1, Guest Post by Isabella Cates)
  5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Aura Reading Part 2, Guest Post by Isabella Cates)
  6. Alicia Vikander (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  7. Amal Alamuddin (Compatibility Face Reading with George Clooney)
  8. Angela Lansbury (Skilled Empath Merge)
  9. Anne Hathaway (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  10. Anthony J. Atala, M.D. (Aura Reading)
  11. Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice (Aura Reading)
  12. Art Wolfe (Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot, Part 1)
  13. Art Wolfe (Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot, Part 2)
  14. Austin Perine (Aura Reading)
  15. Audra McDonald (Skilled Empath Merge)
  16. Barack Obama, President (Aura Reading)
  17. Barack Obama, President (Comparison Aura Reading)
  18. Barbro Klaren (Aura Reading)
  19. Becky Hammon (Skilled Empath Merge)
  20. Benedict XVI, Pope (Comparison Aura Reading)
  21. Benedict Cumberbatch (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  22. Bernie Sanders, Senator (Aura Reading) (By Isabella, Comments Comments 20-32 and also Comments 63-72.)
  23. Bernie Sanders, Senator (Face Reading)
  24. Bette Midler (Face Reading)
  25. Billy Graham, Rev. (Aura Reading, Last Sermon)
  26. Billy Graham, Rev. (Additional Aura Reading, Commemorating His Death)
  27. Billy Porter (Comparison Aura Reading)
  28. Bob McDonnell, Virginia Governor (Aura Reading, Lie Detector Test)
  29. Bobby Norfolk (Aura Reading Enlightenment)
  30. Bradley Cooper (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  31. Brian Williams (Face Reading for Integrity)
  32. Brian Williams (Face Reading Update)
  33. Brie Larson (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  34. Bruce Jenner (Comparison Aura Reading around Gender Identity) Part 1
  35. Bruce Jenner (Comparison Aura Reading around Gender Identity) Part 2
  36. Bruno Mars (Aura Reading)

Extremely Noteworthy, Best Celebrity Aura Readings with C-D

  1. Caitlyn Jenner (Comparison Aura Reading around Gender Identity)
  2. Carli Lloyd (Skilled Empath Merge)
  3. Cary Grant (Aura Reading for Charm)
  4. Casey Affleck (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  5. Cate Blanchett (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  6. Cecilia Bartoli (Comparison Skilled Empath Merge)
  7. Charlie White (Aura Reading)
  8. Charlie White (Couples Aura Reading with Meryl Davis)
  9. Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie (Face Reading)
  10. Chris Rock (Aura Reading of an Empath)
  11. Christy Smith (Empath Merge, Deaf Person)
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo (Skilled Empath Merge. YouTube.)
  13. David Corn (Aura Reading)
  14. First of the Davids, David Letterman (Comparison Skilled Empath Merge)
  15. Second of the Davids, David Sedaris (Face Reading, Part 1)
  16. More about the Second of the Davids, David Sedaris (Face Reading, Part 2)
  17. Daniel Day-Lewis (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  18. Della Reese (Skilled Empath Merge)
  19. Denzel Washington (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  20. Dick Bolles (Making Money Profile)
  21. First of the set of Trumps, Donald Trump, Presidential Candidate (YouTube Aura Reading)
  22. Second of the set of Trumps, Donald Trump (Aura Reading, Ego Assessment Profile)
  23. Final one of the set of Trumps, Donald Trump (Face Reading)

Naturally We’ll Include Best Celebrity Aura Readings with E-F

  1. Eckhart Tolle (Aura Reading)
  2. Eddie Redmayne (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  3. Edward Norton (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  4. Edward Snowden (Aura Reading by Jill Erin)
  5. Elaine Stritch (Aura Reading)
  6. Elon Musk (Making Money Profile)
  7. Elvis Presley (How Fame Changed His Aura)
  8. Elizabeth Holmes (Skilled Empath Merge)
  9. Elizabeth Warren, Senator (Comparison Aura Reading)
  10. First of the Emma Stone Readings(Aura Reading for Charm)
  11. Second of the Emma Stone Readings (Face Reading Requirements for a Professional Beauty)
  12. Third of the Emma Stone Readings(Face Reading Requirements for a Professional Beauty — Concluded)
  13. In Conclusion, This Emma Stone Reading (Face Reading to Open the Heart of Compassion)
  14. Eric Betzig (Aura Reading)
  15. Eric Ripert (Skilled Empath Merge)
  16. Ethan Hawke (Aura Reading + Face Reading regarding his “Mark of Devotion”)
  17. Ezra Klein (Voice Aura Reading)
  18. Because of her advertising excellence: Frances Gerety, — Relevant: “Diamonds are forever” (Face Reading)
  19. Francis, Pope (Skilled Empath Merge, Comparing Before and After Becoming Pope)
  20. Francis, Pope (Skilled Empath Merge, Comparing Becoming Pope and Months Later)

Seems to Me, You Might Enjoy Our Best Celebrity Aura Readings Containing G-H

  1. Gabrielle Giffords, House Representative (Comparison Aura Reading)
  2. Gary Johnson, (Aura Reading the Libertarian Candidate. By RES Practitioner Isabella Cates.)
  3. Gary Oldman (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  4. George Clooney (Compatibility Face Reading with Amal Alamuddin)
  5. Amazing Audiobook Narrator George Guidall (Skilled Empath Merge)
  6. George Zimmerman (Aura Reading)
  7. George Zimmerman (Face Reading. How His Face Changed.)
  8. Gisele Bündchen (Aura Reading)
  9. Grant Cardone (Sound Aura Reading)
  10. Harry, Prince (Aura Reading)
  11. Hanna Kroeger (Skilled Empath Merge)
  12. Heath Ledger (Aura Reading for Coolness)
  13. Heath Ledger (Face Reading)
  14. First of the Hillary Clinton Aura Readings,  Presidential Candidate (YouTube Aura Reading)
  15. Second of the Hillary ClintonReadings, First Lady (Face Reading)
  16. Culminating Hillary Clinton Reading: First Lady (Skilled Empath Merge)
  17. Ingrid Newkirk (Aura Reading)

Joyfully, I Announce Celebrity Readings with J-K

  1. James Corden (Skilled Empath Merge)
  2. James Taylor (Voice Aura Reading)
  3. Jared Leto (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  4. Jared Kushner (Integrity Reading)
  5. Jason Collins (Skilled Empath Merge)
  6. Jean Liu (Aura Reading)
  7. Jeff Bezos (Face Reading)
  8. Jenna Marbles (Make Money Profile)
  9. Amazingly, a Non-Entertainer-Type Jennifer: Jennifer Doudna (Face Reading, Mostly)
  10. Jennifer Lawrence (Skilled Empath Merge, “American Hustle”)
  11. Jennifer Lawrence (Aura Reading Movie Review in 2016, for “Joy,” by RES Practitioner Isabella Cates)
  12. First Jessica Biel Reading (Compatibility Aura Reading with Justin Timberlake, Part 1, by Jordan)
  13. Second Jessica Biel Reading(Compatibility Aura Reading with Justin Timberlake, Part 2, by Jordan)
  14. By Contrast, First Jessica Chastain Reading (Aura Reading Movie Review by Jordan)
  15. Second Jessica Chastain Reading (Aura Reading)
  16. Jill Stein (Aura Reading the Green Party Candidate. By RES Practitioner Isabella Cates.)
  17. Jim Bradford (Aura Reading)
  18. Jimmy Fallon (Aura Reading for Charm)
  19. Joe DiMaggio (Comparison Aura Reading)
  20. First up, John Boyega (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  21. Secondly, John McWhorter (Skilled Empath Merge)
  22. Third up, John Robbins (Aura Reading)
  23. Johnny Depp (Aura Reading)
  24. Johnny Depp (Face Reading)
  25. Jon Stewart (Aura Reading)
  26. Joni Mitchell (Skilled Empath Merge)
  27. Judi Bowker (Aura Reading for Sexiness)
  28. Julianne Moore (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  29. First of the Justins, Justin Bieber (Aura Reading)
  30. Secondly, Justin-Wise, Justin Timberlake (Compatibility Aura Reading with Jessica Biel, Part 1, by Jordan)
  31. Third, Justinly Speaking, Justin Timberlake (Compatibility Aura Reading with Jessica Biel, Part 2, by Jordan)
  32. Noteworthy for You Canadians: Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister (Aura Reading)
  33. First Kanye West Reading (Aura Reading in 2007)
  34. Second Kanye West Reading(Aura Reading in 2015)
  35. Finally This Kanye West Reading (Face Reading)
  36. Kate Spade (Face Reading)
  37. Khloe Kardashian (Aura Reading for Sex Appeal)
  38. Kristen Waggoner (Aura Reading)

In Addition, Best Celebrity Aura Readings Starting with L

  1. Lance Armstrong (Aura Reading for Integrity)
  2. First Time, Lena Dunham (Aura Reading, Part 1)
  3. Second Time, Lena Dunham Aura Reading, Part 2)
  4. Third Time, Lena Dunham (Face Reading, Part 1)
  5. Fourth Time, Lena Dunham (Face Reading, Part 2)
  6. Leonard Nimoy (Aura Reading by IRENE)
  7. Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street” (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant” (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  9. Leslie Odom Jr. (Comparison Aura Reading)
  10. Saturday Night Live Star Leslie Jones (Aura Reading)
  11. Leslie Jones (Face Reading, Newsletter 11-16)
  12. Lin-Manuel Miranda (Sound-Based Aura Reading)
  13. Lin-Manuel Miranda (Body Language + Aura. 5 SMILES.)
  14. (Aura Reading Movie Review) for Lucas Hedges.
  15. Lupita Nyong’o (Aura Reading Movie Review)

Moreover, Best Celebrity Aura Readings with M

  1. Madeline L’Engle (Face Reading)
  2. Masaaki Hatsumi (Skilled Empath Merge, Molecular Empath)
  3. Maggie Austin LaBaugh (Skilled Empath Merge)
  4. Maggie Austin LaBaugh (Aura Reading by JESSE)
  5. Mark Ruffalo (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  6. Mark Zuckerberg (Face Reading, Pre Marriage)
  7. Mark Zuckerberg with Priscilla Chan(Face Reading, Pre Marriage)
  8. Mark Zuckerberg (Aura Reading for Making Money, in 2012)
  9. Mark Zuckerberg (Comparison Aura Reading, in 2018)
  10. Maria Tallchief (Aura Reading for Inspiration)
  11. Marion Cotillard (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  12. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. (Face Reading for Inspiration)
  13. Maryam Mirzakhani, (Face Reading a Genius, Part 1)
  14. Maryam Mirzakhani, (Face Reading a Genius, Part 2)
  15. Matthew McConaughey (Movie Review with Skilled Empath Merge)
  16. Maureen McDonnell (Aura Reading for Integrity)
  17. Maya Angelou (Aura Reading for Charm)
  18. Meghan Markle (Aura Reading)
  19. Melania Trump (Aura Reading about Motherhood)
  20. Meryl Davis (Aura Reading)
  21. Meryl Davis, (Couples Aura Reading with Charlie White)
  22. First of the Michaels, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City (Face Reading)
  23. Second, Michael Flatley (Skilled Empath Merge)
  24. Michael Keaton (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  25. Third, Michael Phelps (Skilled Empath Merge in 2016)
  26. Fourth, Michael Phelps (Aura Reading and Skilled Empath Merge in 2008)
  27. Fifth, Michael Phelps (Face Reading in 2008)
  28. Plus Michael Shannon (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  29. Michelle Howard, Admiral (Skilled Empath Merge)
  30. Michele Bachman, Presidential Candidate (Aura Reading)
  31. Mike Pence, Vice-Presidential Candidate (YouTube Aura Reading)
  32. Mike Pence, Vice-Presidential Candidate (Aura Reading by Isabella Cates)
  33. Miley Cyrus (Skilled Empath Merge by Elaine)
  34. Miriam Makeba (Voice Aura Reading)
  35. Mitt Romney (Face Reading)
  36. Natalie Merchant (Aura Reading)
  37. Naomi Watts (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  38. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior (Aura Reading)
  39. Neal Barnard (Aura Reading)
  40. Nelson Mandela, President, South Africa (Aura Reading)
  41. Nelson Mandela, President, South Africa (Face Reading)
  42. Nithyananda, Swami  (Aura Reading)
  43. Nithyananda, Swami (Face Reading)
  44. Nobuo Uematsu (Aura Reading by Melanie Shimokawa)

Probably You Can Guess. Next up, Best Celebrity Aura Readings O-Q

  1. Odd Nerdrum (Aura Reading)
  2. Opiod Addict (Aura Reading)
  3. Oprah Winfrey (Why Can’t Oprah Stay Skinny? 2007)
  4. Oprah Winfrey (Aura Reading for Consciousness Lifestyle)
  5. Orson Scott Card (Aura Reading)
  6. Patricia Arquette (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  7. Pete Seeger (Face Reading)
  8. Peter Capaldi (Face Reading)
  9. Peter Jackson (Face Reading and a bit of Skilled Empath Merge)
  10. Philip Seymour Hoffman (Aura Reading, Exploring the Impact of Heroin)
  11. Pope Francis. See Francis, Pope.
  12. Prince George, House of Windsor (Aura Reading a Newborn)
  13. Priscilla Chan (Face Reading)
  14. Quvenzhané Wallis (Aura Reading Movie Review)

Furthermore, Best Celebrity Aura Readings Starting with R

  1. Rachel McAdams (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  2. Rand Paul (Aura Reading for Consciousness Lifestyle)
  3. First Renee Zellweger Reading (Aura Reading)
  4. Second Renee Zellweger Reading (Face Reading, Part 1)
  5. Third Renee Zellweger Reading (Face Reading, Part 2)
  6. Final Renee Zellweger Reading (Face Reading, Part 3)
  7. Richard Jenkins (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  8. Rick Warren, Rev. (Aura Reading with a Spiritual Emphasis)
  9. Rick Warren, Rev. (Aura Reading for Success)
  10. Rob Lowe (Aura Reading for Charm)
  11. Robert Pattinson (Aura Reading by Opal)
  12. Robin Hobb (Aura Reading)
  13. Robin Williams (Aura Reading)

Surprisingly or Not, Best Celebrity Aura Readings with S

  1. Saint Teresa of Kolkata, a.k.a. Mother Teresa (Energetic Hologram)
  2. Saint Teresa of Kolkata, a.k.a. Mother Teresa (Aura Reading)
  3. Sally Hawkins (Aura Reading)
  4. Sam Smith (Aura Reading)
  5. Sandra Bullock (Aura Reading)
  6. Sarah Palin (Aura Reading)
  7. Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska (Aura Reading Commentary)
  8. Seiji Yokayama (Aura Reading)
  9. Simone Biles, Olympic Gold Medalist for Gymnastics (Skilled Empath Merge on YouTube). Recommended to watch first, “Empath Merges on Top Athletes with Rose Rosetree
  10. Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice (Comparison Face Reading)
  11. Sophie Trudeau, Wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Aura Reading by Grace T.)
  12. Stephanie Meyer (Aura Reading)
  13. Stephen Hawking (Aura Reading a Genius)
  14. Steve Pavlina (Aura Reading a Vegan)
  15. Steven Colbert (Face Reading and Aura Reading)
  16. Stormy Daniels (Aura Reading and Face Reading)
  17. Sue Grafton (Aura Reading)

Thus, It’s Natural to Expect Next: Best Celebrity Aura Readings with T

  1. Tammy Duckworth, Senator — Her Baby (Aura Reading)
  2. Ted Cruz, Senator (Aura Reading by Isabella Cates)
  3. T.J. Miller (Face Reading)
  4. Tiffany Haddish (Aura Reading, Molecular Empath)
  5. First of the Tim Readings, Tim Ferriss (Face Reading)
  6. Second of the Tims, Tim Gunn (Face Reading for Success)
  7. Third of the Tims, Tim Kaine, Vice-Presidential Candidate (Aura Reading YouTube)
  8. Tina Fey (Skilled Empath Merge)
  9. First of the Tom Readings, Tom Cavanaugh (Skilled Empath Merge for Charm by Julie)
  10. Next, Tom Hanks (Aura Reading for Inspiration)
  11. Following that, Tom Hiddleston  (Aura Reading for Charm)
  12. Toni Morrison (Face Reading)
  13. Trevor Noah (Face Reading)

In Conclusion, Enjoy Our Best Celebrity Aura Readings with U-Z

  1. Viggo Mortensen (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  2. Viola Davis (Aura Reading Movie Review)
  3. Walt Disney (Making Money Profile)
  4. Weird Al Yankovic (Aura Reading. Enlightenment.)
  5. William Barber, Dr., Rev. (Guest Post Aura Reading by Isabella Cates)
  6. Yves Béhar (Aura Reading of a Molecular Empath)

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    I second Kira’s comment! Big “like” from me 🙂

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    Very exciting. That’s a lot of names! I have often found myself googling “Rose Rosetree” and “(celebrity name)” to see if you’d already written about a particular person (and often you already had!)but this list is even better.

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    David B says:

    Great idea, Rose. But it would be even more useful if you added type of reading.

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    Sorry the idea is late to the table…

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    Talk about great ideas, DAVID B! Thank you for this one. I’m on it, bit by bit.

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