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Energy Spirituality Daybook in Midwest Book Review.

Energy Spirituality Daybook. Spiritual or religious. Or both. Your choice.

Energy Spirituality Daybook — “Let Today Be a Holiday”… It just got a rave review from Midwest Book Review. Learn about a book made to inspire you. Specifically, to inspire you in at least 365 different ways.

And what if you happen to be spiritual but not religious? Then this book is a rare treat.

Come Learn More about How to Co-Create with God

Because that’s the point here. As an Enlightenment Coach, I love helping spiritual seekers do that. Co-creating with the Divine can really advance spiritual awakening.

Hooray that the Midwest Book Review has acknowledged one of my titles with a wonderful review. This is such an honor.

FYI, “365 Ways to a Stronger You” is the eBook edition. While the paperback’s called: “Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God.”

Recently we have had quite a bit of discussion about co-creating with the Divine. Well, either edition of this daybook — paperback or eBook — is full of practical ways to co-create with God. And also live more productively as a human being.

Click here to preview hundreds of techniques in this page-a-day book.

And next comes our new review of the eBook.

“365 Ways to a Stronger You”

Reviewer’s Choice


Rose Rosetree’s “365 Ways to a Stronger You: Balance Your Human Life with Helping Others as a World Server” is not the usual “Chicken Soup for the Soul”- type message. It goes much deeper than that. You won’t just receive temporary feel-good messages. Rose gives you practical methods for improving your life along with the understanding of how it fits into the bigger picture.

Every day it’s a new inspirational message; to some, everyday it’s a new survival message.

This is the fastest way to get the benefits of spiritual wisdom into your everyday life. And learn how to aggressively transform your life into the one you want.

Written in down-to-earth language yet tempered with quirky humor, Rose challenges the readers to try a new perspective and interpretation of life. Rose just gives possibilities. The reader decides.

“365 Ways to a Stronger You” is written so that readers can understand no matter what their level of interest in spirituality. Readers can cycle through again and again, exploring another year of self-discovery.


Crammed with thought-provoking ideas to empower the reader, “365 Ways to a Stronger You” is very highly recommended for spiritual inspiration, personal growth, and self-healing.

It should be noted that this eBook is also available in a paperback edition ($18.95) under the title “Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God.”

— Emma James, Reviewer

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  1. 1
    Zelda says:

    What a lovely review, Rose!

    Thanks for the reminder about the ebook edition, which I just purchased. These are so handy for my commute.

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    I am so glad you got a great review! I love this book! It always seems to speak to me.

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    A wonderful review! This has always been one of my favorite Rose books. It’s inspiring, joyful, and celebrates being human with creativity, and freedom.

  4. 4
    Kira says:

    Glad to see a good review!

  5. 5
    avid reader says:

    Dear Rose,

    Congratulations on this review!

    Now I will have to find my copy so I can place it on my nightstand again so I will have some delicious to read in the evening!

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