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Aura Reading Vegans. Virtue Diet Or Mistake?

It's so human to want to be the adult among children

Aura reading vegans who have gone public. Yes! Let’s explore whether they are really more evolved than others. It’s so human to want to be THE adult among children!

Aura Reading Vegans — my research began how? With this original post, starring five proud — and very public vegans. Since then, this thread at the blog includes doing more energetic literacy research on other prominent advocates of a vegan diet. Read later in this post how you can nominate public figures for this kind of free aura reading.

Note: On April 14, 2016, I began an experiment. Offering to research more public advocates of this food lifestyle! This offer ended in December 2017. Because there’s so much similarity in every long-term vegan I researched for this article. Beautiful idealists all! But maybe not following a path with so much glory as they imagine.

BTW, although the research portion of this thread is complete, your comments are still welcome.

Vegans love their way of life. And, really, what’s not to love about it…  in theory? Yet this aura reader is not so convinced it’s a great choice for everyone.

So I’m going to risk writing an article that may be controversial.

Aura Reading Vegans? Sure That’s Controversial. So What?

Helping clients, I’ve done a modest share of aura reading research on some long-term vegans. Alas, the news wasn’t pretty.

  • Some of you Blog-Buddies are long-time vegetarians. And this suits you. Hey, I’ve read your auras.
  • Going on a cleanse for a couple of weeks or even months? That can be a good thing.
  • But eating raw for extended periods of time? Or choosing the vegan lifestyle? I have yet to see good results for that. Not in the auras of people I’ve read, whether in person or from photos — including public figures who advocate these diets. Which is why I, personally, have come to think of them as “exteme diets.” Yet maybe today I’ll change my mind.

What else have I observed so far as an aura reader? Teenagers or young adults may do better on this cleanse-type food lifestyle than older people, especially if those younger vegans had decent nutrition before going on their extreme diets.

An article in The Washington Post has given me the perfect opportunity to do five aura readings of outspoken, very public and proud vegans. What will I find? I’m very curious. How about you? Maybe a committed vegan lifestyle is good for all people, or most of us, and the folks whose auras I read before were the outliers.

Energetic literacy could bring clarity, an energetic perspective to supplement all the other input you get about eating vegan. Does this diet really help people as much as many folks claim?

Aura Reading Vegans to Examine Lovely Ideals

Maybe you have heard statements like these — quoted from that article in the Washington Post.

“I don’t think at the time I realized I was addicted [to meat and dairy],” he says. “I think after stopping it, I realized how addicted to it I used to be.”

This was countered by a statement from Stuart Gitlow, past president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and executive director of the Annenberg Physician Training Program in Addictive Disease.

He told the Washington Post reporter,  Maura Judkis, “Nothing shows that meat or dairy products are addictive substrates, where an individual builds up a tolerance so they need increasing amounts to achieve some beneficial effect.”

Still, it isn’t hard to push the guilt buttons. Killing animals to eat them? Dairy products, when animals are treated with cruelty? Not eating organically, the purest food of the pure?

It’s so easy to equate dietary perfection with becoming purer than others and, maybe, holier, too.

Let’s Check out What Shows with Aura Reading

For today’s research with energetic literacy, I’ll make use of two photographs in that article from the Washington Post, showing five proud vegans.

  • Three were pictured in the first Vegan Aura Photo in the article cited. In this aura reading, I’ll go left to right, reading Vegan #1. Vegan #2. Vegan #3.
  • And two more were pictured in this second Vegan Aura Photograph in that article online For these aura reading subjects, I’ll also proceed left to right, reading Vegan #4. Vegan #5.
  • On the surface level, these photos look great. All five of these vegan leaders looks animated, so full of life, and brimming with enthusiasm. Aura reading reveals a different level tucked into life, what is happening at the astral or psychic level within the human energy field — a level that corresponds to the subconscious mind.

In keeping with my new policy about meticulously honoring photo copyrights, I no longer provide links to pictures saved on services like Photobucket. Your best choice for being able to see the photo referred to in a blog post is to stay current, maybe check in at this blog once a week or more often.

When reading an older article, you may not be able to find the same photo I used originally. I will do what I can to supply a photo resource as a workaround. For today’s article, if you’re interested in seeing the source photographs for the aura readings, go to archives at The Washington Post. Search on reporter Maura Judkis, her story on August 25, 2015.

Aura Reading Vegans — How?

For each of these vegan enthusiasts, this exploration with energetic literacy will include researching a particular assortment of chakra databanks.

I apologize in advance if these samples of aura reading are not necessarily gorgeous. Every skilled aura reader who learns the particular system I teach… knows how to research gifts of the person’s soul. These are always beautiful. And every human alive has hundreds of these, one for every chakra databank.

For practical purposes, the “business end” of a chakra databank is more useful — learning about the ever-changing size and quality of that part of a person’s aura. I’ll be reading each chakra databank at the time of the photograph used for this research. Of course, when you have developed Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, every photograph is an aura photo.

Aura Reading the Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Objective Reality

That would be human-level physical reality, not a world of ideology. A way of life that works well can help a person function in human terms, right?

Aura Reading the Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

Although I’m no medical intuitive, this chakra databank is useful for noticing overall how a person is doing with the body’s health.

In the past, we have had several blog posts about the ugly side of The Anorexic Ideal.” But when a person is eating the amounts and kinds of food that work for that particular individual, that can bring about a wonderful quality to this particular chakra databank.

Aura Reading the Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

Effectiveness at problem solving is one way to tell if a diet, or way of life, is working for a person.

Aura Reading the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

Many people today are thrown out of balance, living in spiritual addiction, where energy is over-emphasized.

You can learn more about this pattern, substantiated by research into hundreds of auras, in the nonfiction book about success, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium.”

Aura Reading the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Surely one enticement of the vegan lifestyle is a kind of spiritual purity. The Washington Post article never addressed this aspect. However, if you talk to many vegans and raw foodies, it won’t take long before you learn about spiritual motivations that commonly associate a pure diet with pure consciousness.

Aura Reading Vegan #1: The Man with (Just) a Mustache

Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Objective Reality

18 inches. (Underfunctioning size, compared to how it could be.) The quality combines a lack of interest in how things are with a strong motivation to stay in control of things, personally.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

8 inches. (Underfunctioning.) A quality of lassitude, or weakness, pervades this particular chakra databank. Note: This could be interpreted as mellowness, or being above the struggles of less evolved people.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

4 inches. (Underfunctioning.) “If I just chill and flow with the situation, things will work out beautifully on their own.”

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

90 miles. (Overfunctioning.) A sense of blissful superiority dominates. Feeling very in contact with energies; really perceptive at this.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

2 inches. (Underfunctioning.) Very heavily invested in a belief system.

Aura Reading Vegan #2: The Woman with Clasped Hands, Mouth Covered

Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Objective Reality

2 inches. (Underfunctioning.) Trying hard to keep from allowing bitterness and anger to color her experiences of life. A sweetly valiant attempt being made at the level of conscious mind, although not quite so successful at the level of this chakra databank.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

1/2 inch. (Underfunctioning.) This IS one instance of having the body scream “Feed me.” Personal discipline keeps the body, and its needs, in line.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

2 inches. (Underfunctioning.) A long-term workaround is in progress. When problems arise, very often they are connected with a belief in how corrupt “the establishment” is.

The dynamic that I notice here, at this time, is that a deepening commitment to what solves the corruption will automatically fix everyday problems. So it is better to do the minimum about those problems while commiting all she can to THE BIG SOLUTION.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

Out to the moon. (Overfunctioning.)  A deeply spiritual person, this woman values her laser-like insights. She trusts energies. She trusts this information more than regular life, objective reality.

Gone is the heaviness, struggle, and — frankly — bitterness that I have encountered in her previously read chakra databanks.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

1 inch. (Underfunctioning.) A steadfast (some might say “rigid”) holding firmly to her ideals about truth, the Divine, etc.

Aura Reading Vegan #3: The Jolly Young Man with the Mustache + Beard

This one looks to be in his twenties. Note what I wrote earlier, that experimenting with veganism while relatively young can work better than doing it with succeeding decades.

Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Objective Reality

25 feet. (In normal range for size for this man.) Having fun. Having the time of his life.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

15 feet. (At the low end of normal for him.) Less physical vitality than I would expect in a man of his age.

Physically he’s in a kind of holding pattern: Maintaining. Not as physically strong as he could be.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

10 feet. (Underfunctioning.) A kind of passivity shows, with a kind of lazy-happy good feeling like, “None of these outer things matters, really. So long as I live a pure life, I’ve got things covered. Life is really simple that way.”

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

Out to the moon. (Overfunctioning.) Feeling superior, though modest about it. As if he knows more than most people do about the meaning of life, what really matters, etc. (This is a very sweet guy!)

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

1/2 inch. (Underfunctioning.) “It’s simple, growing spiritually. It really is all about what you eat.”

Aura Reading Vegan #4: The Vivacious Woman with Dangle Earrings

Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Objective Reality

1/2 inch. (Underfunctioning.) Identifies very strongly with her sexiness, her physical desirability. Apart from that healthy interest in sex, she doesn’t seem terribly interested in what people say and do, what happens.

Of course, this chakra databank is being described just at the time of this photo. And it’s possible that being interviewed and photographed is having a lot of impact on her wishing to appear sexy, valuable for how she looks, etc.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

2 inches. (Underfunctioning.) What a gutsy, loveable woman she is? Not materialistic in her orientation in life, she doesn’t notice that much about quality of health, long as she can still function.

It is also possible that she consciously interprets a lack of physical energy in a positive way, related to her veganism.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

1/2 inch. (Underfunctioning.) Everyday solving of everyday problems? That’s supposed to be important? This charmer can’t take all of that seriously.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

Out to the moon. (Overfunctioning.) “I naturally notice the spiritual side of life.”

Comment by Rose: Noticing energy does not necessarily equate with being “spiritual.” Yet it is very common for people who are over-emphasizing astral energies to be caught up in it.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

9 feet.  (Underfunctioning.) This woman is deeply spiritual and her motivations — including that vegan diet — reflect that strong desire towards self-actualization. However, at this time she is still pretty darned stuck.

It’s confusing, isn’t it? Many religions tell people, “Don’t worship idols.” Yet many people bow down to the idol, or ideal, of whatever lifestyle has been equated with godliness.

Aura Reading Vegan #5: The Shrugging Woman with Gorgeous Cheekbones

Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Objective Reality

42 feet. (On the large side of normal for her.)  This woman is very plugged in to everyday reality. She’s got a sharp tongue, a sarcastic wit, and she really loves to debunk what is false.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

2 inches. (Underfunctioning.) Anger and righteousness can fuel her, to such an extent that at times like this (while being photographed during the interview) she feels physically vibrant and great. However she really isn’t functioning to capacity, physically, for a woman her age.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

48 feet. (Overfunctioning just a bit.) This is a passionate woman, with very strong opinions and values. She will arrive at a conclusion related to her beliefs and then push with it very enthusiastically.

Listening to others, compromising with others, are not such priorities for her at this time in her life.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

90 feet. (Overfunctioning) If it weren’t for the boost from her vegan lifestyle in this direction… this woman wouldn’t be noticing energies much. It could be that some of her passion for this lifestyle includes how much she enjoys reading energies.

Becoming energy sensitive is typical for just about any vegan… unless that person is an alcoholic or has a related substance problem. That is what I have found, anyway, doing research with energetic literacy.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

1/2 inch. (Underfunctioning.) Hers is a complicated story, with plenty of reason to be shut down spiritually at this time.

Like anyone with expanded chakra databanks like the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies, she wouldn’t notice a lack of authentic spiritual evolution. Not at this time in her life, anyway.

Learn More about Aura Reading Vegans… Or Others

Start with this Top 10 List on Aura Reading (a.k.a. Energetic Literacy).

Comments, Questions, Anyone?

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  1. 1
    Isabella C. says:

    Wow, very interesting.

    This one left me in an actual stupor for a few moments: “It’s simple, growing spiritually. It really is all about what you eat.”

    So ridiculous I never considered it. And I was vegan/vegetarian for quite a few years.

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    Wow… another really interesting read.

    In the UK, I have myself had the impression that veganism is ‘on the rise,’ and I have encountered a few quite militant vegans.

    I am not too surprised though by what you found by reading their auras, though it is quite disturbing.

    Personally, I am a confirmed meat eater, and I seem to really need meat (Rose you researched this for me one time!).

    But I am still stuck to know how to justify my meat eating habit when I am confronted by vegans – how to explain why I think it is okay to eat meat while knowing that most animals are reared in horrific conditions.

    (I tend to just keep my mouth shut!).

    But I would be interested to hear what any other blog buddies would say to that.

  3. 3
    Ralph Dehner says:

    Hi Rose, how do you know you are working with a vegan when you do a reading? Do you ask them?
    A famous Osteopath I saw remarked in his book that he never worked with a vegetarian that was healthy. However, when I saw him he never asked about my diet.
    My guess it is easy to connect with someone who is sickly and ask them about their diets but not even ask that question when we connect with someone healthy and vibrant.
    Of course I may be a lot worse off than I think I am, being a vegan for more than 30 years.



  4. 4
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    Feed your body, don’t feed a philosophy!

  5. 5
    Sylvia says:

    This was fascinating. Particularly the underfunctioning Problem Solving Chakra databanks. This one stood out in particular:

    A kind of passivity shows, with a kind of lazy-happy good feeling like, “None of these outer things matters, really. So long as I live a pure life, I’ve got things covered. Life is really simple that way.”

    Time and time again, I’ve really learned from you how vital it is to pay attention and strike a balance between both objective and subjective realities.

  6. 6
    Isabelle says:

    This was so interesting to read and I’d like more people to know and think about it.

    I’ve nominated a candidate for your Enlightenment Life List who lives a very ‘pure’ life and even though I didn’t nominate her only because of this fact, it might have ‘blinded’ my view.

  7. 7
    Isabelle says:

    During my time as ‘spiritual addict’ I really wanted to live as pure as possible. Raw and vegan – hello, for sure. My boyfriend at that time was so into it and told me about the ‘benefits’ for my spiritual growth.

  8. 8
    Isabelle says:

    I am so happy to now be more critical about things… Also thanks to this blog, definitely.

    Things are not always what they seem on the surface…they are often more complex and abstract as they seem. There is so much to discover.
    It makes me want to learn energetic literacy.

  9. 9
    Isabelle says:

    (And Hi to you, Isabella :-))

  10. 10
    Zelda says:

    Fascinating, Rose, and appreciated. My neck of the woods is populated with lots of similar types of folks.

  11. 11
    Zelda says:

    I’ll admit that when I opened the first photo, my admittedly Stage 1 energetic response was along the lines of “Ew!” Just a strong hit of “unhealthiness.”

  12. 12
    Zelda says:

    My health experiences over the past few years have taught me well that none of the various beliefs about diet are one-size-fits-all.

    I know that I need protein, and that I need it to come from meat, preferably fish.

  13. 13
    Zelda says:

    I’m reminded yet again that it is just foolish to wrap oneself up in beliefs rather than experiencing objective reality and dealing with it.

  14. 14
    Zelda says:

    Bill Clinton became vegan after his heart problems and given your finding that he’s enlightened, it seems that perhaps veganism is a good fit for him.

    I’m assuming a major imbalance, like “feed me!” would’ve been clear to you when you read his aura.

  15. 15
    Louise says:

    Wow, so very interesting!

  16. 16
    Kira says:

    It makes sense to me, just on the surface, that no one diet is right for everyone. I find this reading very interesting.

  17. 17
    Rose says:

    Thanks so much, everyone for your comments.

    I’ll be commenting on some of these as time permits. Even if I don’t comment on your particular comment, please know how much I value every one of your contributions here at the blog.

  18. 18
    Rose says:

    ISABELLA C., how thrilling to produce momentary stupor for such a brainiac! 😉

    Given your experience as a vegan for some of your life, would you be interested in sharing more about that with us (sumptuous guest post or short comment, whatever)?

    For instance, did you feel as though you were gaining spiritual purity?

    What was it that kept you motivated?

    When you left veganism, what changed for you?

  19. 19
    Leo says:


    I deeply admire your commitment to truth, no matter how unsavory or counterculture. We need more of that in the world!

  20. 20
    Leo says:

    I’ve always been struck by the seemingly disproportionate amount of vegans and vegetarians who have been very overweight.

    They’ll preach: “it’s so healthy this and that” but get continually heavier, to the point of unhealthy levels.

  21. 21
    Leo says:

    My assumption, and what I’ve seen anecdotally, that many eat very large amounts of refined carbohydrates (lots and lots of bread and pasta) presumably because they’re not as grounded anymore and seek that comfort of a refined carb.

    That never struck me as particularly healthy.

  22. 22
    Leo says:

    One the flip side, I think the factory farming in the U.S. and other places is despicable and needs to be stopped.

    And as Americans, most professionals say we eat TOO much meat to the point that it’s detrimental to health (there’s some generally agreed upon amount of fish and meat consumption that if crossed begins to have deleterious affects on health).

  23. 23
    Isabella C. says:

    Hi Isabelle! 😉

    Glad to know you!

  24. 24
    Emily says:

    This is fascinating! I tried the raw vegan diet for a few months when I was a teenager. It was initially to clear up my skin but I seemed to get an energy boost from it and felt “happy” all the time. Reading this does make me question that “happiness” as I was really passive during that time. I did no courses, very little exercise, had few hobbies apart from reading on the Internet.

    Total contrast to what I’m like now!

  25. 25
    Emily says:

    I also find it hilarious that some claim dairy is addictive. I love milk. Milk, as I found out in a thrill your soul session with Isabella, makes me feel safe and comforted and at home on Earth.

    In July I got a stomach bug in the DRC and my GP said I am now temporarily lactose intolerant and I have to avoid dairy. I miss it but I’m not sneaking cheese and ice cream. If I did I would get plenty of noise from my body about that!

  26. 26
    Emily says:

    Going back to the raw vegan thing…

    I did get involved in some events in the “Raw Vegan Community” in the UK as a teenager. I did find a lot of anti-establishment figures and a LOT of people who considered themselves spiritual. There were ots of speeches about personal growth and reflecting on their lives. I found it a bit sickly sweet though.

  27. 27
    Gia says:

    To Leo’s point just because you are vegetarian or vegan does not mean you eat healthy. You can still eat candy bars and processed foods galore and call yourself vegan.
    I’d be a little uncomfortable going back to eating meat there are too many studies showing a diet full of meat and dairy increases your risk of heart disease and cancer. Not to mention the hormones and antibiotics.

  28. 28
    Gia says:

    Lots of vegetarian meats you buy are still processed foods and if you just decide to eliminate meat and dairy you must educate yourself as to what to eat to make sure you are getting all the protein and nutrients you need.
    Scientifically a plant based diet is the healthiest.

  29. 29
    Rose says:

    RACHEL, about your Comment #2, I would be interested in hearing responses from other Blog-Buddies to your question.

    Here’s mine about “how to justify my meat eating habit when I am confronted by vegans… horrific … etc.”

    I don’t believe in ignoring questions. I would treat this, however, just like questions from any religious extremist or cult member.

    AND NO, I’m not saying that every vegan is like a religious extremist or cult member. But if someone makes it his or her business to convert me or make me justify my personal lifestyle, it crosses a line. Therefore…

  30. 30
    Rose says:

    My response would be along these lines…

    JOE, I see you want to have a conversation with me about my personal eating habits and lifestyle. I don’t really want to get into that sort of conversation with you.

  31. 31
    Rose says:

    If JOE persists…

    “If I ever want advice of this kind, I will ask you. My choices are personal and, with all respect, none of your business.

    “Really, I do not wish to discuss this with you. Do you understand?”

  32. 32
    Rose says:

    Of course, you can put this far more politely, being British. 😉

  33. 33
    Rose says:

    RALPH, thanks so much for speaking up in your Comment #3.

    I do hope you noticed the first bullet, right near the top of the article:

    “Some of you Blog-Buddies are long-time vegetarians. And this suits you. Hey, I’ve read your auras.”

  34. 34
    Rose says:

    When I read anybody’s aura, I just read it, RALPH. I’m not an inquisitor about lifestyles, and I can promise you that I don’t work for any foie gras lobbying groups, etc.

    This article was an exception, as have been times when my client asked me to research someone who was a public figure, or a consultant, as a vegan or raw food expert, etc.

    Here’s the deal. When research chakra databanks like the Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health, or the one for Connection to Objective Reality, if I find a problem, I find it. That simple. Then I report what I find.

    Working with clients, sometimes I will find a problem that might be related to food lifestyle. And then I will ask. For example, “Have you been on a diet?” Or “Have you been limiting the kind of foods you eat?”

  35. 35
    Rachel says:

    Thanks, Rose!

    That’s very helpful. I do need to practise telling people to mind their own business :-).

    But your answer made me realise that maybe I also feel a little uncomfortable myself about eating meat, even though I do like it and know it’s good for me! I buy organic or at least free range meat when possible, but inevitably some of my purchases are going to come from animals that have not had a very happy life…

    Have others wrestled with this dilemma too?

  36. 36
    Rose says:

    As a vegan for more than 30 years, this isn’t open to negotiation for you, RALPH. I understand that.

    And I sure don’t wish to risk offending you further, as you are someone I have known and respected for many years (although not 30).

    In case this is interesting to you, and other Blog-Buddies, I’ll just note this. For my Enlightenment Life List, there have been many vegetarians. However, to my knowledge, there has not been a single vegan or raw food enthusiast.

  37. 37
    Rose says:

    It is possible for an eating lifestyle — or any other aspect of personal lifestyle — to take a person to a certain point and then it ceases to be helpful for that individual’s evolution.

    I wouldn’t call this being “badly off.” Many self-actualizing people are doing fine. They just seek improvement beyond their present level of self-actualization.

    How would you tell if a particular choice is really helping you at any given time? There’s an aura reading “app” for that. It’s called “Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research.”
    I recommend that people do this only if they really are interested in the information. When someone is heavily invested in a particular choice, there would be no point.

  38. 38
    Rose says:

    ISABELLE, regarding your comments, especially #8, you are in such a good position to know about illusions related to food.

    Not only have you had a wake-up call around “Pure diet.” You have had experience of being called out for not eating enough when you were NOT pursuing The Anorexic Idea.

    And you know from sessions we’ve done that I have never, ever commented about “Are you eating enough?” etc. As I described doing with clients, occasionally, in my Comment #37 at this thread.

    This didn’t come up because you hadn’t been pursuing The Anorexic Ideal. Seems to me, energetic literacy really does help us sort through what works for a person and what doesn’t.

  39. 39
    Rose says:

    ZELDA, regarding your Comment #14, I’m not in a position to know what goes onto President Clinton’s plate.

    Are reports about his diet accurate? Who knows?

    All I can tell you is that when I researched him for the Enlightenment Life List, he met my criteria for Enlightenment.

    Had he been a vegan for a long period up until then? Was he still a vegan? Was he doing more of a cleanse, with some months on that sort of diet?

    I have no way of knowing, do you?

  40. 40
    Rose says:

    But RALPH may be chuckling at this point. Because IF President Clinton had been a vegan for years, then he would be an example of someone on my Enlightenment Life List who is a vegan. 🙂

    I can handle that.

  41. 41
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    Thanks, Rose. Well, I myself am a big fan of barbecue and bacon and roast chicken and fish…

    yes, I definitely feel better after eating meat.

  42. 42
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    That said, for the most part, the industrial production of meat and eggs is indeed appalling in its cruelty.

    I don’t have all the answers to the conundrums of life on earth, never mind the ideal policies for food production, or how to achieve them.

  43. 43
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    P.S. Perhaps some readers of your blog might be interested to know that a relatively recent (maybe it was a couple of years ago) issue of SPECIES LINK, the magazine for animal communicators, had a piece that actually interviewed various animals about meat eating, from cats to rabbits.

  44. 44
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    There is a bit more with quite a variety of different opinions from animal communicators– and animals themselves– about eating meat at this link:

  45. 45
    Rachel says:

    CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER, thank you so much for that link! That was exactly what I was asking about.

    It was quite a fascinating read actually, with lots of different viewpoints represented.

    One particular line made me chuckle: ‘As I was writing my response, I turned my head to watch my dog, Java curled up in the sun next to me. I asked her opinion and Java responded,

    Why does it matter? Why do humans worry so much? Just eat what you’re hungry for and if it doesn’t work, then your body will tell you.’

  46. 46
    Rachel says:

    And another good quote here:

    ‘I have questioned chickens raised under humane conditions to see how they feel about this subject. Their feeling is that they have had a pleasant life, and it will end at some point. They are not opposed to it ending for the good of someone’s meal.

    However, it is quite a different story for those animals raised in terrible conditions where terror is the order of the day. So, I urge other communicators to aid those organizations who look out for farm animals to make sure they are raised and slaughtered humanely. ‘

  47. 47
    Rose says:

    Oboy, at the risk of adding something even more controversial…

    Isn’t it interesting how incensed some of us become on the topic of diet? Or how animals are treated?

    Meanwhile every single day soooooo many horrible things are done. Every day. To human beings. And to the viability of earth’s environment.

    Yet many of us choose eating to be the big deal thing that matters so much. As if that’s all that matters.

  48. 48
    Rose says:

    What, society isn’t perfect in how we deal with our food?

    Or we are shocked, shocked, that on earth all humans we must kill animals or plants or something… in order to manage the food-related aspect of survival.

    So many of us will stop to agonize over having a super-pure diet. Meanwhile there are so many horrible, horrible things that go on where each of us could make a difference.

    Personally, I think it’s important to get political news from reputable sources. To choose one or more issues and do something about that, whether through emailing those who represent you in government or through donations. And, always, to vote.

  49. 49
    Zelda says:

    Rose, RE Comment 39 – I’ve heard Bill Clinton speak several times in interviews about the major shift to a vegan diet after his heart surgery. He’s remarked that it has helped him a lot.

    Of course, I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I hadn’t had some knowledge of it. Give a blog buddy some credit! 🙂

    It’s exactly the reason I did mention it. He seems like an excellent example of a person whose aura reading in relation to veganism would be quite interesting, given that his prior diet was very different and he made this dietary change in support of a major health challenge.

    It makes sense to me that veganism could well be an excellent diet for some people, though in the case of the folks researched here, it sure doesn’t seem to be.

  50. 50
    Rose says:

    ZELDA, I give you so much credit. However, I didn’t know that you had heard Bill Clinton during multiple interviews discussing this.

    Instead I assumed, wrongly, your experience had been like mine — hearing from other sources about Clinton’s being a vegan — maybe true, maybe not.

    I agree with all that you wrote here.

  51. 51
    Nicci says:

    I tried being vegetarian, vegan and finally raw vegan for several years.

    I didn’t realise it then, but it has since become clear to me that there is a lot of spiritual addiction in the raw vegan community.

  52. 52
    Nicci says:

    I went on raw vegan retreats and lots of people had this starry, magical way of viewing the world.

    It was like they rejected the reality of life here on earth.

  53. 53
    Nicci says:

    I desperately wanted to be like them, but just couldn’t stick to it. I felt guilty for not being able to follow this ‘pure’ diet.

    I was sure it was some fault in me and if I just did it harder, purer, incouded more superfoods and ate more greens I would get this spiritual transformation that I envied.

  54. 54
    Nicci says:

    I got ill and run down, and eventually decided to try eating meat again to see if that would help.

    That first taste made me realise just what my body was craving.

  55. 55
    Nicci says:

    I went on a meat binge for about a month, where I just couldn’t stop eating it, it felt so good.

    After a month, I calmed down to more normal amounts, making sure I select good quality sources.

  56. 56
    Nicci says:

    I realise now that I was replacing all the minerals that were depleted in my body.

    I’ve since got into eating the parts that many others reject, like organ meats as these are really good for you and contain different important minerals to muscle meats.

  57. 57
    Nicci says:

    Every now and again, I’ll wish I could be vegan ideologically.

    But it just doesn’t work for me.

    I still make a lot of my old vegan recipes as I love fruits and vegetables, just with a side of animal product too.

  58. 58
    Nicci says:

    Oh and my health improved, and I no longer think floaty spiritual addiction is a great lifestyle choice, however magical I percieved it to be in the past.

  59. 59
    Rose says:

    Our stories can be complicated, can’t they, NICCI? Thank you so much for sharing yours.

    Personally I was a vegetarian (not a vegan, a vegetarian) from 1968 until right before 2000.

    Once I added concentrated animal protein to my diet on a regular basis, the difference was night-and-day improvement.

    Just my story. As noted at the start of this thread, “Some of you Blog-Buddies are long-time vegetarians. And this suits you.”

  60. 60
    Isabella C. says:

    Rose, what do you mean by “concentrated animal protein”? Do you mean…. meat? (lol)

    Or is there some distinction I don’t know about?

  61. 61
    Bernie says:

    It’s my understanding that Bill Clinton eventually stopped being a vegan on the advice of Dr Mark Hyman. See:

    But I do spot one strict vegan on the enlightenment life list, this being Ma Nithya Sudevi:

    My own experience is that my mind functions better if I include meat in my diet…

  62. 62
    Jnana says:

    Ellen Degeneres (on the enlightenment life list) is vegan.
    An animal lover, she could not reconcile herself to the cruelty in the animal industry and went vegan.

    I love these ‘meat loving’ vegans who gave it up when they saw the cruelty in the industry.
    It’s a shame aurically they aren’t doing well.

  63. 63
    Isabella C. says:

    Rose, in reply to your comment #18.

    First, thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Haha.

  64. 64
    Isabella C. says:

    I will say that I just don’t feel that animals eating other animals is a problem that needs solving. At least not right now.

  65. 65
    Isabella C. says:

    There are problems and corruption within the system of food production and raising animals, yes.

    And I think it’s important for those things to change and those problems to be solved.

    But I don’t think everyone being a vegetarian or vegan is a helpful answer.

    Sure it suits some people, but not me, and it seems not most.

  66. 66
    Isabella C. says:

    There is a big difference between sacrifice and service. And it’s wise to know the difference. Suffering doesn’t work for solving problems.


  67. 67
    Isabella C. says:

    We are animals. Might as well accept it.

    Like us, chickens, cows, and pigs all have life contracts. They get to grow and evolve.

    From what I’ve observed, they serve with the offering of their flesh, and have pride in providing for those higher in the food chain.

  68. 68
    Isabella C. says:

    I think the food chain echoes a lineage of evolution on Earth.

    We’re all paying our dues and paying our respects to what’s higher. It’s fine and good in that way.

  69. 69
    Isabella C. says:

    I honor their contribution.

    I’m sure I once served in a lower position, and lower, and lower than that still.

  70. 70
    Isabella C. says:

    If I spent your whole life preparing an offering for your honored elder, and they said, “Meh. You shouldn’t have done that. This system is bad.” … I would feel pretty disappointed and like my life had been for nothing.

    On the other hand, if I made my sacred offering, and it was accepted, and valued, and provided real sustenance, strength, and pleasure for my elder… I would have such pride.

    I think this is how it is with food.

  71. 71
    Isabella C. says:

    Also, it is my belief that any life on Earth is a privilege. This from what I’ve observed personally.

  72. 72
    Isabella C. says:

    All this is a bit high minded, I know. Basically, I don’t worry about this topic at all and really never did.

    Though it is troubling when people imply that you are a cruel person for eating meat, and that is why I have any ideas on this topic at all. 🙂

  73. 73
    Isabella C. says:

    I was just a vegetarian/vegan because I wanted some kind of identity, and some control.

    And I always said it was for “health reasons,” which wasn’t a lie, but I was mistaken!

  74. 74
    Isabella C. says:

    And I agree with you, Rose. Just because things in life aren’t perfect doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Sometimes balance in life requires a little more nuanced exploring of what is right, for you.

  75. 75
    Lilian says:

    I just want to mention the role animal empaths could have. I think food animals probably “know” they are going to be eaten, but it’s OK, that’s what might happen in the wild anyway.

  76. 76
    Lilian says:

    Temple Grandin is well known for promoting simple animal rights in a pragmatic way. She works with big farms. From an interview I read, she reckons that animal mainly want to be clean and dry so they don’t get lame and not be subjected to alarming noise. This isn’t the interview, but the easiest thing to find on the net.

  77. 77
    Brandi says:

    I so love reading all these comments and learning about earth school stuff I never thought of before. I will admit I had idealized vegans as somehow more disciplined than I-better health/better spiritually so stage three literacy shows something different.

  78. 78
    Lilian says:

    I have to say being vegan does help if you want a break from Earth level survival energies for a bit. Though embracing earth life is where the evolution is, of course.

  79. 79
    Leo says:

    If you believe in reincarnation, things being killed, or death, aren’t necessarily huge deals.

    So and so died, so and so got murdered – that’s sad, but they’re not gone forever. And it was likely something they signed up for ahead of time.

    Humane killing of animals for food seems to be a way that life is intrinsically set up (for a lot of animals.)

  80. 80
    David B says:

    One of the things that’s struck me about diet purists is the focus on physical food while ignoring the emotions they’re feeding and digesting.

    If we’re eating pure food but swallowing a lot anger, a pure diet won’t help a lot.

  81. 81
    David B says:

    In the spring I took a lifestyle course that was based on one developed for heart attack recoverers (like Clinton), but broadened quite a bit.

    The basic advice was to shift to a plant-based diet and get more exercise. (along with stress reduction and some other bits) How plant-based was up to the comfort of the individual. Getting stressed over purity was not useful. But eating more healthy was.

  82. 82
    David B says:

    But they did show extensive long term research on a variety of health issues and the closer you where to a plant based diet, the better the long term outcomes.

  83. 83
    David B says:

    Myself, I’ve found that what the body called for has varied through my life.

    I was vegetarian for much of my 20’s after noticing that meat was simply falling out of my diet. After that I gradually reintroduced chicken and fish.

  84. 84
    David B says:

    That’s whole plant foods by the way. Not what comes in a box.

  85. 85
    David B says:

    Age is now asking for a shift to a more plant-based diet and the course was very supportive of that. Meat is reduced again but not gone. I watch what my body is asking for.

    I like the Ayurveda advice – my body type needs mostly cooked food, not raw. But not too heavy either.

    I’ve also found periodic veggie juice fasts beneficial. But for a cleanse, not a diet.

  86. 86
    David B says:

    Ayurveda mentions that Kapha body type may be suited to being a vegetarian. But that type is less common in the west.

  87. 87
    Erin says:

    Fascinating topic!

    [Blog monitor’s note: Erin goes on to plug her favorite authority on this subject. Endorsements like this are not enabled at my blog and, therefore, this part of her comment has been deleted.]

  88. 88
    Lilian says:

    Good comment David B, I completely agree. Looking after yourself is an art. You learn by trial and error and noticing your body. Some athletes learn exactly what they need and when. Nothing to do with ideology.

  89. 89
    Lilian says:

    I agree, I do think that humans have different “metabolic phenotypes.” It’s expensive (with not enough incentive) to look into the genetics of this, but I believe it could be done.

  90. 90
    Kira says:

    As I also mentioned recently on Facebook, I’m currently needing to opt for foods that won’t potentially kill me. Which means that processed and cooked foods are often better for me right now than raw (in many instances, raw is right out).

    I’m not a natural germophobe; it’s interesting learning to eat like one.

  91. 91
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    Hi Rose, Since I’ve been following the comments on this most fascinating blog post, I thought this might be of interest to some others as it has been to me:

    I found it fascinating to compare the auras of these vegetarians (and some others) with that of a heathy-looking Weston Price diet advocate.

    For those not familiar with Weston Price, the idea is to eat traditional foods, that is, ample amounts of animal fat and bone broths, whole fruits and vegetables, plus a good dose of fermented foods.

  92. 92
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    I was googling around the web for a good fermented vegetable recipe when I happened upon a Weston Price advocate– Sarah Pope aka “The Healthy Home Economist”– in a video showing how to make fermented potatoes. (It looks yummy!)

  93. 93
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    I think Weston Price is onto something, but my point is simply that that what is so interesting to me is that, on the surface, she looks like many vegetarians do– she’s very thin and very healthy looking, but to my reading, unlike the vegetarians profiled here, her energy is very strong, very grounded.

  94. 94
    Curiouser and Curiouser (As Ever) says:

    Rose, I am just so fascinated by your aura readings on this blog.

    This latest one with the vegetarians was so helpful for me because it wasn’t one aura but several– each unique, but showing some commonalities.

  95. 95
    David B says:

    One of the things we have now is large databases of DNA testing by several companies. Some researchers use that data to verify theories. And some research results are posted that compares your DNA to those results.

    I got tested, for example, and periodically get emails about things like response to the taste of cilantro or alcohol flush. I also get requests to do occasional quizzes for research.

  96. 96
    David B says:

    The initial testing gave me a long list of qualities derived from my results and prior research. Some small things but also stuff like hair colour, eye colour, height, and blood type. Most of it was accurate.

    There appears to be a connection between blood type and body constitution. That would not be too hard to corroborate but would require people know their blood type and test for body type. (which can be estimated via quiz)

  97. 97
    Dana20 says:

    Wow, this reading was so interesting!

    Thank you for also setting up the pictures with the databanks listed first.

  98. 98
    Dana20 says:

    I used the Plug-In by Sight technique from Read People Deeper to read these databanks too on them.

  99. 99
    Dana20 says:

    There was something Rose wrote (in first edition Empowered by Empathy I think) about weight and how if every hair on our head is counted, why not every pound. Sorry if I’m butchering that paraphrase. Anyway, that helped me totally change my relationship with food back to a healthy one, and I started listening to what my body needed. Even if I craved lots of whole fat yogurt and other people thought that was bad, I didn’t care because I started believing my body wisdom mattered. And all eating became a joy, guilt-free.

    BTW loved reading all the perspectives on this thread!

  100. 100
    Dana20 says:

    I was amazed at the feelings of superiority in some databanks for eating vegan, as though veganism can substitute for solving problems, spiritual growth, physical vitality. Au contraire…

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