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Consumer Smarts for Selecting an Energy Healer in the Age of Awakening

Jesus might help in a session in very different ways.

In a healing session, Jesus might help you in how many different ways? Read on….

“When my energy healer works with me, she asks Jesus to help. Does that mean she is doing RES?”

This great question from a new client has prompted today’s consumer article:

  • Check out five practical questions you might want to ask before receiving mind-body-spirit healing from anyone.
  • And have you ever thought about this? Read today’s list of 10 different things it could mean when a healer “Asks Jesus to help.”

Do You Have Trouble Staying Positive?

Just how important is it to smile, smile, smile?

How important is it really to smile, smile, smile?

Just between you and me, do you sometimes have trouble staying positive?

Thank God.

Maybe you have been told it’s wrong to have a negative thought or feeling about someone.

Well here comes a Post-New-Age perspective. For starters:

Inner grumbles are only human. A simple “Dislike” versus a “Like” — why not?

Preferring One Thing over Another Is Human, Not Wrong

This planet of polarities requires up and down, hot and cold, day and night. Among all those contrasts, you’re always going to have your personal taste.

Balancing Male Sensitivity. A Guest Post by LILIAN

Can strong men be sensitive? Or even empaths?

Can strong men be sensitive? Energy sensitive? Or even empaths?

How long has it been since Caitlyn Jenner dominated the news? Depending upon the kind of summer you’ve been having, your answer may vary. Yet Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce) is still very much in the news, and so are questions about gender identity, marriage equality, and more.

Meanwhile, our recent discussions about Deeper Perception have centered on sensitivity, energy sensitivity.

Well today is ripe for a synthesis of sorts. Courtesy of Blog-Buddy LILIAN, let’s consider sensitivity for men, for women, for YOU, Blog-Buddies.

LILIAN’s turn comes first with this honest and gutsy guest post. Next turn for commenting… might be yours. 🙂

Yeah, Men!

I have so much interest in gender. Most of the people close to me (friends, lover, colleagues, brothers, dads, etc.) are, and have been, very sensitive men. So that’s at least nine significant extremely sensitive men in my life.

Plus two of my bosses at work.  Some of whom struggle to accept their sensitivity, and some of whom are well adjusted.

Psychic Development Is Optional. Empath Skills Are Not.


An empath, a psychic, or just plain zany?

An empath, a psychic, or just plain zany?

Of course psychics are not the same as empaths. Let’s continue with this little series about differences between being a psychic, or intuitive, versus being an empath, or simply considering yourself to be energy sensitive.

Choice Is a Big Difference, for Starters

Being an empath is not a choice. You are born that way. Without exception, all empaths are born as empaths. That could mean you, since 1 in 20 people was born as an empath.

Also not a choice? Until a born empath gets effective skills, there will be suffering. Because every empath is born as an unskilled empath.

Every day, that unskilled empath will pick up Imported STUFF, astral level garbage that detracts from quality of life.

That’s why, IMHO, it is so wise for every empath to choose to develop empath skills. I recommend this as a priority for any empath, at any stage of education in mind-body-spirit.

Well, what if you’re born with talent as a psychic. You have noticed energies or seen energies or had flashes of knowing the future?

Whether or not you pursue that IS a choice.

Empath or Psychic, What's the Difference?

Psychic intuitive or empath, is there really much of a difference?

Psychic intuitive or empath, is there really much of a difference?

Do you consider yourself an empath or a psychic? Do you prefer to think of yourself as both? That matters enormously.

Your choice — and it can certainly be a choice — will have big consequences for:

  • Your consciousness lifestyle (what you do with awareness in your waking hours)
  • Your relationships
  • Your sense of identity
  • Making money
  • How well your aura is doing
  • And the kind of work you do to help people

Where Do I Go Next? How to Avoid Post-New-Age Overwhelm.

In mind-body-spirit, is everything just part of the same sweet energy puzzle?

In mind-body-spirit, is everything just part of the same sweet energy puzzle?

Mind-Body-Spirit — Whatever We Do, It’s All the Same, Isn’t It?

When JOE went to my face reading talk, he got so excited. Yet one more piece of the New Age puzzle, he told me. “We’re all in this together. Everything that everybody is doing, it is all part of one same thing.”

Playing around with energy, it sure can seem that way to an open-hearted spiritual seeker.

Really, though, this is not true. And I’m not “Being Judgmental.” Just bringing discernment to the wacky world of New Age.

Just check out the comments about people proposed for my Enlightenment Life List, a multitude of healers and teachers and celebrities who seem to have it all together spiritually. Therefore they were named as candidates for that list.

So many people seem so lovely. Yet “Not remotely close to Enlightenment” — this tactful-ish comment was made fairly often, after researching the auras of many of those candidates. Might tell you something. 😉

Sure, we are all living at the same time, at the start of the Age of Awakening which began 12-21-12. Living on this same planet, living at the same amazing time.

Well, yes. Noticing energy is happening to everyone who hasn’t withdrawn into spiritual shutdown.

Still that doesn’t mean we are all doing the same thing. And all of it is not just peachy-perfection.

Rose Rosetree's First Detailed Skilled Empath Merge with a Crystal

This crystal empath is about to do a new type of Skilled Empath Merge

This crystal empath is about to do a new type of Skilled Empath Merge

Skip today’s article if diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other stones make you want to snooze. 😉

But if you happen to like them, you may want to share a new type of Skilled Empath Merge with me.

For Crystal Empaths, Even Semi-Precious Stones Can Transport You to a Wonderland

Some people assume that fancy gemstones are the only ones with big value. True, some dedicated crystal collectors invest in exquisite, sizeable stones — showy, even to the casual observer. That’s lovely, but some of us casual collectors content ourselves with very small stones, not necessarily valuable monetarily.

We know that, once cleaned and well programmed, the most inexpensive crystals can work wonders.

Empath Skills Versus Energy Fascination — How to Solve Problems Caused by Confusing the Two

Mixed-up energy ideas can cause really big problems.

Mixed-up energy ideas can cause really big problems.

Problem solvers, let’s follow up with some specific examples. Because our last blog post was the first of a two-parter.

Part One was Please, Please, Please Do Not Confuse Energy Fascination with Being an Empath This gave you important concepts for protecting yourself, solving problems, and speaking to friends of yours who may be headed in a direction that brings unhappiness.

Today here’s Part Two. Let’s go into specific examples of the understandable confusion that many people have about noticing energies, now that we are living in the Age of Awakening.

Please, Please, Please Do Not Confuse Energy Fascination with Being an Empath

When folks mix up being an empath with having to live with big energy awareness

How to become miserable? Mix up being an empath with having to notice energy all day long.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to RACHEL SEARLE, who recently shared here at the blog for the first time, and in a brave way, at an article about empath skills. Yet her comments were very concerning to me, both as an Empath Coach and as someone who helps people with the other skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Living now, we can evolve so fast spiritually. It’s a great opportunity, provided you understand that you are HUMAN. Invest in that human life, complete with common sense, and astral energies will support you as never before in human history.

But if you become overly involved in paying attention to energies, you will (not may, you WILL) lose your balance. Most likely you will develop a spiritual addiction, a kind of addiction to the allure of the astral.

This can be avoided. Or if too late for that, healed.

What is the Age of Awakening?

Following your path in the Age of Awakening

Following your path in the Age of Awakening

True, the world didn’t explode. But did that mean nothing happened on 12/21/12?

Polls before that mystical date confirmed that millions of people were very, very worried that the world was going to end. Others of us were expecting heaven to touch down like a very successful football pass. And then you know what followed, right?

Did the sun refuse to shine? Did the moon turn red with blood? Nope. And the saints didn’t come marching in, either, as in the old song.

Consequently most people forgot how they had expected anything special. What big change?

Well I’m here to tell you that plenty has changed for all of us bipeds striding the earth.

Still, What Are We to Call It?

Old names have seemed awkward, not doing justice to that big change.