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Why Can't We Fully Understand How Enlightenment Will Be… Until It Happens?

Enlightenment -- ever fresh, and always unique in its unfolding

Enlightenment — ever fresh, and always unique in its unfolding

Of course we can’t understand how Enlightenment will be until it happens.

In that respect, Enlightenment is like any genuinely new experience.

To paraphrase my former guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, you can learn about strawberries. You can research them all you like. You can become a strawberry expert. But until you have tasted a strawberry, you can’t really know.

In a more technical way, Enlightenment is about not having significant STUFF. Whatever astral debris we still have is knocked down to a 1 on the Yuckiness Index. It’s a grace of God change, a form of Divine mercy. As if God says to you, “Close enough. Here you go.”

Yes, many people have experiences of Awakening, which helps along the way. But Awakening is not the same thing as Enlightenment.

We live in an Age of Awakening, where such blessed experiences are far more common than before. These wonderful experiences change us forever, bringing Divine presence in concentrated form — as a shift to personal identity.