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Kathleen from Australia Joins our Enlightenment Life List

Even more fun than "Find the Joey"! Meet another Australian Blog-Buddy who has moved into Enlightenment.

Even more fun than “Find the joey”! Meet another Australian Blog-Buddy who has moved into Enlightenment.

Cute as a koala, a spotted quoll, or a red kangaroo in a good mood — that’s my long-time client KATHLEEN. Actually, way more adorable!

Recently she has moved into Enlightenment. So onto all relevant lists at this blog, here she goes:

A Higher State of Consciousness Can Bring More Everyday Success

Related to that is a conversation that I had yesterday, shortly after validating Enlightenment for KATHLEEN.

I had an appointment to do Aura Reading Research for GLADYS, also on my Enlightenment Life List.

Well, I was telling her the great news about KATHLEEN. Then we began to celebrate how GLADYS has just been hired for a super-exciting new job.

GLADYS pointed out a success pattern she has noticed. Something that you might find interesting, fellow householders.

GLADYS’s Success Pattern with Sessions of RES

I’ll notice an area of personal growth and make an appointment for a session. Right then it’s as though something starts to be solved.

When we’re in session, figuring out the intention, more solutions are happening. It has happened with Aura Healing sessions, Aura Reading Research sessions, and also Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

By the time that session is over, I feel that a problem has been solved.

And here’s the wild part. The next day something happens in my life, a result that goes along with the problem solving.

That includes when GLADYS did her last session with me, seeking help to move forward with her next job. Right after her session she checked phone messages. There was just one message, her superb new job offer.

Funny thing is, GLADYS had just been seeking a better job. What did she get? A big promotion, a significant raise, and employment with one of the most influential companies in the United States.

What Does Any of This Have to Do with Enlightenment?

I would love to say that every one of my clients gets results the way that GLADYS does. Wouldn’t be true though.

What is true — and worth mentioning? One advantage of Enlightenment is more support of nature.

If we desire, we tend to get a lot of something good. Well, here’s the part that facinates me, in my role as a helper to Householders: In Enlightenment, as we continue to grow in human ways (faster than ever) we get more of what we desire.

Personally I think this is an important feature of Householder Enlightenment — how our personal lives matter more to us than with traditional paths to Enlightenment, which exalt life as a renunciate.

As an Empath Coach, I often help clients already in Enlightenment to keep on progressing powerfully in their human lives: Solving problems, moving beyond old human-type patterns, and (in three cases that come to mind easily) getting way better jobs. In Enlightenment, we have that capacity, if we’ll just use it.

It’s very rewarding for this RES practitioner to help a client like GLADYS IN ENLIGHTENMENT because results come in extra-fast.

One Among Many Enlightenment Coaches and Energy Healers

Blog-Buddies, words on a screen don’t always convey the tone. It’s important to share with you that I am celebrating here, not gloating.

There are many other Enlightenment Coaches who are helping others cross the threshold into Enlightenment. There are many other energy healers, not just this one who offers particular skill sets for — as I call it, “Energy HEALING for the Age of Awakening.”

Every new person who moves into Enlightenment is a triumph for us all. Every one of the coaches and healers and spiritual seekers, plus the growing community worldwide of people who naturally live in that ongoing state of consciousness called “Enlightenment”!

Personally, though, I’m glad that the RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality) includes discernment about states of consciousness. Many, many people are awakening, or consider themselves spiritually awake, yet the integration is lacking.

One of my favorite ways of helping clients — done twice in the last three days, actually — was to tell my client:

“You’ve had a big spiritual breakthrough but now you are way out whack. Let me describe what is happening at the level of your chakra databanks.Then I can help you to integrate that experience and move forward more rapidly on your personal path to Enlightenment.”

For You Blog-Buddies Who Care About Gaining Enlightenment…

There is a lot to consider. If you’d like Enlightenment, take heart. KATHLEEN’s success can help with your own.

And, I hope you’ll agree, there is much to inspire us all, thanks to KATHLEEN AND GRACE AND GLADYS (and also MEN who are on this community’s Enlightenment Life List).

So much celebrating is here, as we welcome KATHLEEN, Pioneer #21, at Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality.


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  1. 1

    Want to play “Find the joey”? Click on the picture at the top of today’s article. That sweet little baby kangaroo will come into view.

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    Congrats to Kathleen!

  3. 3
  4. 4
    an avid reader says:


  5. 5

    Nice to see another Australian on the list! We do alright despite being upside down.

  6. 6
    Sandra says:

    Congratulations, Kathleen!

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Kathleen!

  8. 8
    David B says:

    Congrats, Kathleen!

  9. 9
    David B says:

    There’s a key point I can make here. There are lots of people shifting without the benefit of RES. This often leads to what is called names like “unpacking” or the end of the honeymoon.

    This may be an extended period of internal purification or it may show up in the external life too. Teachers mention this can take from 6 months to 10 years.

  10. 10
    David B says:

    Meanwhile, the benefits and integration of the shift are somewhat stalled. This is called doing it the hard way.

    I look forward to the day when people have proper support for their process.

  11. 11
    Kathleen says:

    Thank you Rose, Kira, Jessica, Avid Reader, Adam, Sandra and Kylie for your kind wishes! It was a real surprise for me, and I’m pretty excited. 🙂

  12. 12

    KATHLEEN, I’m excited too. And so happy that you are doing so well.

  13. 13

    DAVID B., thank you so much for this series of comments. Yes, I suspect you are right that RES can help people avoid a lot of painful “unpacking.”

    Thanks to all who have been contributing to this thread. 🙂

  14. 14
    Jean says:

    Congratulations Kathleen!

  15. 15
    Isabella C. says:

    Congrats, Kathleen!

  16. 16
    Tehya says:

    Congratulations, Kathleen!

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