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Welcome, JEAN, to Enlightenment

Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN

Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN

Yesterday JEAN and I were having one of our phone sessions. This wonderful client has had sessions with me, off and on, since 2011.

  • Sessions of aura healing and transformation.
  • Sessions of aura reading research.
  • Also, on her path of personal development, JEAN has chosen to learn the skills of Empath Empowerment®. For years she has lived as a very skilled empath.

Over the years JEAN has been blossoming into her human life. Actually, for more than a year, I have wondered when she was going to move into Enlightenment. Would it be today?

On October 27, 2015, soon as I did the session’s early-on Skilled Empath Merge, I laughed in delight.

Because something was up. Someone was up. Up into a higher state of consciousness.

I had that special feeling… that today was the day to make JEAN’s shift in consciousness official.

Enlightenment validation isn’t just the best part of Enlightenment coaching. It is the best part of, well, anything that might happen in a day here at Earth School.

Enlightenment! Householder Enlightenment!

What a delight it was, going through my Enlightenment Validation Procedure.

Bit by bit, I verified. Because I wasn’t going to give a hasty response. Blog-Buddies, you may know from other blog posts that a lot is involved in discerning whether a person has moved into this higher state of consciousness.

Enlightenment is different from having an experience of spiritual awakening, however sweet.

For JEAN, it was important to answer some questions. Although she had noticed a particular moment of moving into Enlightenment, she wasn’t sure. Responding to some of the questions I asked really shocked her.

Sometimes we don’t know how much light we have, or where it is, or what a higher state of consciousness is really like… unless we are asked an appropriate question… at an appropriate time.

How Much Will JEAN Choose to Tell Us About Herself?

Maybe not much. Anything will be appreciated, but I wouldn’t expect huge outpourings.

Over the years, though, JEAN has made some comments here at the blog.

I’m grateful that this intensely private person is willing for me to name her in an official announcement.

Later today I will place her name on my Enlightenment Life List and the shorter list, Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Where JEAN will be #22.

With her permission, I will call her “Jean from America.” That ought to narrow down the possibilities just a bit. 😉

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  1. 1
    Isabella C. says:

    Congrats Jean, and so happy for you to have that state of consciousness, and to have it validated properly.

    Come to think of it, many (most?) people who are Enlightened never get that special pleasure and sense-of-self-building experience of having it validated. What lucky people we are!

    And what an amazing, common sense gift energetic literacy will bring the world as it wakes up.

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    Congratulations, Jean!

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    Congratulations Jean!!

  4. 4
    Isabella C. says:

    When I went through the Enlightenment Validation Procedure with Rose, I remember it was like being wrapped in a warm, reassuring blanket.

    I was feeling shitty and afraid and a bit all over the place. Very release-y. 🙂

  5. 5
    Isabella C says:

    My mood was not what you might expect for someone newly Enlightened.

    So though I was quite sure the shift had occurred, I was confused and probably could have tortured myself with that confusion.

  6. 6
    Isabella C. says:

    But it turns out that “Enlightenment” is not a mood.

    It’s not an emotion word.

    In your Before Picture in an RES session, when you’re naming emotions you have, has any practitioner ever accepted “I notice some sadness and a bit of Enlightenment”?


  7. 7
    Isabella C. says:

    So, yes, it turns out my shitty mood was compatible and concurrent with that higher state of consciousness.

    And it turns out that there were many lovely and new things going on that didn’t have to do with my emotional mood at the time.

    And the validation procedure flags some of those things.

  8. 8
    Isabella C. says:

    Jean, I’ve enjoyed your sweet comments over the years.

    Funny how, with people I’ve never met, I can get a hunch that they’re getting closer, quite close, from blog comments.

    Dare I say, as we get closer to Enlightenment, we all start making more sense?? lol.

  9. 9
    Rachel says:

    Fantastic news! Very happy for you, Jean.

    And love your comments, Isabella 🙂

  10. 10
    Julie says:

    I’m glad you let yourself be named on the blog, Jean. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your comments over the years, always thoughtful, appreciative, supportive, and adding your own synthesis of the articles.

    I would be all ears to hear anything you want to say, though no pressure:)

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Jean!

  12. 12
    Sandra says:

    How wonderful, Jean. Congratulations!

  13. 13
    Kathleen says:

    Congratulations Jean!

  14. 14

    About how it feels, living in Enlightenment — for instance, regarding Isabella C.’s Comments 4-7 — there is a big range of experiences when someone initially moves into that state of consciousness.

    As an Enlightenment Coach, I’d say it is most usual for someone to feel wonderful, graced in a special way, etc. Because Enlightenment is rightly cherished as one of the greatest spiritual achievements possible during a human lifetime.

  15. 15

    However, there can be confusion, too. For this reason, and others, Enlightenment Validation really matters.

    What other reasons might there be to seek out reputable Enlightenment Coaching, validation, etc.?

    Just one example: Recently I have helped two people who were having Awakening experiences, not Enlightenment. And they felt blissful, as people usually do with simple, beautiful, spiritual awakening.

    But each person had quite a way to go. Frankly they were stuck in some ways, although blissful in others.

  16. 16

    Both during and after an experience of Awakening people often feel great. For a while.

    It would be a mistake to confuse that for Enlightenment.

  17. 17

    In their sessions, each of my clients was given support for continuing to evolve faster, rather than emphasizing bliss at the expense of integrating a higher state of consciousness.

    Both of these beautiful spiritual seekers immediately (and gratefully) registered the truth of that very practical Enlightenment Coaching.

  18. 18

    Discernment and guidance are needed for just about everyone, if continued progress is to be made along a spiritual path.

    The pursuit of Enlightenment can be more than a hobby, where anything goes and standards don’t really matter as long as a person feels confident.

    (A.k.a. Self-authority in the absence of skills.)

  19. 19

    Discernment and guidance are needed for just about everyone, if continued progress is to be made in spiritual evolution.

    This is why Enlightenment Coaching matters to people who are close to Enlightenment.

    Or believe they have moved into Enlightenment when more growth is needed.

    Or have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment and are adjusting to this beautiful (but very new) state of consciousness.

  20. 20

    Enlightenment Coaching is NOT only about helping people to move into Enlightenment but about fine-tuning the progress, before and after that shift in consciousness.

    All this is very much on my mind these days, as I’m giving my first teleseminar series on Enlightenment Basics.

    Our first group is enjoying the progressive unfoldment of knowledge in this seven-part series, and we have begun a waitlist for the next time it will be offered. You can read details here.

  21. 21
    Jean says:

    Thank you Isabella C, Kira, Emily, Rachel, Julie, Kylie, Sandra and Kathleen…and of course… Rose!

  22. 22
    Lilian says:

    Wonderful news! The ultimate lifetime(s) achievement award.

  23. 23
    Lilian says:

    Rose, as long as being close to enlightenment or in any place of bliss isn t a requirement to pursue RES, then all is good. ?

  24. 24
    Brandi says:

    Congratulations Jean:)

  25. 25
    David B says:

    Congrats Jean!

  26. 26
    David B says:

    Yes, its not uncommon for the shift itself to trigger various kinds of release, perhaps even overshadowing the shift sometimes.

    But those who use RES and have well-prepared the ground will tend to have less of that as it’s already been addressed.

  27. 27
    Jean says:

    Thanks Lillian, Brandi and David B!
    The comments and posts over the years from all you blog buddys have helped to prepare me for this.

  28. 28
    Grace W says:

    Congratulations, Jean!

  29. 29
  30. 30
    Grace W says:

    Along with feeling happy for Jean and getting a kick out of the growing number of folks making this shift, Isabella C and David, I especially appreciate your comments here.

  31. 31
    Grace W says:

    After Rose’s recent validation of my own shift and feeling that peaceful, grace-y feeling, lately it’s been more of the release-y variety and lots of pretty clear lines wanting to be drawn in the sand.

    More like what you described, Isabella C.

  32. 32
    Grace W says:

    Kind of amusing, but also at times very uncomfortable.

    I imagine it’s part of that phase of letting go of things that just don’t fit any more.

  33. 33
    Grace W says:

    But then it’s pretty funny, cause along with feeling like, “Seriously? Enlightened?!

    As cranky as this feels??” there are those moments of instant manifestation that have amped up since the shift. They’re so much fun.

  34. 34

    Once again, thanks so much to all who are speaking up here.

    GRACE W, like ISABELLA C., your contributions are especially noteworthy — so honest and courageous.

    I don’t think you’ll find too many other Enlightenment Coaches or teachers of Awakening who emphasize humanity as part of the process of spiritual evolution.

  35. 35

    Yes, this really is Enlightenment, and as Householders who pay attention to your lives more than you do to energies, you are helping enormously to advance a clearer understanding in collective consciousness. Yes, this is Householder Enlightenment.

    I invite any of you Blog-Buddies — compare this sort of conversation to what you will find elsewhere. David B.’s blog emphasizes human life so beautifully, and of course I think it is kinda important. Otherwise….

  36. 36

    I don’t think you’ll find too many other Enlightenment Coaches or teachers of Awakening who emphasize humanity as part of the process of spiritual evolution.

    By all means, email me with links to any who do.

    And please educate your friends, away from pie-in-sky and towards tasty food that can nourish real people.

  37. 37
    David B says:

    Hi Rose
    Thanks. I spoke on a large panel off-site while I was at the conference. One of the topics of the 5 hour discussion was teachers who had stumbled (most in the group where well aware of 2 of them recently) and the importance of peer groups and therapy, even for the awake. Putting yourself out there as a guru can lead to amplified shadows and karma playing out on a larger stage.

  38. 38
    David B says:

    The panel was recorded and will be posted on BATGAP at some point. 15 teachers with a broad range of backgrounds.

    The awareness of the need for integration and a more complete embodiment is gradually growing. Several of the speakers I heard at the conference spoke to this also.

  39. 39
    David B says:

    The idealized problems-gone magician miracle-worker master-of-all story about enlightenment is fading.

    It’s normal and ordinary yet extraordinary too.

  40. 40
    Amanda says:

    How wonderful, Jean. Congratulations! I have always enjoyed your comments here and how lovely to have that experience of validation.



  41. 41
    Amanda says:

    Isabella and Grace, thank you for sharing as well. Evolution continues!

    I had a lovely quiet safe feeling then went into some discomfort. I am finding out about boundaries and anger and -separately – life with teenage children! (Grf)

    Working with discomfort actually makes me happy because it means I’m still evolving. I love evolving 🙂


  42. 42
    Jean says:

    Thanks to Grace W. and Jessica Gates.

  43. 43
    an avid reader says:

    Congrats, Jean!!

  44. 44
    Jean says:

    David B. – a special shout out to you and your work.

    Your blog is a great resource which has been most helpful for me in many ways. Thank you.

  45. 45
    Jean says:

    Also please know that I honor your decision to become more public with all you do with your recent videos. Was wonderful to see and hear you right there on my laptop as it were.

  46. 46
    Jean says:

    May I be so bold as to venture a polite question?

    I recall back when you noted that the ancient descriptions of the Nadis and Roses’ Chakra Databanks were perhaps one and the same.

  47. 47
    Jean says:

    David is there some sort of similar precedent from the ancient texts around Householder Enlightenment/ Renunciate Enlightenment, the difference between the two -and possible implications around this for, er, todays enlightened human?

  48. 48
    Sarah says:

    Oh, great question, Jean! I would be interested to hear David’s response to that as well.

    I, too, was thrilled by the video, David, and that your work is coming out more into the public. Looking forward to the book!

    And I said it in the other thread, but I’ll say it here, again: Congratulations, Jean!! 😀

  49. 49
    Jean says:

    Thank you Amanda and An Avid Reader!

  50. 50
    Jean says:

    Have been enjoying the “less stickiness” aspect of challenging life issues.
    Helpful as I have been continuing to “unpack” especially since realization of my shift on above mentioned phone session with Rose.

  51. 51
    Jean says:

    Somehow missed this great comment #39 by David B. that I have copied below.

    “The idealized problems-gone magician miracle-worker master-of-all story about enlightenment is fading.

    It’s normal and ordinary yet extraordinary too.”

  52. 52
    Jean says:

    Thanks Sarah!

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