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Come out of Hiding

Peekaboo, here's to the real you.

Peekaboo, here’s to the real you.

Peekaboo, I see you.

Blog-Buddies, you can’t hide to a face reader. Or an aura reader. Or a skilled empath.

This blog is about the REVEAL side of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). That’s what it means to make deeper perception PRACTICAL.

By contrast, our October 2015 newsletter will celebrate the opposite side, exploring the tendency some of us still have to HIDE.

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Comparison Aura Reading of Darlene Zschech, Famed for Addictive Church Music

Spiritual sleepwalking -- does it impress you?

Spiritual sleepwalking — does it impress you?

Does God really need the help of performers like Darlene Zschech?

Does Jesus really “want” or “need” for you to surrender your normal thinking and feeling to another human being… even someone as pretty as that Darlene… in order to have a “sacred” experience?

Oh, I think not.

Look at this world, peopled by incarnated souls like you and me who have free will. Are we weird exceptions to Robot World,  where the “good Christians” or “Enlightened People” are really self-actualized?

Or maybe the whole point of living on earth is to actually grow spiritually, which includes your sacred self-authority in its many forms!

Are your mind and heart really some garbage, to be hypnotically numbed into submission? Oh, I think not.

Sometimes there will be a mystical experience where a person reaches towards God, and maybe God also reaches back. Whatever the mysterious dynamics of that loving relationship, it sure doesn’t involve being hypnotized under false pretenses by some other human being.

The Mystery of Enlightenment Coaching

Celebrating your magnificent, mysterious path

Celebrating your magnificent, mysterious path

Heard from Joe early in his first session with me:

“Everything is going great. It’s hard to think of any area for improvement. I just want a general aura healing, like you can cut my cords and find anything else that’s in the way.”

Then, after 30 minutes, came this from Joe:

“Yeah, I’ve been having a midlife crisis.”

Jesus is reputed to have said, “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” However, there was a context for this advice: “When you give to the needy.”

Internal numbness makes for a lousy way of life!

And gee, do you think this sort of compartmentalization helps people much on their personal paths to God?

Enlightenment Means Integration of Life

By definition, people can’t usually find the dull spots on their own, consciously note the glitches. Making things trickier, the joy of some awakening experiences can actually confuse a person. Why?

Commenting and Searching Here Just Got Easier

This blog is green and growing

This blog is green and growing

Good news for enjoying “Deeper Perception Made Practical”!

Migration of this blog, and the supporting website, has been completed.

Now we’ve got ourselves a fine new SEARCH box too. Check it out!

Commenting is easier too, as the old Captcha method has been replaced with something far easier. You’ll see.

How Curious Am I about Enlightenment?

So many paths to Enlightenment seem promising. How can you choose wisely?

So many paths to Enlightenment seem promising. How can you choose wisely?

Recently I have found many people drawn to conversations about Enlightenment. Some watch interviews given by people like me. Others are signing up for meditation courses. Online experts appeal to some.

If you’re reading this, you know. Many today are very curious indeed about Enlightenment. So much is available now that appeals to your curiosity.

Well, this is going to be one of my more controversial blog posts. But I’ll lead up to it gently.

Is Enlightenment a fairly new idea for you? Or have you been questing for quite a while?

And at what point did you ever use terms like Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Self-Actualization, or Spiritual Awakening?

I’m especially looking forward to comments at the end of this post about your story:

When DID you first become interested in the idea of Enlightenment?

Enlightenment Basics — Announcing Rose’s First Teleseminar Series

Enlightenment Coaching begins for a small group, first time ever

Enlightenment Coaching begins for a small group, first time ever

From Awakening… towards Enlightenment

Hannah always had a deep caring about serving others, being a good person. Last year, some beautiful experiences of awakening changed everything, as if spiritually she was coming alive. With this awakening, it seemed as though her old life fell away. Hannah was ready to make any change, do whatever it took. But what was her new path going to be?

Hank was going through a rough time. When he went to a psychic for guidance, he felt comforted. Actually Hank felt more than simply comforted. The psychic told Hank he was very, very talented as an intuitive. Naturally he signed up for a program to awaken still more. But something felt off. Hank wasn’t sure if this was his path or not. And if it wasn’t, what was?

Lately Hillary has been having some lovely experiences. It’s as though a spiritual light has switched on within her. Hillary feels that she has awakened. Yet there is a troubling gap between how good she feels noticing energies versus everyday life. That hardly matters to her any more, compared to watching inspirational videos or seeking spiritual guidance. Is this what it really means, being Enlightened?

Hannah, Hank and Hillary — their names are fictitious. But their stories are not. I have helped all three of these beautiful people, awakened but not yet Enlightened. Clients like these came to me for personal sessions. Hundreds of clients like these have been helped, one session at a time. Until I began to wonder…

When the Sweetness of Enlightenment Doesn't Necessarily SEEM Sweet. A Guest Post by GRACE W.

Householder Enlightenment, a state of consciousness that is dependable yet ever fresh

Householder Enlightenment, a state of consciousness that is dependable… yet ever fresh

Funny, Blog-Buddies, how lately there have been so many blog posts and guest posts here on the topic of Enlightenment. Including a juicy one from GRACE W. that I’ll be sharing with you today.

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow I make live something I have been working on for a while, something about Enlightenment Coaching. An opportunity that just might be very helpful for YOU.

Among the skill sets and knowledge that have developed for me, Enlightenment Coaching is very special compared to the others.

By contrast, for instance, there are six skill sets that I have trademarked: Empath Empowerment® * 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® * Vibrational Re-Positioning®

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® * Face Reading Secrets® * Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®

Every one of them feels like a sacred responsibility, yet I feel that more strongly with the Enlightenment Coaching.

Every one of them has been co-created with Divine inspiration, yet I feel that even more strongly with the Enlightenment Coaching.

And even more wonder. And even more gratitude (including ways that this lifetime and some other incarnations have prepared me just enough).

It humbles me, both the knowledge I have been given and the knowledge that is developing…

What Is It Like for an Athlete, Having Both Physical Oneness and Physical Intuition? A Guest Post by CYNTHIA

Big success for soccer player (and empath) Leo Messi

Big success for soccer player (and empath) Leo Messi

Recently we had quite the aura conversation about soccer legend, and multi-millionaire, and humanitarian… Leo Messi. Blog-Buddy CYNTHIA had such perceptive observations about this talented empath, I have elevated her comments to become her first guest post here.

Way to go, CYNTHIA!

When an Empath Has Physical Oneness

I am fascinated that he has Physical Oneness as an empath gift and has become an athlete.

It may have been an advantage in learning the sport, almost as if he could have watched the great players as a child and actually experienced how it felt to move the way they moved, felt the co-ordination, the skill and strength.

A Generational Look at Empaths Starts Today with MILLENNIALS

Millennial empath Leo Messi sure isn't a kid any more.

Millennial empath Leo Messi sure isn’t a kid any more.

True, unskilled empaths suffer. But enough with the victim-talk! Because empaths can always develop skills. And once you learn those skills, you become so much happier. You can even learn how to do Skilled Empath Merge.

Just as something funny is said to “Tickle your funny bone,” what happens when you do a Skilled Empath Merge? It tickles your soul.

Even reading about a Skilled Empath Merge can do that for you. So relax, Blog-Buddies. I have a four-part treat for you, a sweet bunch of energetic literacy profiles.

These public figures are empaths who have become skilled enough to enjoy their lives. They are, overall, happy empaths.

In case you’re curious, at the end of each profile, you can read a list of that person’s empath gifts.

Yes, in this four-part series, I’ll be profiling a public figure from YOUR generation. Today I’ll be starting with…

Celebrating RES Professional JESSICA GATES

Jessica Gates, a Professional Practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Jessica Gates, a Professional Practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Finally here is a formal announcement about a talented professional at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). After graduation JESSICA GATES was invited to have a blog post like this one, but she put it off.

Self-promoting isn’t her thing. That stands out in today’s marketplace, doesn’t it? All those teenagers and adults so focused on “Building my brand”! And a New Age marketplace that encourages people to become shameless self-promoters, as if that is what draws success.

When I reminded her to create a something to help more clients find her, she responded. Hence today’s blog post.

Worth Noting, a Lovely Thing about JESSICA GATES

Not only doesn’t this RES professional push to find new clients. She doesn’t have the usual hard-ish facade of an adult. A child’s pure heart is right there, to the discerning.

Of course, JESSICA is tough enough to have birthed four children, to be a loving wife, to do martial arts, to have many social connections in Howell, Michigan. And let’s not forget the determinationn required to home-school all those kids.