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How We Empaths Can Become More Empathic. (Surprisingly, Most of Us Aren't.)

Empaths don't necessarily act empathic. But we could. (And it's good for us.)

Empaths don’t necessarily act empathic. But we could. (And it’s good for us.)

Shocking but true: Most empaths are NOT as empathic as they think they are.

What Does It Mean, Being an Empath?

Being an empath is not a behavior. It is not something that a person can choose. Or that anyone can develop. (Unlike empathy, which we’ll get to separately.)

Every empath is a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person; and 1 in 20 of the people on this sweet earth have been born as an empath.

Blog-Buddies, you probably know that this empath coach has identified 15 different talents that an empath might have. You might have several or just one. Either way, being wired with even one talent as an empath means that you qualify.

But did you know how “Empath” is different from “Empathy”? Many of us are pretty fuzzy about the details.

Tossing Certain Ideas about Tidying Up

Oh no, soooo embarrassed!

Oh no, soooo embarrassed!

No need to blush, British readers. In fact I think all you Blog-Buddies will be able to handle today’s article just fine — and without trembling — when I recount the tossing away of my first reaction to Marie Kondo’s method for Tidying Up.

If you don’t get how WILDLY controversial my language about “tossing” is here ;-), just check out yesterday’s blog post, Comment #7.

And definitely, everyone, you can anticipate an inspiring tale of less is more. Specifically I’m going to share some ideas I discarded, and some perspective I gained, on the perennially important art of tidying up.

The author of “The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up” is a brilliant inspiration to neat people everywhere. Personally I learned a lot from all the responses to my blog post about the “revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing.”

What is the main thing I learned? And how might this be very useful to you, as well?

Choose Your Thanksgiving

Today's Thanksgiving can be done YOUR WAY.

Today’s Thanksgiving can be done YOUR WAY.

In America today is Thanksgiving. Wherever you live, whenever you read this, it can be YOUR Thanksgiving, done your way.

So often we Americans celebrate the holiday with family, or as a Friendsgiving, with food, with exercise like the increasingly popular “Turkey Trot.”

This time, just for a few minutes, I’d like to experiment with something extra.

Choosing one of my many roles in life, I’m going to find and feel and express my thanks.

Tidying up Just Enough? RES Perspective on Marie Kondo's Bestselling Method

Too much shopping, too much tossing -- can there be problems either way?

Too much shopping, too much tossing — can there be problems either way?

On Black Friday, how many people will be buying “The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo?

I wonder, and not just because I have an eye for irony.

“Black Friday” is, of course, a post-post-modern American tradition, where you start Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving Day and go at it full force on the following day (which is always a Friday). Then binge-shop for several more days, merrily scooping up bargains as you go.

This year it is estimated that 135.8 million consumers may shop between Thanksgiving Day and through the weekend until “Cyber Monday” (when the shopping goes online).

What, is one of America’s loveliest holidays — our collective day of gratitude — really becoming the day to go out and shop ’till you drop?”

Gotta love Earth School, right? Because we spiritual idealists might have to weep if we didn’t sometimes remember to laugh.

Why I Seek Householder Enlightenment, Not Renunciation. A Guest Post by JESS

Doing laundry as part of his path to Householder Enlightenment

Doing laundry as part of his path to Householder Enlightenment

Get ready for a riveting guest post, if you care about finding a spiritual path that works for you.

Some context first: Sex scandals of spiritual gurus was discussed here at the blog in a series of articles, back in 2013, within the first year of The Age of Awakening.

Since then collective consciousness has definitely been awakening, and that includes further unfolding within the system of RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality).

Many articles at this blog have documented how many Blog-Buddies here have moved into Enlightenment. I have been using the term “Householder Enlightenment” to describe this breakthrough, which is so very Age of Awakening compared to ages past, when seekers of Enlightenment would live as renunciates: Monks, nuns, priests, recluses.

You can now find a wealth of information here about a path tht helps for pursuing Householder Enlightenment, Human-Based Spirituality.

What Was It Like to Do Riverdance as Michael Flatley? A Skilled Empath Merge

No leprochaun but a very human dancer, that Michael Flatley

No leprechaun but a very human dancer, that Michael Flatley

Blog-Buddies, you’re in for a treat. A dance, practically! Because today I play catch-up on our most recent contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

And such wonderful people remain! Such as? Michael Flatley. he was nominated by Blog-Buddy JULIE. She wrote:

“I’d like to nominate Michael Flatley, the Irish-American dancer and choreographer. I’d be most interested in his aura at the time of the show Riverdance, which albeit was a long time ago but still a dazzling moment in history….

“I’d like to know more about his creative expression and what makes him tick, creatively.

“I’ve heard that he wasn’t just the lead dancer in Riverdance; he also choreographed all the moves and trained the other staff (hundreds of dancers).”

Here is a biography of Michael Flatley. And here you can see a clip of him in the original, magical performance of “Riverdance” in Dublin, Ireland. Watch it all the way to the end, JULIE recommends, because the excitement builds.

What Is the Point of Personal Growth? For You. For Anyone.

What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.

What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.

A passionate question came to this blog today, over at Perspective on the Sex Scandals of Great Enlightened World Gurus.

New commenter at this blog, SINDWA KANYIMBA, asked this:

“From your article, I conclude that being enlightened does not make one to be more morally upright and does not build ethic.

“If so, it’s of no use and I see no need to pursue practices leading to enlightenment.

“Most of these gurus were meditators. This to me implies meditation does not make one a better person in society.

“Why the hype on the benefits of meditation since it does not confer high moral/ethical standards?”

Let’s try this experiment, Blog-Buddies. How about YOU answer this, one comment at a time?

Don't Reduce Empath Empowerment® to One Quick Sentence

Racing to gain empath skills? You can do better.

Racing to gain empath skills? You can do better.

So many of us empaths are in a hurry to get skills.

  • Some folks feel desperate.
  • Some expect instant answers.
  • Some believe that the truth ought to be simple. And, therefore, we have the right to take something too new or complex and turn it into something “better.”

I’m here to caution you. Please take your empath skills more seriously than that. Show more respect for yourself.

Ben Carson-ish. A Guest Post by JACKIE

Meet a brain surgeon who liked guns more than knives

Meet a brain surgeon who liked guns more than knives

Note: If you click on the photograph above, it will be easier to get the point.

Many of you Blog-Buddies have read my recent aura reading of Ben Carson. This was the main article in the November issue of my monthly newsletter “Reading Life Deeper.”

Energetic literacy can bring discernment, protecting us. And, yes, sometimes helping us to gain perspective on claims of having a special relationship with Jesus.

On blog as well as off-blog, I’ve been receiving thank you’s. But the most fascinating response of all comes from JACKIE.

Dating a Neurosurgeon Who Might Have Been Ben Carson’s Son

This aura reading was totally surreal for me. A few years ago I had a short relationship with a very, very politically conservative; very, very religiously Christian, neurosurgeon.

No, it was not Ben Carson, lol. I’ll call him Joe.

What was not surprising? Ben Carson was one of JOE’s heroes. When I learned about Carson at the time, it felt like I might as well have been dating his son.

At the time, I was also a big fan of Carson. (I mean, why not, right? I was in love with a younger version of him.)

My Close Call with Spiritual Addiction. A Guest Post by a Psychiatrist

Wakeup call -- "That's spiritual addiction. Hello!"

Wakeup call — “That’s spiritual addiction. Hello!”

Blog-Buddies, this article originally appeared here on the date of this post.

But on February 12, 2016 I have moved it. Because it is being included in my latest book. More about that to come. 🙂

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