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Steady As You Go

Feeling at sea? You've got company.

Feeling at sea? Hey, you’ve got company.

Lately some of you Blog-Buddies and RES clients have been feeling rough. Well, you’re sailing over rough seas.

Imagine this. You’re aboard a large sailing ship, and those waters are roiling?

Energetically, and also in everyday human life, millions of your fellow humans are going through a turbulent adjustment adjustment. Personally I think the turmoil is related to adjusting to this new Age of Awakening.

However you think of it, Blog-Buddies, collective consciousness is moving fast.

  • Some people — like you — are leading, as if making little waves on the sea.
  • Others are following, willingly. More waves, of course. (And you know some of these folks just hate feeling at sea.)
  • More follow, grudgingly. So many choppy waves. (You know plenty of these folks too, right?)
  • Others don’t want to budge, hanging onto security for dear life. (And that is going to work right now? As if!)


Just Look at What Has Been in the News this Last Week

Can you believe that all this is happening NOW, as reported in respected media this week?

Political crises over refugees

Sadly, political crises, even wars, aren’t unusual now, haven’t been for years. But… political crises over 60 million refugees? According to the New York Times:

“There are more displaced people and refugees now than at any other time in recorded history — 60 million in all — and they are on the march in numbers not seen since World War II.” 

Crazy-big problems with many Gen-Xers

On Page 3 of The Washington Post this week: “A group of middle-aged whites in the U.S. is dying at a startling rate”

Who is in this group? Men and women aged 45-54. Poor people whose addictions to drugs and alcohol are bad enough to cause death, plus all the suicides.

Blog-Buddy LILIAN also informed us this week abouta cohort of men in the U.K. for whom suicide is the leading cause of death. Gen-Xers.

Drug addiction is on the rise, too

Yes, there is now a heroin epidemic in the U.S. In 2002, 100 people per 100,000 were addicted to heroin but that number had doubled by 2013.

What kind of pain causes people to get hooked? Blog-Buddies, may we never know, personally.

But you might wish to take a few seconds to wrap your head around these numbers: According to BBC News, nearly 34,000 12-17 year olds are now trying heroin for the first time each year, as the drug becomes cheaper and more readily available than ever.

And speaking of teens in trouble

How about this news story from a few days ago? American teenagers spend an “astounding” nine hours a day with digital technology, entertaining themselves with streaming video, listening to music and playing games, researchers reported Tuesday. And “tweens” aged 8 to 12 are spending six hours with media, the non-profit group Common Sense Media reports.

I wonder, is this just technology love? Having fun with multitasking? Or is it also, in some cases, related to a not-too-secure relationship with human, objective reality?

More time spent with a screen each day than with either parents or teachers.

And speaking of people’s relationships with objective reality…

What Else Is Happening in Collective Consciousness?

First, my perspective: Political events are a reflection of the consciousness in that country. My former guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say that people get the government they deserve, that elected officials represent the majority of what’s going on with collective consciousness. Make sense to you? It sure does to me.

What really convinced me? In 1980, my second husband, Joe, used to work on staff for the Republican side of the House of Representatives in Illinois. Joe would often comment on this.

Most of the time elected politicians would schmooze with Joe, acting like themselves and speaking in a way that sounded normal for them. But as soon as they would step on the floor of the House, bam! They would speak and act differently, sometimes downright chaotically, and acting nearly unrecognizable.

Why? Joe was convinced that the change in behavior was related to the consciousness of their constitutents. It was as if that collective consciousness took them over at the statehouse. Being elected representatives, they DID represent.

Well, here is what we else we have being represented now in America

On a national level, the Speaker of the House just resigned. The new speaker, Paul Ryan, received only 236 of the 432 votes cast. Hardly a strong showing within his own party.

In presidential politics, once again, American politicians have begun debating more than a year in advance in our next presidential election. Nothing new there.

By now, the huge Republican field of presidential candidates is reduced to trash talking each other. Okay, nothing new there.

But this week’s latest news? Republican candidates who are officially running for president have begun objecting to rules for future GOP debates — rules that every one of them had formerly agreed to. “Scary” rules like allowing “Yes-no” questions.

Blog-Buddies, can you see those chaotic waves all around you?

Statistically half of America votes Republican — so in terms of collective consciousness… that corresponds to half of the nation living with this degree of chaos.

Meanwhile There You Are, Sailing through Life’s Seas

As your boat lurches right and left, and you struggle to gain your balance, here’s my advice.

Be proud of yourself.

Keeping your balance can be hard under those circumstances, but not because anything is wrong with you. Or your ability to balance.

Actually you’re doing well. You ARE keeping your balance. Keep it up.

I’m planning a little series of blog posts to help. This has been #1. Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    I definitely see many degrees of change and willingness to change, in people around me.

    Those who are leading and initiating, and being prompt with change. Those who are reluctant, but not fighting change. And those who are, for lack of a better word, hunkered down…

  2. 2
    Julie says:

    I think anyone is doing great who is just honestly attempting to keep up! Adjusting to conditions as they are, and the truth of things as they are.

    And changing when it seems clear that that’s needed.

    What more can anybody do, but make that honest attempt?

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    Gracefulness, or perfection, or control over life is possibly…not possible right now.

    But the honest attempt to learn, to better oneself, to better one’s world, is in many ways enough and more than enough.

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    If you think of it like a pair of shoes – it may not be the goal to keep the shoes clean. Without a speck! Or a smudge, or a full-out mud bath.

    Stuff happens.

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    But part of that is the work in progress. It’s messy because it’s changing.

    Therein is the potential, if one doesn’t get too distressed by it.

  6. 6
    Lilian says:

    Thanks Rose! I m super hard on myself in terms of expecting myself to not let anything slip. I guess sometimes you have to be fearful or angry or whatever…

  7. 7
    Lilian says:

    Also, what you suggest does point to the sacrifice made by people in office.

  8. 8
    Julie says:

    “Keeping your balance can be hard under those circumstances, but not because anything is wrong with you.”

    I can relate. It’s easy to fall into self-blame, when actually conditions are such as to challenge the most sea-worthy traveler!

  9. 9
    Sarah says:

    Another great metaphor, Rose!

    Large-scale politics and close-to-home personal issues definitely feel like a choppy sea to me right now…

    And as it so happens, earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to spend about 48 hours on a ship traveling through very choppy seas–with no land in sight. So this metaphor is visceral for me!!

  10. 10
    Sarah says:

    How did I handle those literal waves?

    For a while, I stumbled around, laughing wildly and careening into walls and attempting to engage anyone I could with humor.

    Quick, grab the pepper shaker before it jumps off the table! Thank God the grand piano is chained down! And whatever you do, don’t try to drink hot tea…

  11. 11
    Sarah says:

    My approach to these metaphorical waves has been similar thus far…

    Though admittedly, after a while, flailing around got old… And I spent a lot of time sleeping, since it was definitely the safest activity available.

    I find myself having the same impulse now. When life feels too chaotic, I actually find myself wanting to literally sleep through it. Just go back to bed, wake up when we hit shore… But something tells me, this strategy isn’t going to work this time around.

  12. 12
    Kira says:

    I apologize for this in advance, but I’m not going to think very hard about this particular metaphor because I’m prone to seasickness on even a relatively calm sea, and I really don’t want to dip into my anti-nausea drug stash. (I can see it now: “Yeah, the chemo didn’t make me sick, but there was this one metaphor…”.)

  13. 13
    Kira says:

    I have necessarily (for my health) been taking things one day at a time for several months, and I haven’t been paying very much attention to world events. As of a few weeks ago, I have needed to concentrate much more on how I feel physically; my current treatment is a balance between killing cancer cells and potentially killing my nerves.

  14. 14
    Kira says:

    Scary, I guess, but I have several things to focus on at any given time. I have classes, hobbies, and projects. If I feel a physical symptom when I’m not actively trying to feel what’s going on in my body, then I do a quick check to figure out if it’s something I need to do something about right away; otherwise, I just go back to what I was doing before I felt it.

  15. 15
    Kira says:

    The active check-ins are to make sure I don’t fall into one of my old habits of ignoring bodily sensations because I’m engrossed in something.

  16. 16
    Kira says:

    I’m a lot less thrown by this than I have been in the past for much tinier things, so I feel like I’m doing pretty well. 🙂

  17. 17

    So rooting for you every day, KIRA.

    And thanks to our other contributors so far on this thread, SARAH and LILIAN and JULIE.

  18. 18
    Jnana says:

    Thank you for this post Rose.
    Looking forward to the rest in the series.

    I’ve never been able to consciously register when I go through a storm. Posts like these help give me that awareness.

    And thanks to the blog buddies for their comments, always much appreciated.

    And to Kira who gives so much amidst all she is going through.

    This blog is like a pillar of strength.

  19. 19
    Irene Kr says:

    I seem to shatter on a regular basis, and then I do my best to do what is needed in objective reality. Sometimes the list of what’s possible seems so short and so basic as to be almost pointless, but never quite entirely pointless. And then a day comes when the pieces come back together a tiny bit more, and one more step forward happens.

    I don’t have to know what’s going on, I don’t have to stop the shattering, I just have to keep doing my best.

  20. 20
    Irene Kr says:

    Sarah, I hear you on the wanting to sleep through it. I find it sometimes tricky to balance getting enough rest with wanting to shut out the hard stuff.

  21. 21
    Irene Kr says:

    This “Keeping your balance can be hard under those circumstances, but not because anything is wrong with you” is very encouraging.

    As is Julie’s comments #1-5, especially this “Gracefulness, or perfection, or control over life is possibly… not possible right now. But the honest attempt to learn, to better oneself, to better one’s world, is in many ways enough and more than enough.”

    And also, way to go Kira 🙂

  22. 22
    David B says:

    I’ve been noticing world events get increasingly stratified and many people I know’s lives changing dramatically. Actually my own has this year as well.

    But at the same time, there is fewer waves and increasing smoothness. The changes have been rather remarkable here. A nice upgrade.

  23. 23
    David B says:

    Considering the metaphor, is this lifting off from the seas to glide in the air? No – thats more the spiritually addicted approach.

  24. 24
    David B says:

    Is it throwing down some anchors? No – that’s more the resistors. Trying to fight the flow.

  25. 25
    David B says:

    What it is is sinking into the waves, becoming the flow of life itself. Then the waves don’t batter us because they arise from us. We are the stable ocean beneath the storms.

    And that is the beginning of peace for the world – however it may seem on the surface.

  26. 26
    Lilian says:

    Kira, much respect for your attitude!! To deal with what you re dealing with and keeping your focus on objective reality while doing it is impressive. Especially in these years.

  27. 27
    Jesse says:

    Julie’s comment #3 is interesting….Control? When I look back at my life I don’t think I’ve ever had much control or power over my life. That’s been my whole reason for doing all this work…..

  28. 28
    Jesse says:

    Many times I’ll see other people do A+B and get C….Then I’ll try to do A+B and get I don’t know what!!!!

  29. 29
    Jesse says:

    I remember asking Rose the relationship between choice and fate….I think the answer I received was stuff! I translated that as

    Fate = Choice + Stuff

    Written another way:

    Choice = Fate – Stuff

  30. 30
    Jesse says:

    I guess the real question is there a difference between choice and power/control?

  31. 31

    All these comments are wonderful. Thank you so much, everyone.

    Of course, I’m one of those who cannot resist responding to Jesse’s Comments 28 and 30.

  32. 32

    About comparing yourself to others (Comment 28), never a good idea, JESSE. And you have given a great example why.

    Let’s say you observe GLADYS do A + B and get C. What don’t you see? The 400 other times this month alone when she did A + B in a different context… and didn’t get C at all.

  33. 33

    And if you were a fair observer of YOU, there would be loads of examples when you also did A + B and got C.

    You’re just focusing on difficult examples. Isn’t it true that there are plenty of other contexts that routinely go so smoothly for you that you don’t even think about them.

    Which isn’t being spoiled. Merely human.

  34. 34

    Regarding your Comment 30, here’s my point of view in a nutshell.

    Choice is your opportunity. And your responsibility.

    Power means saying and doing things to get what you want.

    But power doesn’t mean having control over others. Or even outcomes.

  35. 35

    Long-term, life is fair. But life is also complicated.

    JESSE, you could still be getting karma back from a lifetime when you were a caveman.

    It’s crazy-making to worry about the complications of intersecting karmas, yours and other people’s.

  36. 36

    Just say and do the best you can to get what you want.

    Notice what happens in reality and start again, making the best of what is happening in reality.

    Until you really do get what you desire.

  37. 37
    Grace W says:

    Great timing, Rose!

    It really is wild times. This post helps me have perspective.

  38. 38
    Grace W says:

    I’ve noticed a combination of responses to the current climate among others. I’ve also been surprised at my own discomfort at times.

    I’ve been acclimating to this new level of consciousness, with bouts of release-y kinds of crankiness alternating with utter calm and bliss.

  39. 39
    Grace W says:

    Today, my wallet disappeared somewhere between my paying the taxi driver and my arrival in the building that was my destination.

    One of the students remarked that I was incredibly calm about just losing my wallet.

    I was surprised myself that I didn’t get upset at all. Just something to deal with.

  40. 40
    Grace W says:

    In contrast to yesterday, when I was furious about a situation with a workplace taking forever to pay me.

    Surprisingly furious!

  41. 41
    Grace W says:

    Big contrasts, to put it mildly!

    But I am navigating it and keeping my balance.

  42. 42
    Jesse says:

    Regarding comment 28…I guess I was comparing myself to others…I like to think I don’t do that…Oops!

    I was also toying around with Power and Choice…

    Power = Choice + Skills ?

    Interesting start…maybe too simple……

  43. 43
    David B says:

    re: Comment 32+
    Well put Rose.

    We could say fate is yesterdays choices but even that is over-simplifying. We don’t live in isolation so there is a highly complex web of interactions, overlaid by the complex cycles of time. The second is what brings the dominant “flavour” of events.

  44. 44
    David B says:

    The current time (much of this month) is described as “Flaws in relationships, finances, real estate, vehicles, pleasures and desires”. It may be a good time to work on these areas but not to start things. And careful with the self-judgement. It’s not personal.

  45. 45
    Grace W says:

    Interesting comments about power and choice.

    I was actually just discussing this in a conversation with a colleague as we’ve worked to untangle some bureaucratic issues.

  46. 46
    Grace W says:

    In my opinion, “Power” in such situations means continuing to ask questions, to ask to speak to a supervisor, to hang up and get someone else who might be more helpful, to follow up, to be persistent, etc.

  47. 47
    Grace W says:

    My experience is that a lot of people give up rather quickly in such situations, thinking they are “powerless” or blaming the other party, when they really haven’t done too much to solve the problem.

  48. 48
    Grace W says:

    There is much power to be had in digging into details.

    It’s partly a way of thinking, of being open-minded and creative, while focusing on the goal.

  49. 49
    Happy says:

    I feel happy and validated that you stated in comment 33 that ‘Which isn’t being spoiled. Merely human’.

    Over the past few years, I have felt angry of various accusations on myself and others at being spoiled when all we have done/are doing is having happiness or finding happiness the best way we can in neither an illegal nor immoral way.

    I find that this often happens when the accusers are trying to get me to take the shorter end of the stick, or are trying to get me to take a path that is not fully conducive to my happiness, and I refuse.

    I do not think that my situation is very similar to JESSE’S. But I hope it is relevant enough that it does not cause this to go off topic. .

  50. 50
    Lilian says:

    I agree with Grace. for me, personal power has a lot to do with being resourceful.

  51. 51
    Lilian says:

    Also, I have to suggest that people who never fret about being powerless may just be getting their way by control and manipulation. I have seen a lot of this! In the end, “just doing it” by honest means is more powerful!

  52. 52
    Lilian says:

    Honourable mention:

    Written by an actual academic about the positive effects of stress. The anti- stress mindset can t be doing us much good. I think about our Victorian ancestors and how they pretty much built the western world in about a hundred years… For good or bad. We have to do and experience to learn, right? It s our turn now.

  53. 53
    Jean says:

    Thanks Rose – I too looking forward to more in this series.

    Appreciate the pertinent comments from all.

  54. 54
    Sarah says:

    Happy, I totally agree! I hate that “spoiled” accusation when it comes from unmotivated, unhappy people. I think being “spoiled” requires having a bad attitude. NOT the same as just having high expectations out of life and using power to have those expectations met!

  55. 55
    Jean says:

    Re comment 22+ Thank you David B.

    In these times of choppy seas have deployed a metaphorical Sea anchor which helps to keep my ship upright and stable while still allowing it to go with the flow…

  56. 56
    Kira says:

    Thank you, Rose, Jnana, and Irene!

  57. 57
    Kira says:

    I really like reading everyone’s comments here, but I especially want to agree with Sarah’s comment 54 about Happy’s comment 49. I know a person who figured out that being accused of being spoiled was one of my hot buttons.

  58. 58
    Kira says:

    My parents used to accuse me of that when I was upset over small things; I don’t think they understood the concept of overarousal for highly sensitive people.

    I didn’t consider myself spoiled because I was happy (since I wasn’t happy until relatively recently), I considered myself spoiled because I was unhappy in spite of having so much and such a relatively easy life.

  59. 59
    Kira says:

    So when I finally got to the point of being happy, I also finally felt not spoiled. So that hot button doesn’t work very well any more! But my friend keeps trying it on occasion.

  60. 60
    Julie says:

    About sleep, I find there can be times when I just need more sleep. And the body needs what it needs. In that case, it’s best to get the extra sleep and feel better for it.

    Other times, more sleep leads to more lethargy. Inertia begets inertia.

  61. 61
    Julie says:

    At those times I consider what really gives energy. Is it rest, is it the right vitamin, or is it how I spend my time? The quality of how I spend my time, and what I do with my time.

    There are things that run down the battery and things that charge it up.

    This ties in with Rose’s new post about Technique Time, aka charge-up time.

  62. 62
    Julie says:

    With control, I think everyone wants and needs a little of that. But when it goes into micromanaging, it’s counter-productive.

    Like trying to micromanage life, and tell it “I want to meet my life partner. His name will be Brett and he’ll be 6 foot tall and a master chess player”.

    That’s pretty specific. Doesn’t leave life much room to deliver!

  63. 63
    Julie says:

    Power, on the other hand, I like Rose’s comments and the other definitions here.

    Power as adaptable, resourceful, persistent. And maybe just power as the ability to change.

  64. 64
    Julie says:

    I especially appreciate Rose’s comment 36:

    “Just say and do the best you can to get what you want.

    Notice what happens in reality and start again, making the best of what is happening in reality.

    Until you really do get what you desire.”

  65. 65

    Wonderful wisdom, JULIE. Thank you.

    Funnily enough, just about when you were sending over these comments, I was thinking about you. I was starting work on Installment #5 of the Enlightenment Basics Teleseminar Series.

    Was getting ready to ask your permission to do a comparison reading of you, from photos, before and after moving into Enlightenment.

    But then I settled on a public figure… who won’t possibly be embarrassed.

    Whereas that JULIE? Hmmm, just because you have moved into Enlightenment doesn’t mean that you can never be embarrassed any more.

  66. 66

    Also appreciating your comments, KIRA, JEAN, SARAH, LILIAN, HAPPY, GRACE W, DAVID B, JESSE 🙂

  67. 67
    Julie says:

    So true, Rose. I am still embarrassable. Though maybe not as much as I used to. Now more when I’ve done something dumb:) I was just wondering how the Enlightenment Basics Teleseminar was going.

  68. 68

    For me it’s a thrill, JULIE. A huge download of new information is being crammed into the first time group that’s receiving the Enlightenment Basics Teleseminar Series, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of first-time students.

  69. 69
    Julie says:

    Awesome, Rose.

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