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For More Success Take this Happiness Quiz

Interested in being happy? Take this quiz.

Interested in being happy? Take this quiz.

Aspirational YOU, do you remember to enjoy your human life?

Sure makes it easier to stay steady while living in this tumultous world. Besides, if you’re interested in moving into a higher state of consciousness, this Enlightenment Coach recommends that you live in Human-Based Spirituality.

Where wise choices about your human life can help you greatly to advance spiritually.

So today I won’t just give you some questions about ways to have a happier, more spiritually evolutionary life. Just for giggles, there will be multiple choices.

1. When You Eat, Do You

A. Enjoy how the food tastes

B. Enjoy how the food fills you up just right

C. Worry about your weight

D. Eat for virtue, the purity of your diet, the nutrition, or anything else about improving yourself

E. Something else?

2. At Home, Do You

A. Look at all the work projects that you you could do

B. Get mad at yourself because your home isn’t perfectly clean

C. Resolve to declutter soon, because otherwise how can you possibly feel good now?

D. Appreciate some of your favorite things

E. Something else?

3. When Getting Dressed, Do You

A. Find something colorful to wear

B. Wear black, as usual

C. At least if you’re wearing black, use it to show off something colorful like a necklace or tie or scarf

D. Wear clothing that will help you succeed in your next social situation

E. Something else?

4. Traveling to Work, Do You

A. Rush and push and hate the commute

B. Find the trip depressing, and terribly boring, as usual

C. Choose from interesting things you can do (things that you have brought along with you, like a favorite CD to listen to)

D. Use the time to chat, off and on, with your angels

E. Something else?

5. Spending Time with People You Like, Do You

A. Try to stay positive

B. Try to behold the Christ in them

C. Try to to be cheerful

D. Try to bless them

E. Something else?

6. Spending Time with People You DON’T Especially Like, Do You

A. Try to stay positive

B. Try to behold the Christ in them

C. Try to to be cheerful

D. Try to shield yourself

E. Something else?

7. Talking with a Friend Who Has a Problem

A. Pray while you’re talking, so that higher powers can help

B. Offer to do energy healing on your friend

C. Listen sympathetically to your friend and express your support, as appropriate

D Figure out what your friend needs, and give good advice

E. Something else?

8. During a Conflict with another Person

A. Try to understand psychologically what is REALLY motivating that other person

B. Quickly check out that person’s energies to find out what is really causing the problem

C. Secretly do energy healing to help that person

D. Watch out. The negativity could be contagious! Do all you can to avoid being negative, too

E. Something else?

9. Getting Your Exercise for the Day, Do You

A. Enjoy moving your body

B. Push yourself to work out harder, harder, harder because “No pain, no gain”

C. Feel guilty, because you are NOT going to get any exercise that day, haha

D. Motivate yourself by thinking of somebody you envy, and try to get a better body than that person

E. Something else?

10. Before You Go to Sleep

A. Beg God to take away all the pain so that you have a better day tomorrow

B. Replay an incident that was especially aggravating

C. Resolve to stop drinking or smoking weed, although you know that you don’t really mean it

D. Make a short list about things that worked well in your day, giving yourself credit for doing your best

E. Something else?

Little Choices Can Mean a Lot

Yes, Blog-Buddies, your path to Enlightenment includes how you answer questions like these.

Your material success is at stake, too. Also doing worthwhile work in the world that really makes a difference.

Any ideas why, Blog-Buddies?

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    Oh Rose, this is great! And a fun way to remind myself that in some areas of my life, I’m making pretty great near-automatic choices in favor of enjoying my life… And others, I still haven’t kicked the habit of beating myself up… 😛

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    I laughed at #2 especially… Heaven knows I’ve been doing A, B, C, A, B, C, A… On loop. But D? Never!! (Blush) Maybe I could stand to make some changes here… 😉

    But on the flip side, #9 and #10, A and D (respectively) all the way! Those areas of life have really improved for me. I can relate to so many of the other answers from my past… But not now. I’m very happy with my current choices in those areas. 🙂

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    I’m going to guess that paying attention to human life–not to energy, and not to other people’s lives–and enjoying the things you do (such as picking clothes that make you feel good as opposed to picking something solely because you think it’ll impress others) are important to becoming the best you you can be, which would certainly be important for a path to Enlightenment.

    Not as sure about the tie to material success.

  4. 4
    Jesse says:

    I don’t know…I can guess the answer you are looking for….it’s about thrilling our souls?

  5. 5
    Jesse says:

    But can’t there be a difference between what I want and what my soul wants? And then how do I handle the situation if what my soul wants is not “appropriate”!

  6. 6
    Jesse says:

    I think the soul is closely tied to instinct…if not the same thing….

  7. 7
    Jesse says:

    I found it’s a nice feeling to show gratitude once in a while…..

  8. 8

    Thanks for all your comments, SARAH, KIRA, and JESSE.

    KIRA, regarding your Comment #3, you put it so well about the importance of paying attention to your human life and naturally enjoying whatever you do as much as possible — these can help you to be happy.

  9. 9

    How is that connected to success? The quick answer is that people who are strongly connected to human life are better able to make money than folks in spiritual addiction or otherwise half-heartedly engaged in mere human life while they seek something better.

    A fuller answer, lavishly researched and even illustrated with a dozen drawings, is yours in the self-help book “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Happiness in the Third Millennium.”

  10. 10

    JESSE, a sophisticated line of inquiry, for sure.

    JESSE, you’re probably thinking about Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research, which is named after ONE of the chakra databanks researched in order to inform your choices.

  11. 11

    However, if you think about that research protocol that every RES expert knows for making smarter choices, guess what? The High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill is just ONE of the chakra databanks in the research.

    The helpfulness of this approach is that it includes as many as 10 different chakra databanks, not just one. To help you make choices that lead to happiness!

  12. 12

    For those unfamiliar with Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research, this link can help.

    And here’s an article from the blog, too, about making choices for more success and happiness.

  13. 13
    Sarah says:

    Rose, great answer in comment #9. I think this is connected to what Grace W said about power in a different thread (, comment #46. About power being related to persistence.

  14. 14
    Sarah says:

    Speaking from experience, when I’ve been kind of spaced-out and disconnected from my human life, I have been much quicker to give up. “Oh, this person didn’t email me back. This is too hard. Life is a mess. Maybe I will pray/nap/cry.”

  15. 15
    Sarah says:

    With less STUFF, and with more of a focus on human life, the persistence (and thus power) comes more naturally: “Oh, this person didn’t email me back. Hmm. It’s been a while, so I will call them.”

    And it’s not really a miracle that I find it easier to get what I want!

  16. 16
    Julie says:

    I agree with Sarah’s comment 15. The glory goes to the person who gets the job done, takes care of details, unglamorous as it is. The understated hero.

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