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Ben Carson-ish. A Guest Post by JACKIE

Meet a brain surgeon who liked guns more than knives

Meet a brain surgeon who liked guns more than knives

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Many of you Blog-Buddies have read my recent aura reading of Ben Carson. This was the main article in the November issue of my monthly newsletter “Reading Life Deeper.”

Energetic literacy can bring discernment, protecting us. And, yes, sometimes helping us to gain perspective on claims of having a special relationship with Jesus.

On blog as well as off-blog, I’ve been receiving thank you’s. But the most fascinating response of all comes from JACKIE.

Dating a Neurosurgeon Who Might Have Been Ben Carson’s Son

This aura reading was totally surreal for me. A few years ago I had a short relationship with a very, very politically conservative; very, very religiously Christian, neurosurgeon.

No, it was not Ben Carson, lol. I’ll call him Joe.

What was not surprising? Ben Carson was one of JOE’s heroes. When I learned about Carson at the time, it felt like I might as well have been dating his son.

At the time, I was also a big fan of Carson. (I mean, why not, right? I was in love with a younger version of him.)

Looking into the Eyes of Jesus. Sort of.

I was not turned off by the fact that Joe explicitly sought to live as Christ, to love as Christ, essentially to be a modern-day equivalent of Christ.

It was beautiful!

I remember looking into Joe’s eyes and knowing beyond any doubt that I was looking into the eyes of Jesus. Somehow.

Looking back: yikes!

Detached from reality, much?

Fast-forward a few months: Joe completely disappeared out of my life after an unexpected and unprovoked violent outburst.

Only after this did I find out that he had been a compulsive liar about many, many things.

This I learned through a mutual friend.

Can Detachment Make Lying Not Feel Like Lying?

Like Carson, Joe was very detached from reality. For him I’m not sure it even felt like lying.

Similar to what ROSE wrote about Carson in her aura reading profile: “Not quite knowing, at the conscious level, that he is putting on a show.”

I also discovered that in addition to the unpredictable violence, Joe had quite an impressive gun collection:

  • In his nightstand
  • On his nightstand
  • Behind his computer
  • Under his bed
  • In his closet.

In Retrospect, What a Scary Individual!

Posing as a “Christlike” person… and operating on brains!!


Energetic Literacy Could Have Shown Me What Was Really Going on with Joe

This all came back to me while I was reading your newsletter about Carson, ROSE!

I hadn’t realized how this “I-am-basically-Jesus” attitude, mixed with copious charm and brilliance, can so, so, so easily fool well-meaning and hopeful individuals (like me).

Ultimately this can be an especially dangerous combination when the person lacks a really solid connection to objective reality.

Deep, firm spiritual ideals, charm, and charisma — plus a complete disconnect from reality?

Yowza! That is a recipe for one scary person.

Grateful for this reading, Rose!

It was astonishing. Such an excellent reminder of the things I’ve learned — and ways I’ve grown — since that time in my life! I’ve been helped so much by RES.

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  1. 1
    Kira says:

    Wow, Jackie. What a story!

  2. 2
    Jesse says:

    I wonder if he had enough guns?

  3. 3

    Laughing. Hahaha.

    Didn’t expect to see that comment, JESSE. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment too, KIRA.

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    This whole thing is creepy. Don’t like it…

  5. 5
    Linda says:

    Interesting post, Jackie- especially the part about Joe’s “unexpected and unprovoked violent outburst”.

  6. 6
    Linda says:

    My read of Dr. Carson is that his hyper-calm, controlled persona is suppressing serious negative emotions when he is in public.

    Frankly, I get the sense that he is holding down a seething rage, and that he is quite impatient with the average person, because he (Carson) feels smarter, holier, and generally superior to most people.

  7. 7
    Linda says:

    I get the sense of a powder keg that could blow up anytime, but never in public.

    I also believe his stories about his violent past may have been planted to proactively address “skeletons” that could come out about this.

  8. 8
    Linda says:

    Of course, I could be 100% wrong…..

    He is a talented public speaker when practiced, but he doesn’t do well speaking extemporaneously due to the disconnect Rose mentioned.

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