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Don't Reduce Empath Empowerment® to One Quick Sentence

Racing to gain empath skills? You can do better.

Racing to gain empath skills? You can do better.

So many of us empaths are in a hurry to get skills.

  • Some folks feel desperate.
  • Some expect instant answers.
  • Some believe that the truth ought to be simple. And, therefore, we have the right to take something too new or complex and turn it into something “better.”

I’m here to caution you. Please take your empath skills more seriously than that. Show more respect for yourself.

Because empaths are especially vulnerable to mixing up self-authority with skills, then doing little experiments that, frankly, do not work. (Some of you remember how this was discussed in some detail in “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.”)

When working with any skill set that I have developed for you, please find out what it can do before you start improving it or simplifying it.

Sometimes well-meaning empaths will simplify without knowing that they’re even doing it. Here’s an example.

Is this really going to be helpful for Empath Empowerment®?

“JOE” is a really smart empath, with many empath gifts. He is used to working hard at his personal development.

And, bless his heart, he had gone through “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” one time. This helped him a lot.

However, he figured that now he had the skill set pretty much handled. So he could just bundle it in with all the other things he was doing for self-improvement.


Fortunately, it slipped out during a session. JOE told me what he had decided to do every day.

To live as a skilled empath, he boiled the whole system of Empath Empowerment® down to saying one sentence out loud every day.

I’m not going to tell you that sentence, because I would feel really upset if some casual reader skimmed this blog post all the way to that sentence and then wound up copying what JOE was doing, which would be a big mistake for anyone. Not just JOE. 😉

The origin? That I can tell you.

It was part of Day 10 in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.” The sentence came from a technique called “Brand Your Cattle.”

JOE took one sentence out of this technique. Then he turned it into a “magical affirmation.”

Uh-oh! Also, ouch!

Evolving Empaths, Don’t Shortcut Yourself out of Results

You can be sure of this. Any technique that I present to you through a book has been carefully developed. If you do it, as presented, it will work.

Only it won’t work if you use it like something else.

  • Like using a “magical sentence” from one of my Empath Empowerment books and substituting it for a parachute after you jump out of a plane.
  • Or taking substituting one “magical sentence” for a full technique, which includes what to do, how to do and when to do it.

My Recommendation

If you want to take little excerpts of things and make your own designer collection, do this on Pinterest. Why do that to your energy field?

And, please, don’t think you are growing as an empath because you can make yourself a mashup. You deserve better than to treat your mind-body-spirit system like a hobby, right?

In the various books I have written, sure, there are lots of sentences. Some can be found in particular techniques.

But when a sentence is part of a technique, please, either use that full technique as presented to you or don’t bother.

  • Not just cheating yourself out of results but also…
  • Devaluating that technique for yourself, so it may not work for you in the future.

What If You Just Don’t Have Five Full Minutes?

What If It Is an Emergency?

Deal with the emergency. Imported STUFF is not an emergency. It is one kind of STUFF, and you can prevent it by using the rest of your Empath Empowerment skills.

So if you’re feeling troubled by Imported STUFF, don’t kid yourself.

Other things are bothering you, too.

  • Could be different kinds of STUFF (as would be addressed in a session with an RES expert).
  • Or it could be a problem in objective reality. Who is saying and doing what in this “Emergency” situation? Maybe you can do something about that!

Better not to do that technique at all. Some future time in your day, you can go and do that technique properly. And then you will get results. 🙂

Becoming Skilled as an Empath Takes Some Time. Not Forever. But a Bit of Time.

Take heart, brave empaths. Your skills can deepen.

But there are no empath shortcuts. No magical sentences. No instant tips and coping tricks for empaths.  I mean, sure, you can find loads of them on the Internet. In groups on Facebook. You just won’t find that kind of nonsense recommended at my Empath Empowerment Skills Group on Facebook.

Or anywhere else that I help empaths.

Why not? Because I prefer to do things that actually work. Don’t you?

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    Doh! Turning empath skills into an affirmation? Oh what fun it is to be a teacher and author. Helping so many, but others? Taking it into the Twilight Zone. (cue music)

  2. 2
    Kira says:


    I sometimes triple-think my comments, both on this blog and in the Empath Empowerment Skills Facebook group, because I want to make a quick comment but I don’t want people to think that what I’m talking about is the only thing I do or the only thing they have to do.

    Of course, sometimes I opt to comment anyway; I hope I haven’t confused anyone.

  3. 3

    KIRA, dear heart, it wasn’t you.

    But even if it had been, no harm done, and no loss of respect. So no more of that triple-thinking comments, please.

  4. 4
    Cathy says:

    I have to say, I dont short myself on any empath skills. They are too important for my survival and peace of mind.

  5. 5
    Delphine says:

    How about making a summary of each day, along with a summary of the technique for quick reminder?

    I found the 30-day plan quite diverse, and found it helpful to summarize key words and concepts from each day, to better organize ideas.

  6. 6

    DELPHINE, that’s an interesting idea. You do understand though, I hope, that the idea with this book is to just do one day at a time, spend no more than 10 minutes on the homework, and then forget about it.

    Not like the game, “I packed my suitcase and in it I put……”

  7. 7

    CATHY, thanks so much for that comment. You get it! Empath Empowerment® skills are pretty darned easy, and are spelled out systematically in whichever of the three books you choose to play with at any given time.

    Actually the skills are simple in “The Master Empath,” too.

  8. 8

    In every case, you just go through the steps of whichever technique or assignment is before you (as DELPHINE astutely observed, those assignments can be really varied).

    Easy, simple, and not trying to be perfect. Just going through the steps — ta da, da, da, da.

  9. 9
    Kira says:

    Rose, my comment wasn’t meant to imply that I thought I did that same thing. I triple-think my comments in many areas for similar reasons. I see complexity in everything and have had many instances of people getting the wrong idea from my attempts to simplify in the interest of time or convenience.

    I think it comes from hanging out with nerds and geeks; if you aren’t very precise in talking or writing about something, they often call you out on it.

  10. 10
    Kira says:

    (That should have said “other nerds and geeks”, because I’m one, too!) 🙂

  11. 11
    Kira says:

    Also, now that I’m no longer using my intellectual empath gift to figure out how best to say something so that it’s understood, it’s a lot harder for me to figure out how to talk about certain topics.

  12. 12
    Kira says:

    (And it does seem to be harder for various people to understand me, too.)

  13. 13
    Sarah says:

    Oh Kira! I can so relate to everything in your last few comments. 🙂 For me, it’s been this awkward stumbly path going from diving wayyy too deep to figure out how to communicate with people, to shallowing up and getting nice and sloppy and just putting my foot right in my mouth over and over again…

    And sometimes I hit that sweet spot where I’m nice and sloppy and communication just happens anyway, and we smooth out the wrinkles fairly painlessly. But boy is that another one of those balancing acts!

  14. 14
    Delphine says:

    Dear Rose,

    I do understand that, but on subsequent days, you come back to the cathegories, so it was nice to review them so they were clear in my head.

    I also talked to a friend of mine who was also going through the book and it was helpful to talk, and think about the concepts actively, then you see where you have doubts or inconsistencies. Which I guess is also why you opened up the dialog for people on your blog and facebook page 🙂

  15. 15
    Kira says:

    Sarah, both relieved (’cause I’m not the only one!) and sorry to hear that.

    It’s not all that bad for me, most of the time; I’m just adjusting to something that used to seem effortless.

    Written communications were always more of a problem anyway.

  16. 16
    Kira says:

    And I have always had a related problem of blurting out things I shouldn’t (like telling others about stories my parents brought home from work that were meant to be private). So triple-thinking is kind of ingrained in me now.

  17. 17
    Sarah says:

    Haha, oh the joy of blurting 😛 I’ve had that habit, too, Kira.

    And no need to be sorry, for sure!

    It’s awkward and stumbly but in a fun kind of way. Gives me something to laugh at regularly (me). 😀

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