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Messy Psychic Coercion and Woe in a Cord of Attachment to Marie Kondo

Twirling around like a pinwheel? Cutting cords of attachment can help.

Twirling around like a pinwheel? Cutting cords of attachment can help.

Life on this planet of polarities sure includes plenty of variety: Happy and sad, kind and unkind, lovely and hideous, neat and messy.

It’s enough to make a person twirl around like a pinwheel. (And not in a nice way.)

Even a beautiful teacher of tidyness can become the cordee in a pretty nasty cord of attachment. That was shown to me anew when I helped my client Joe to remove his cord of attachment to Marie Kondo.

We have already dedicated a couple of blog articles to the author of “The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up,” both Tidying up Just Enough? RES Perspective on Marie Kondo’s Bestselling Method and Tossing Certain Ideas about Tidying Up.

Joe Was Tormented by “Not Clean Enough”

That wasn’t Marie Kondo’s fault, of course.

Besides, Joe’s goal during a session didn’t seem related to him at all, not initially. His intention was “More productive use of my time at work.”

As we moved forward in the session, I learned that he was being distracted by overwhelm. Of and on, all day long, he would worry about all the cleaning up he “had to do.” This began to trouble Joe after he read Marie Kondo’s book.

Typically, the Incident in this Cord Involved No Trauma

Contrary to what most people expect when they’re newbies to cutting cords of attachment, the particular incident stuck in cord dialog isn’t usually a big, traumatic deal.

That was certainly true of Joe’s cord of attachment to Marie Kondo. Before we get to those details, let’s pause to consider. Because this concept might be a useful part of your education in understanding what it means to cut a cord of attachment.

Did you know these important facts about energy healing when cutting a cord of attachment?

  • What gets stuck in a cord of attachment will change over time, always going in the direction of bad-to-worse.
  • Whatever incident moves into a cord of attachment, that happens because it is a big deal… in terms of patterns already in your aura.

Sure enough, the “Incident” that was stuck in Joe’s cord to Marie wasn’t about some horrible vicious trauma. Or even some nasty surprise that he found while cleaning his closet. 😉

But painful it was.

Here is the full set of cord items, in all its ugly.

(For background information about cutting cords of attachment, skip to the end of today’s post. You’ll also find information about some other technical considerations in this particular cord of attachment: Process-oriented cord items and psychic coercion.)

Joe’s Messy Cord of Attachment to Marie Kondo

This particular incident occured while Joe was watching the KonMari expert being interviewed on a YouTube

Cord Item #1. MARIE: Talking about tidying up.

All the rest of the cord dialog came from JOE’s side of the dialog box.

Cord Item #2. [Process related cord item: New blobs of psychic coercion enter Joe’s aura.]

Cord Item #3. An away moment begins, where Joe stops paying attention to the video and starts worrying.

Cord Item #4. I’ve got to figure out how to sort through ALL my possessions.

Cord Item #5. Angry at myself for all the “disgusting mess in my life.”

Cord Item #6. Blaming myself for “not being efficient enough.”

Cord Item #7. Scared that I will put off doing “a proper job” of what Marie says to do.

Cord Item #8. Worrying that “I am too selfish and weak to let go of the things I don’t need.”

Cord Item #9. “My home environment must be pure.”

Cord Item #10. “Otherwise I will feel bad.”

Logical Consequences — Results — That Joe Can Expect

As a professional in RES, I know better than to ever promise results to a client. But listing possible results (a.k.a. “Logical Consequences” of having a particular cord cut) is part of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. Here are some for Joe, related to removing his cord of attachment to Marie Kondo.

  • Less of an emotional charge around tidying up.
  • More acceptance of householder life, which does tend to include a lot of material possessions, compex responsibilities, and (sometimes) mess.
  • And (related to removal of the process-related Cord Item #2), more self-acceptance and clearer thinking.

As for Joe’s original intention for our RES session, “More productive use of my time at work,” guess what?

He did find himself working more productively. Only, to put it another way,  all that changed was that Joe eased up on himself.

I know this guy, Blog-Buddies, and trust me, he has always done awesome work. You couldn’t ask for a more conscientious fellow. Only so much self-criticism was related to this cord of attachment. Carrying that inner load, even Hercules or Samson would have considered himself a weakling!

Background on Cutting Cords of Attachment

If you would like to educate yourself, bit by bit, on the topic of cutting these energy cords, you can find over 1,000 posts here at the blog. Yes, literally! Here’s a link to get you started.

Narrowing things down by quite a lot, here’s my Cut Cords of Attachment, Top 10 List.

If you actually want to learn this highly useful skill for self-healing, I would recommend this how-to book:

Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing: Cord-Cutting Made Simple and Effective.

A more advanced version can be found in Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.

Another great option is personal mentoring.

or you could attend the workshop for Cut Cords of Attachment, Level 1 (not quite scheduled yet, but Mitch and I are working on announcing the full workshop schedule for 2016 soon as possible).

As for process-related cord items, here’s the article for you.

And here’s your link to an article about psychic coercion. 🙂

To your happiness, Blog-Buddies! That includes becoming just as tidy as is appropriate for you, at this time in your life.

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  1. 1
    Kira says:


    I have always defended my right to be messy, but I have held onto stuff that I really didn’t need (such as old computer magazines, which are useless in no time at all). When I moved into my current house, where we have curb recycling for paper, I suddenly discovered that I had absolutely no desire to keep the magazines any more! Whatever reason my conscious mind gave me for holding onto them, it was apparently just a pretext for keeping them out of a landfill.

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    Ah, wonderful. Congrats to Joe. Perhaps I will move her a few spots up my priority list for when I facilitate cutting cords of attachment for myself.

    Then again, thinking of who else is on that list… maybe not. Hahahaha….

  3. 3
    David B says:

    I can see why this helped Joe. But Question – if most of the cord content came from Joe’s side, doesn’t it mean there was another source in him that was feeding the cord?

    Or was this all a result of psychic coercion?

  4. 4

    KIRA and ISABELLA, thanks for your comments, and thanks to you too, DAVID.

    What great teaching opportunities in your question, actually. Let’s take the answers one by one in a new post for today.

  5. 5

    It’s here, all you smart students (and self-healers) of Psychic Coercion:

  6. 6
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    How about another compare-and-contrast exercise? Have you ever cut cords for someone who has a pattern of hoarding? This would seem to be the exact opposite of Joe’s dilemma, but some of the cords might be the same, particularly the feelings of guilt. Do you have some data on this?

  7. 7

    Interesting idea, ROSANNA TUFTS. But no data like that to share here, unfortunately.

  8. 8
    Jennifer says:

    So interesting! I can definitely relate to Joe’s feeling that things can never being “clean enough” – I have been known to be a bit of an obsessive cleaner. In my case, though, it wasn’t psychic coercion but a need for control and order (in the physical world, because my inside world was pretty “messy” haha).

    In any case, good job for getting the cord removed! I know how heavy that kind of load can be.

  9. 9
    Jo-Jo says:

    Here’s a spoof of Marie Kondo. Interested in some good, extremely clean fun?

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